2020-09-22 Cyberattack at hospital –> death

1) An instance of a cyberattack causing a death in a German hospital. As more devices are linked to the IoT through the 5G grid, more hacking will occur.  It is inevitable that some will cause inconvenience, financial loss, personal harm or worse.

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German Hospital Ransomware Attack Leads to Chaos and Death

Patient Dies As German Hospital Ransomware Attack Unleashes Chaos

“A hospital in Germany was the target of a severe ransomware attack in early September, which resulted in “extensive IT failure,” preventing one patient from receiving urgent care, marking a rare instance in which ransomware directly contributed to a death.”


2) Many providers give modems that are wireless and sometimes even if the customer asks for the Wi-Fi to be turned off, it is possible that either that isn’t done or the provider turns the Wi-Fi back on. Users have to be very educated on how to ensure that the Wi-Fi is totally disabled. Here are instructions which are easy to follow. Believe me. I did it and if I could do it, anyone can.


Some providers are using residential Wi-Fi as hotspots, basically using an individual’s Wi-Fi to send services to others, without any compensation or even letting the homeowner know. Hotspots have much higher levels of RF, making home environments even more dangerous. Not only are hotspots’ signals stronger, they also travel significantly farther.

Exacerbation of demyelinating syndrome after exposure to wireless modem with public hotspot

” The beacon signal continues as long as the router is turned on. When in use, the resulting duty signal increases the percentage of time the router is transmitting. All transmissions are at full power. The beacon signal contains all necessary information about the network to enable those within range to use the service…. Reportedly, the Gateway contains two antennas, one of which is secured for the use of the paying customer and the other is available as a public hotspot (Hayes, 2014). The hotspot antenna almost certainly has a considerably higher transmit power as this would be needed to increase the effective transmit range for users in the area. WiFi signal range depends on several protocol factors including transmit power and transfer rate. Intensity falls away quickly with distance.


3) Many experts have warned that people who are sensitive to 3G and 4G emissions will likely be even more vulnerable to 5G. Here is a very sad story of a young mother and daughter in South Africa where a cell tower was erected just 10 meters from their home 10 years ago, and recently was “upgraded” to 5G.



“Shortly thereafter, Amanda started noticing changes in Skyla’s demeanour. “She has retracted back into the shell she was starting to escape from and become quiet, introverted and rarely initiates conversations.”

A once-vibrant woman, Amanda has also been severely affected by the non-stop radiation from the tower. She no longer works and has had to learn to live with buzzing in her ears, insomnia, constant headaches and severe depression.”



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“I feel as if I were a piece in a game of chess, when my opponent says of it: That piece cannot be moved.”      Soren Kierkegaard


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