2020-09-20 Citizens in Cyprus charging officials with endangerment

1) In the UK there is concern that power will be remotely shut off when power is in short supply. BC Hydro and FortisBC have the same capability, as well as the functionality required to charge different rates under “time of day usage” but, so far, we haven’t experienced these things. Remote control is one justification for smeters but another is the gathering of data as a crucial part of the 5G grid.

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The critics of smart meters were right all along

“Smart meters have been sold to us as part of a green future where we can manage our homes via mobile phone, switching appliances on and off remotely so as to cut our bills. But it is the cynics, so often denounced in the past few years as paranoid and backward-thinking, who have worked out the real reason why electricity companies are so keen to install them in our homes: they want to ration our electricity.”


2) In Cyprus, citizens are confronting those who have the responsibility for protecting the public but are guilty of willful negligence. Please see the letter below. Many government officials, and those working for the telecom industry, have known for years that exposure to EMR from wireless devices is dangerous; they have been sent reports from experts, have been petitioned through commissions, and have done nothing. In Cyprus people are accusing some officials with licensing 5G knowing it, in all likelihood, to be dangerous.

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Here are 2 documents that accompanied the letter:

Individual charge to the Attorney General

“For all the above reasons I believe that I have the right to demand from the relevant authorities to begin a criminal investigation against the above public officials and/or persons, because their actions and/or omissions are either directly or indirectly endangering not only my own life and health but also my fellow citizen’s lives and health.”


Cyprus Medical Association (CyMA) and the Cyprus National Committee on Environment and Children’s Health (CNCECH)

“The Nicosia Declaration aims to provide responsible science-based information to promote policies and measures for effective Public Health protection. It is considered as an urgent necessity because of the following reasons:

1. Universal and continuous exposure of the whole population to EMF/RF.
2. The existing and constantly emerging scientic documentation on the health eects to children and the fetus
3. Existing limits (ICNIP, EC Rec. 1999/519) concern only short-term exposure and only thermal effects
4. New devices emerge without prior and post marketing health related safety control
5. The society is not well informed about the dangers
6. Good Practices for the Safe Use of Technology and Reduction of the Exposure do exist.”         pg 6/9


3) Now this is a great rally!! It took place, I believe, in Portugal. The title translates (via google) to “which side are you on?”


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gJyQIPwjpo4&feature=share    (6 min. video)



On Sat, 19 Sep 2020 at 09:26

Dear all,

We are writing to inform you that in Cyprus yesterday Friday, 18th of September 2020, citizens have proceeded to police stations across the island in different cities to file a report against to the Head of the Telecommunications Department (equivalent to the Head of FCC), as well as against to the Deputy Minister of Research Innovation and Digital Policy, demanding an investigation to be commenced for violations of the criminal code because of the planned licensing of 5G.

Based on Cyprus Law, these two government officials have duty, due to their position, to protect Public Health. However, their actions of licensing 5G is in direct contradiction. The key evidence for accusing them is the join document that you will see attached from the Cyprus Medical Association (CyMA) and the Cyprus National Committee on Environment and Children’s Health (CNCECH), stating that the licensing of 5G, cannot be considered as safe and could be dangerous. This information has many times forwarded to them with no change in their plans or taking any measures to reduce those risks.

In the attached, translated version, you will understand the reasoning behind it along with the laws being violated, as there is a positive duty arising from the law in protecting public health, something that we believe the concerned governmental officials are not doing through their acts or omissions over the past months. More citizens are expected to follow today.

Please feel free to share these great news.

Worth mentioning is that in the last two months, two big demonstration have been made form thousands of Cypriots on the 29th of August outside the Presidential Palace and on 12th of September on the central square of the capital, for protecting basic human rights and against the implementation of 5G.

Best regards,

Name omitted


Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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