2020-09-19 More than 60 French Mayors/Officials call for 5G Moratorium

1) What appears to be a large anti-5G rally in Rome. We need some major protests like this in BC and other provinces.

Anti-5G protest takes place in Rome

“A demonstration against the roll-out of the next generation internet, known as 5th generation or 5G, has been held in Rome’s iconic People’s Square.

The protest – called by the Stop 5G Italian Alliance – aimed to raise concerns over the possible health risks of the increased radiation 5G will bring.”

https://www.presstv.com/Detail/2020/09/13/634001/internet-5G-Rome-protest-Italy (video 02:03)


“The environmental impact induced by digital uses continues to increase, and, with the explosion of uses, the gains expected by the falsely called “dematerialization” have not been demonstrated. …In addition, the deployment of 5G will exponentially accelerate the exploitation of non-renewable natural resources, pollution due to the extraction of rare metals, and the generation of a quantity of waste that can hardly be recycled. At present, a very small number of mobile phones in circulation and on sale are compatible with 5G. The deployment of this mobile network will therefore involve the renewal of a large part of the equipment, further increasing the ecological footprint and the weight of waste, in an attempt to benefit from a technological innovation whose usefulness remains to be demonstrated. A preliminary environmental impact study on 5G is therefore necessary before considering its deployment.”


This article also contains a link to reports/studies re. 5G that should be shared when petitioning Councils for a moratorium.  [http://www.civicinfo.bc.ca/people]

“Published Scientific Research on 5G, 4G Small Cells, Wireless Radiation and Health”

Scientific Research on 5G, 4G Small Cells, Wireless Radiation and Health


3) The Fleetwood Elementary School in Surrey had a cell tower nearby and has since been demolished. It is virtually impossible to get information about cancer clusters from any official agency, including the Cancer Society. The way clusters are usually found is when someone, who is a victim or knows someone who is, comes forward.

If anyone has any information about cancers at this school (or anywhere else), would you please email me at:

citizensforsafertech@shaw.ca with “cluster” and as many details as possible.



Cellular Antennas on Schools


4)   Calgary 5G Awareness is planning an event for Sept. 26, Global 5G Protest Day.

5G Global Protest & Awareness Day – Calgary, Alberta – September 26, 2020



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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