2020-09-16 EMF Medical Conf. being planned

1) Telus is applying for a new cell tower extremely close to a school and daycare facility in Alberta. Telus’s response is filled with the type of information we’re used to getting, and which must be confronted. This tower likely will have many transmitters added, including 5G ones, and is dangerously close to areas where many children will be exposed for many hours each working day of the week, nearly every week of the year. This from a member in Airdrie fighting to protect these children.

“A new cell tower proposed in the city of Airdrie, Alberta that is proposed 50m from a school and a daycare. We have sent many letters to the city asking them to not confirm concurrence in the public consultation process, which they have forward on to the land agent working for Telus.

Telus just responded to the public feedback (public consultation closed Sept 13) with the typical generic letter attached. We are working on the city asking them to not grant concurrence (following along CPC-2-0-03 process). ”


2) Many dead birds have been reported in many countries over the last couple of years. This most recent reported event, like others, often has no explanation and the report mentions nothing about a possible relationship to the high levels of microwave radiation in the environment. Many studies have found that insects and birds are affected by EMR in many ways, including having impaired navigation ability. There could be many reasons for these bizarre deaths, but RF certainly should be considered.

Unprecedented: Birds mysteriously dropping dead across southwestern US

“Potentially hundreds of thousands of migratory birds will not make their annual trip this winter after a mysterious mass die-off that has alarmed biologists in the southwestern United States.”


Cell Tower Radiation Affects Wildlife: Dept. of Interior Attacks FCC

“The second significant issue associated with communication towers involves impacts from nonionizing electromagnetic radiation emitted by these structures. Radiation studies at cellular communication towers were begun circa 2000 in Europe and continue today on wild nesting birds. Study results have documented nest and site abandonment, plumage deterioration, locomotion problems, reduced survivorship, and death (e.g., Balmori 2005, Balmori and Hallberg 2007, and Everaert and Bauwens 2007).”


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Very significant report by Dr. Ulrich Warnke describing the effect of EMR on living things, especially birds, bees and mankind.

Bees, Birds, and Mankind: Destroying Nature by Electrosmog

“As described for insects and snails, some species of birds are also particularly sensitive to a range of magnetic field strengths corresponding exactly to the earth’s magnetic field – the robin, for instance. When the field is attenuated or amplified, the birds become disoriented. Setting on a certain field range could, however, change through adaptation.” (pg. 16/40)


3) There will be a major EMF medical conference held virtually on January 28-31, 2021. Great chance to listen to experts in real time. Links below to a press release and more information about this event including information about early registration.

Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment of EMF Associated Illness

“The EMF Medical Conference (EMFMC) 2021 will convene leading physicians, clinicians, and scientists for a series of presentations on the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of EMF associated illness. Experts in EMF assessment will present proven methods that can prevent or limit EMF exposure hazards. Attendees will benefit from the Pre-Conference Course, “Electrosmog and Electrotherapeutics 101” on October 23 & 24, 2020 with Magda Havas PhD, Global EMF Experts”





Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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