2020-09-09 Stealth Antennae

1) Please see important info in Letters below. One is about an interview tomorrow with Frank Clegg, with dates of repeats. The second is from Kate Kheel, reminding everyone about the upcoming 5G Protest Day, Sept. 26.  [https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/global-5g-protest-day-on-september-26-2020/]  Please share both with friends and family. I hope there are groups out there organizing for this last protest day before the weather turns. Social distance by holding signs along streets, putting flyers out locally on poles, poster boards, asking to be allowed to present info to Council during the next public meeting.


Kate sent this 20 min. YouTube interview with this introduction to “eco-philosopher”, Tanja Katarina Rebel from the UK. No pressure to include it…but I think she did a really nice job. Tanja emphasizes the importance of each one of us taking action now (in particular on the Sept. 26th Global Protest Day) and how once 5G is implemented, we’ll all be in technological lockdown…surveilled, irradiated, disconnected from one another, earth and skies…not to mention the environmental impacts as well.

Tanja runs the Global 5G Protest Day FB group and is part of the Stop5g International team.”


2) For many years, the telecoms have been hiding transmitters, especially Wi-Fi modems, in plain site. Years ago at an insurance meeting, there was discussion about the possible liability of having these things where people spend a lot of time. Unmarked transmitters/modems are, for example, in the signs at McDonald’s, overhangs at Starbucks, places where young people work all day with these unmarked radiation emitters nearby. One time I had a great video, if I can find it I will share it.

But here is a company whose business is hiding antennae — and it will get worse with 5G having to be close to “customers”.

Stealth Antennae

“Helping 5G deployment go smoother and faster with concealment options

Learn how our protection and concealment solutions can streamline approvals, installation, and maintenance.”



I am very pleased to tell you that Frank Clegg of Canadians4SafeTechnology will be interviewed tomorrow, September 10th on CHCR radio. (Internet connect) http://www.chcr.org/

For those of you who would like to hear this interview but cannot tomorrow, it will be rebroadcast a number of times during the remainder of September. The schedule is below.

This announcement is going across Canada and into the United States.

We’re hoping many of you will forward this e-mail announcing this important interview to family and friends.

The website address of Canadians4SafeTechnology, The Canada Wide 5G Appeal that Frank will be discussing tomorrow, as well as a link to one of the most concise 8 minute videos on these issues of EMF and 5G are listed:

Canadians4SafeTechnolgy – http://c4st.org/

5G Appeal – http://c4st.org/5gappeal/

Frank Clegg – CEO C4ST – 5G Appeal – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xW7BbztmuYg

As the first of some 40,000 plus 5G satellites are being deployed, as well as millions of 5G small cell towers around the world, this is a critical moment to learn about this untested technology and what you can do now to protect yourself, your families and your communities.

We hope you will be able to tune in tomorrow.

Howard Bertram

Special Guest Frank Clegg, CEO of Canadians for Safe Technology and former President of Microsoft Canada, talking about 5G and solutions to wireless technologies on
Canadian Homegrown Community Radio ( http://www.chcr.org )
“Walking On Air” with Show host, Bridget Haworth
and Co-hosts Howard Bertram and Lynn Davis.

Recording Live Sept 10, 2020 4-6pm EST
replayed throughout the month of September
Monday 4-6pm,
Wednesday 4-6am,
Thursday 4-6pm,
Friday 2-4am,
Saturday 10am-12pm,
Sunday 10pm-12am

September 26th Global 5G Protest Day
Please join or organize and event in your community/city.

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Also, please share events being organized with the FB group:

and Stop 5G International: https://stop5ginternational.org/

Send info about Events to: team@stop5ginternational.org.   Include, Country | City| Time| Location | Contact email | and any other pertinent details…such as flyer, FB post or group etc.

Useful Links:


Americans for Responsible Technology Webinar recording:
5G Space Wars




Kate Kheel


Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“We are embedded in a biological world and related to the organisms around us.”     Walter Gilbert


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