2020-09-06 China putting 5G to sleep due to high energy use

1) Susan Foster has graciously shared her letter to the Council of Malibu City regarding 5G. Addressing not only health concerns but also safety — fires associated with cell towers that could put lives at risk. Susan worked with firemen in the US to have cell towers removed from fire halls or nearby areas because of the many health effects noted after transmitters were activated.

Please note her comments re FirstNet towers, which are similar to CREST towers in BC.


Susan also shared the position paper she wrote regarding cell towers on or near Fire Stations

Position on the Health Effects from Radio Frequency/Microwave (RF/MW) Radiation in Fire Department Facilities from Base Stations for Antennas and Towers for the Conduction of Cell Phone Transmissions


2) Many industry articles have warned that 5G will use many times more energy than current technology uses. The base stations use more: according to this article 3.5 times more, but once many more wireless devices are connected via 5G to the IoT, even more energy will be used. This is a major environmental problem.

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5G towers are consuming a lot of energy, so China Unicom is putting some of them to sleep overnight

“A recent white paper from telecom equipment maker Huawei illustrates the problem: 5G base stations use up to three-and-a-half times more energy than 4G infrastructure. Part of the problem is that this new generation of mobile connectivity requires more densely placed base stations.

So as China has been rapidly rolling out new 5G base stations, reaching 410,000 nationwide in June, some cities are putting the ones they have to sleep to save energy because there aren’t enough users yet….

As 5G connectivity spreads, some researchers argue that the technology’s environmental impact, which includes energy and waste problems, is being overlooked. …

“Energy consumption is set to increase dramatically if 5G is deployed in the same way as 3G and 4G were,” Ericsson CTO Erik Ekudden said in the report.”


3) A technical report from 2013 which details how, for many years, various agencies of the US government have been warning and advising that the FCC guidelines are dangerously inadequate and misleading. This paper has info that applies to Safety Code 6 e.g. the major allowance built into guidelines by Health Canada. There are hints of negligence, failure to inform users of cell phones (and other wireless devices) about the risks inherent in the use as intended.

Comments by Pong Research to FCC (2013)

“The GAO Report called for the FCC to update its portable device radiation exposure and testing guidelines. According to the GAO Report, current FCC standards— in place since 1997 (some 4 years before the first smartphones became commercially available)—”may not reflect the latest research,” “may not identify maximum exposure [to radiation] in all possible usage conditions,” and do not test for use of phones against the body, which “could result in RF energy exposure higher than the FCC limit.”  GAO noted that current testing guidelines exclude testing against the body and may, therefore, underestimate true radiation absorption….”

“FDA, then, takes a precautionary principle approach relative to devices that expose consumers to less RF radiation than portable wireless devices.

In other words, the United States government through the FDA (with unique public health expertise) ensures far more consumer information concerning microwave ovens—that some Americans use 30 seconds a day—than the FCC (with no public health expertise) exerts over cell phones—that substantially all Americans, even children, use regularly (even hours each day) and that have up to 100X the RF power density of microwave ovens. Americans should know that using a cell phone equates to wearing a “halo” with a 2 foot radius of 5 microwaves ovens. If one assumes that both the cell phone and ovens were operating at maximum power, that number would increase to 25 microwave ovens.” pg. 52/58…

“it becomes imperative for the FCC to act. This is not because there is definitive scientific evidence pointing to harm, but rather because the consequences of a miscalculation could be severe, given the ubiquitous use of wireless technology.”



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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