2020-08-25 5G benefits not being realized

1) Many countries that have a wider 5g network built than we do in North America are finding the benefits far less than promised or anticipated. Let’s hope that this might make the implementation of 5G less attractive here in Canada.

Losing the 5G ‘race’ might not matter

“In this story – written by the likes of Huawei, Ericsson and Nokia – 5G is not simply the latest network technology. It is the digital oil of the 21st century, the essential fuel for a world of connected objects, from everyday household appliances to road vehicles and even national weapons systems.

The winner of that race might gain an economic and strategic advantage for years….

The harshest critics think it a scam perpetrated by an industry desperate for growth. Seeing good intentions, others anticipate a generational dud. The sector certainly has form with 3G, a technological mess that 4G eventually cleaned up – more egg-and-spoon race than Olympic event.

In pioneering countries, neither consumers nor their service providers have seen many 5G benefits so far.”


2) There is a long history of various industries hiding the truth about their products to protect their profits. And bent scientists have worked hand in hand to mislead the public and agencies responsible for protecting us, while attempting to demean the work of truly independent scientists.

This article, which is from the EHT website, names names, one of which will be familiar to many in Canada who have tried to argue against smeters with their utility commissions: William Bailey of Exponent. He presented to the BC Utilities Commission re. smeters and, because he was so “credible”, the Commissioners believed his ridiculous statements, e.g. you would be exposed to higher levels of EMR from sleeping with your spouse than from a smart meter. Yes, he said this. And the Commissioners thought he was more credible than Dr. Martin Blank, Dr. Meg Sears, Dr. Don Maisch, and other experts and the hundreds of scientific articles that were presented.

This is how 5G is being and will be presented, through false and misleading information by bent scientists and groups that sound independent but which are truly loaded with these people who work for the industry.

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Who Defends Big Telcom Against Wireless Opposition and Science? Lawyers, Industry Funded Scientists and Groups

5G & Wireless Product Defense Firms

“Industries need firms to help them defend their products. These firms design publish and fund research, perform “scientific evaluations,” do public relations and develop strategy to “wargame the science.”


When reports first emerged from the laboratory of Henry Lai and N.P. Singh that cell phone radiation could damage DNA, media advisors wrote a memo to Motorola executives announcing a clear strategy that remains alive and well since 1994: wargame the science.” [https://thewalrus.ca/cellphone-games/?ref=2008.09-health-cellphone-brain-tumour-melinda-wenner&page=]

“I think we have sufficiently war-gamed the Lai-Singh issue, assuming SAG and CTIA have done their homework. “SAG will be prepared to release the Munro-Carlo memos, which touch on key points made in this material.”  Quote from page 13 of the Wargaming Memo released by Microwave News. 


3) Information is now being reported that for a decade, at least, Nortel was the victim of theft and hacking by those working for the Chinese government, perhaps explaining the rapid growth of Huawei. Cybersecurity experts warn that Chinese companies do not do anything without government approval, and if Huawei is involved in Canadian telecom, as it is with Telus’s 5G infrastructure, China will have full control.

Inside the Chinese military attack on Nortel

“The expert said China’s attack on Nortel had many facets, from systematic hacking and planting of electronic bugs and spies inside Nortel facilities, to usage of Chinese PhD students hired by Nortel to steal research, and attempts to compromise Nortel managers by using spies from the Chinese Communist Party and People’s Liberation Army.

Many of these allegations are consistent with a February 2020 U.S. Department of Justice indictment that alleges Huawei was involved in a decades-long conspiracy to steal technology from numerous victim companies in efforts to grow its market share, the expert said….

These Nortel documents relate to its world-leading fibre optics equipment in 2004, and future innovations in 3G, 4G and 5G technology that enable incredibly detailed media to be sent worldwide via the internet.”

Inside the Chinese military attack on Nortel



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“All you need in this life is ignorance and confidence, and then success is sure.”       Mark Twain


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