2020-08-20 U.S. FCC further limits municipal rights re. 5G

1) A member in Ontario has prepared a list of local politicians, and is working on others, which will be sent to EHT with a request to send info packages. The list includes Burlington, Haldimond, Hastings, Mississauga and Hamilton counties. If you are in the process of preparing lists for Ontario or can help out, I would ask that you coordinate with this member to avoid sending duplicate requests to EHT. The member has agreed that I can share her email:  mntnmom@yahoo.com

2) Dr. Stein has shared a chart which was part of a presentation she gave at The Israeli Society of Anesthesiologists Annual Conference in Nov. 2019. In her email below in “Letters“, Dr. Stein points out that many of the symptoms described by those with COVID-19 are the same as those who suffer from microwave sickness, aka EHS.

Symptoms reported by Electrohypersensitive (EHS) patients -first-year summary from a specialized Pain Research Clinic -first-year summary from a specialized Pain Research Clinic

“Conference Poster – Symptoms reported by Electrohypersensitive (EHS) patients – first-year summary from a specialized Pain Research Clinic These self-reported symptoms were experienced by self-diagnosed electrohypersensitive patients who came to my research clinic during the year 2018-2019 to discuss their symptoms – this took place long before the COVID-19 breakout. These symptoms are well-recognized symptoms of “Microwave sickness” according to existing medical literature since the 1960’s and are NOT a result of COVID-19.”


3) Over the last few months, in many areas of BC there has been a push for new CREST towers which, we’re told, are required for better emergency response capability. As well, many have worried or suspected that during this period of isolation and while schools are closed, more and different wireless devices will be put into schools. The email below is from someone in the US (First Net is the emergency service transmitters, like CREST) who has found this to be happening in schools in her town.

If you know of any schools where this is happening in BC, would you please email me at:

citizensforsafertech@shaw.ca with “school transmitters” on the subject line so I can share.

“I live by a tiny town with a little grade school and separate little high school. Before lockdown there were no antennas on the roofs, but now there is an assortment of antennas on each. Also, on a hill surrounding the town, at the same time as the placement of school antennas, two small towers and two separate ground mounted antennas were installed which I am told is for the First Net system of which AT&T recently announced is transitioning to 5G.

I have heard reports that while school has been out the Wi-Fi systems have been changed out to WiGig – 60 GHz frequency band, which is known to absorb oxygen, Does anyone know if new wireless systems have been installed in your local public schools?”

4) In the US, the federal courts are limiting municipalities’ authority to regulate any aspect of 5G, it appears — even denying utility companies the right to refuse use of their poles for infrastructure. What happens in the US usually happens here. We can only hope for more sanity here but, so far, there has been little evidence of it. 5G at any cost, even our health and well-being.

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Cities Lose the Legal Battle Against FCC 5G Policies

“This week, a federal appeals court in San Francisco upheld a 2018 decision made by the Federal Communications Commission that prohibited local governments from imposing excessive regulations on wireless carriers seeking to deploy 5G. The decision capped local fees for the installation of “small cell” towers, hoping to spur the rollout of the next-generation wireless networks….

The FCC ruled such excessive fees illegitimate in 2018 — issuing a moratorium that limited local governments’ “ability to regulate telecommunications providers,” Reuters reports. It also prohibited utility companies from “discriminatorily denying or delaying 5G and broadband service providers access to poles.”





From: X
Subject: More Reasons to Oppose Proposed Cell Tower in QB
Date: August 19, 2020 at 10:29:53 AM PDT
To: “Gord.Johns@parl.gc.ca” <Gord.Johns@parl.gc.ca>, Bernie.Ries@canada.ca, “Chief Admin Officer, Town of QB” <dsailland@qualicumbeach.com>, “Cc: Brian Wiese” <BWiese@qualicumbeach.com>, Robert Filmer <RFilmer@qualicumbeach.com>, Adam Walker <AWalker@qualicumbeach.com>, Scott Harrison <SHarrison@qualicumbeach.com>, Teunis Westbroek <TWestbroek@qualicumbeach.com>, Heather Svensen <HSvensen@qualicumbeach.com>, Luke Sales <LSales@qualicumbeach.com>, Brian Gregg <briangregg@sitepathconsulting.com>


Dear Everyone Concerned:

Some additional reasons to oppose the Tower include:

1. Reduction of property values. Estimates are that properties affected could realistically drop 20%.   See:  https://ehtrust.org/cell-phone-towers-lower-property-values-documentation-research/

2. Qualicum Beach prides itself on its beauty, which is a major reason for being a tourist destination. The Tower will be a significant blemish on its beauty, and create a very tragic impression. The tower will drive tourists away, causing serious financial impact on our community.

3. Cell facilities are known to catch fire. Do we have the capacity to fight a cell fire, especially if it spreads to nearby trees, including those at Milner Gardens?

4. We get high winds in this area. Nearby people, buildings, trees, etc. could severely injured/damaged, were the tower to fall on them.

5. Noise could be a factor. Excessive noise from cooling the ancillary equipment would disturb the quiet enjoyment of our neighbourhoods.

6. The Tower would create an access barrier, violating human rights. The increasing number of people with electromagnetic sensitivity would be barred from accessing public and private spaces (including the schools and churches). Many could be forced to move from their homes.

7. Emergency cell connection is available, no matter what server one has. For example, someone with a Telus phone, in Eaglecrest, etc. would be able to access other cell providers. In other words, those residents complaining about not being able to connect with “Emergency” on their Telus phones, are misguided, and ill-informed. They have no justified reason for demanding a Telus tower for emergencies.

8. Telus wants to blanket an enormous area with transmissions from their proposed tower. I have asked for technical information, but they have refused. A techie friend told me that a 147 foot tower could have a broadcast radius of 70 miles, meaning the coverage could be several thousand square miles. This is economically advantageous to Telus, but is not in the best interest of Qualicum Beach.

9. No insurance company (that I am aware of) will insure cell facilities against health effects. The Town of Qualicum Beach could be held liable for damages. (There are several insurance companies, including Lloyd’s and Zurich, that will not cover damages from cell facilities.)

10. Mr. Gregg has not paid attention to information sent to him. He discounts it, without looking at it, as “misinformation.” Not only has he has provided false and misleading “information,” he refuses to provide up-to-date credible proof, and technical information.

11. There are safer and better options to cell towers.

12. Minimal plans for the future of the tower have been provided. Its capacity and function could be expanded to include even worse technology. It was suggested that the tower could be used by other carriers, thus exacerbating the issues described above.

13. The livelihoods of Qualicum Beach residents could be severely adversely affected by the tower. Consider the nearby farms, for example. Pollinators are adversely affected by tower emissions, and the lack of pollinators will be detrimental to plants.

14. Food security could be seriously challenged, without pollinators, etc.

Let us try to preserve and protect Qualicum Beach, promote safe technology only, and educate our public so we understand what we are dealing with, rather than naively accepting industry’s appeal. (Additional documentation is available on request.)

For the Qualicum Beach that we love (and take for granted, much too often),



From: Yael Stein <yael.stein1@mail.huji.ac.il>
Date: Mon, Jun 1, 2020 at 4:53 PM

I am beginning to see publications presenting these EHS symptoms as “Unexplained and previously unknown symptoms of COVID-19”: “brain fog”, memory deficits, migraines, muscle cramps, tinnitus.

While COVID-19 has its many specific problems and symptoms – THESE specific symptoms are EHS symptoms, and have nothing to do with COVID. I have just posted my attached Conference poster on ResearchGate listing this list of EHS symptoms of my patients – please feel free to share it with those who claim these are “new” COVID symptoms.


Dr. Yael Stein MD
Pain Clinic
Department of Anesthesiology, Critical Care and Pain Medicine

Hebrew University – Hadassah Medical Center, Jerusalem, Israel
Electromagnetic Radiation Research Clinic

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Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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