2020-08-12 Petition to update CEPA to include environmental rights

1) Last night, 5G Winnipeg Awareness had its public meeting about 5G and Marg Friesen has shared a video of their event as well as a flyer and a song.

Teach-in to keep Wolseley 5G radiation free

“Find out why.

Let’s stop the installation of more than 50 cell network antennas for 4G/5G[1] in our neighbourhood, and then thousands more throughout Winnipeg.”


2) A member has shared this very important official Government of Canada petition asking for an update of the Canadian Environmental Protection Act. Below in Letters is additional information about it from David Suzuki. I hope you and your entire family will consider signing it and that you will share this widely. Please note that everyone living in Canada can sign regardless of age. If at least 3,000 people sign it, the Government must respond. As I send this there are 2,957 signatures. Let’s push it over 3,000 with months left to add to this number.

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“This is about all environmental protection in Canada, not only about the electrosmog topic.

“Recommendation 62” regarding “electromagnetic radiation” (electrosmog) is among the 87 recommendations published in this Government of Canada House of Commons Standing Committee on Environment and Sustainable Development 2017 report: “HEALTHY ENVIRONMENT, HEALTHY CANADIANS, HEALTHY ECONOMY: STRENGTHENING THE CANADIAN ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION ACT, 1999.”

For every environmental protection reason, I thought you might want to sign this petition that is on the official Government of Canada “Petitions” platform. (Where you see the “Sign In” that is not required, as that is only for persons who have previously authored a petition.)”



3) A recent interview with Dr. Devra Davis that covers a wide range of topics.


Off stage interview 2020 – Author Devra Davis – 5G, Cell Phones, And The Wireless Revolution

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rbElWAfrtY0  (22. min.)



On the verge of a breakthrough.

Our five-year campaign to have the right to a healthy environment recognized in Canadian law could soon see a major win.

Thanks to advocacy by our community members and volunteers, the federal government is considering strengthening the Canadian Environmental Protection Act to include environmental rights!

CEPA is Canada’s main environmental law — the legislation that regulates toxins in air and water. The prime minister has mandated the Minister of Environment and Climate Change to amend it. In 2017, our volunteers successfully advocated to have an all-party parliamentary committee review CEPA, making 87 substantial recommendations for updates. All that hard work could soon pay off, but we need your help to make it happen.

Youth volunteers Franny Ladell Yakelashek and Rupert Yakelashek have created a new House of Commons petition to persuade the government to move faster to #fixCEPA. Sign this digital petition now so the House of Commons will see it. (After you sign, you’ll receive an email from the House of Commons. Please verify your signature.)


If the petition gets more than 3,000 signatures, government will have to respond and it will be empowered to introduce legislation to strengthen CEPA by December 2020. For the first time in Canada, we could have legal recognition of our right to a healthy environment!

Thank you for your continued support and advocacy. Together, we can make the next year an amazing one.


Megan Hooft, Senior Public Engagement Strategist
David Suzuki Foundation


Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters.”    Albert Einstein


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