2020-08-07 Dr. Schoechle shared his submission to FCC

1)  People in Qualicum Beach are desperately trying to get their Councillors and Mayor to understand the significance of adding another tower with the capacity to hold many transmitters to an environment already highly polluted with electrosmog. One resident of QB sent me this information. Did everyone living within the area receive the package from Telus? If not, please let me know and I will let people protesting Telus’s tower know.

Email: citizensforsafertech@shaw.ca with “Telus package at QB

“Concerning the proposed Telus Tower in Qualicum Beach, apparently a mail-out package, with questionnaire, was sent to some home owners on July 23rd.  Regulations state it was to be sent to those within a 135 meter radius of the outer edge of the perimeter of both proposed sites.  I wonder if all required households within that radius actually received the package.  For sure they would have sent them to Eaglecrest because that is where most of their support would probably come.  You can read the package contents at the following:


I found this information by googling the Town of Qualicum Beach and found it under Projects and Current Developments and then clicked on Telus Cell Tower.  The ‘petition’ group is denied speaking at the Council meeting on August 19th.  I hope CD and the two doctors are allowed to speak.”

2)  Dr. Timothy Schoechle has shared his submission to the FCC re. RF exposure guidelines.  He also provided an article from which he quoted, one written by members of IEEE, an association which has long supported the ICNIRP theory that the non-thermal radiation is safe because it doesn’t heat tissue.  Both documents speak to 5G, the inadequacy of current guidelines, and the need for research re. biological effects of 5G.

Comments on FCC 19-226 (Docket/RM 19-226) Human Exposure to Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields—A Proposed Rule by the FCC

“The introduction of 5G cellular technology anticipates frequency use above 6 GHz up to 100 GHz or higher. While data exist on current levels of exposure from 3G and 4G frequencies, very limited data on 5G millimeter wave frequencies is available. …

“…we currently have only very limited good data on 5G. One important research need is to measure these exposure levels under various actual conditions. It is currently not clear that, with focused beams and higher data rates leading to shorter-on times, whether the personal exposures will increase or decrease with the increased number of lower-power base stations ((Barnes and Greenebaum, 2020, p. 3).” ” (pg. 5)  (see link below)


Setting Guidelines for Electromagnetic Exposures and Research Needs

An example of projects that might be initiated would look at the possible effects of 5G signals on the growth of melanoma. The first experiment might be to look at the skin under exposure to 5 G signals to see if there are changes in the levels of reactive oxygen and other signaling molecules, such as hydrogen peroxide and calcium, as a function of exposure parameters such as intensity and length of exposure…

Given the way the current product liability law works, an able lawyer might well convince a jury that exposures within the current limits have caused cancer, cognitive disabilities in children, etc., which could cost billions of dollars.”


3) In last night’s update (2) –https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/2020-08-06-health-effects-of-5g-under-real-life-conditions/), I shared info about a smart device still emitting signals while in airplane mode. A member sent in these recommendations:

(click on photo to enlarge)

“I wish every wireless device would have a green and a red button on the home screen and when you press the green button, no matter what, all wireless should be disabled.
Unfortunately, manufacturers make it ever more difficult to control your wireless radiation exposure.

On an iPhone, there are two ways how to disable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi: in the settings and in the control panel.
I assume X’s daughter had only turned off Bluetooth and/or Wi-Fi in the easy-to use control panel. If so, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi then have a bad habit of turning on automatically.
However, when you turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi in the settings, they will stay turned off, also during flight mode, until you activate them yourself in the settings again.

You can find the instructions also on the Apple website:


And here are my recommendations on how to lower your exposure if you are using a smartphone:


And as X just said, the only reliable way to disable wireless functions is by doing so in the settings.


Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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