2020-07-31 Telus “upgrade” for future 5G in Saanich

1) 5G groundwork being laid in Saanich. First they “offer” free fiber to the homes which in part, IMHO, is done to remove the attention from the work being done installing fiber optic cable in preparation for the microcells that follow.

$90M Telus upgrade for Saanich internet

“Residents can expect to see more Telus trucks rolling throughout their neighbourhoods as the company works to connect homes to the network, said Telus spokeswoman Liz Sauvé….

“We, of course, require homeowner approval to connect them to the network, so our team will be out in masks and proper PPE, engaging residents at a safe social distance to see if they’d like their home connected for free,” said Sauvé.

Telus said the investment will enhance wireline and wireless connectivity, and prepare the region for 5G technology in the years ahead. Since 2013, Telus has invested more than $5 billion to connect 130 communities and 55 First Nations.””


2) Another phone identified by Dr. Arazi’s Phone Gate team. France is taking action on some of these radiation-emitting devices which exceed France’s guidelines (2 W/kg vs.1.6 W/kg in Canada) but no other countries are. Canada and the US are silent on the issue, with Health Canada continuing to tell concerned parents that their kids can have cellphones on or next to their bodies 24/7/365.

[Press Release] Smartphone Mi Note10: Xiaomi still plays with consumers’ health!

“The Mi Note 10 is the fourth smartphone from Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi to be pinned in France by the French National Frequency Agency (ANFR) for exceeding the regulatory level of specific absorption rate (SAR). This comes just a few days after attorney Elias Bourran filed a collective complaint against Xiaomi before the Paris Public Prosecutor’s Office on behalf of 60 plaintiffs registered via platform V for Verdict.

The Mi Note 10 was marketed in France from November 2019 at a price of 549 euros. The trunk SAR announced by the manufacturer on the notice was 1.392 W/kg. This figure proved to be perfectly misleading for the consumer. Indeed, since after ANFR control, it is almost double, reaching 2,45 W/kg. It thus exceeds the regulatory threshold set at European level at 2 W/kg.”

[Press Release] Smartphone Mi Note10: Xiaomi still plays with consumers’ health!


3) From a member. People with various chemical sensitivities seem to be more vulnerable to EMR and many people with EHS have told me that they first experienced sensitivity to perfumes, chemicals or pesticides. As stated by C4ST.org, “The Canadian Human Rights commission recognizes ES and states those living with environmental sensitivities are entitled to the protection of the Canadian Human Rights Act, which prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability.”

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The updated guide on Environmental Sensitivity and Scent-free Policies by the Canadian Human Rights Commission from 2019 explains that employers should “notify employees and clients before construction or maintenance work”. Imagine that would extend to notifications when any wireless access point or equipment is installed!”

Policy on environmental sensitivities


4) Please see Letters re. a suggestion for pressure in Qualicum Beach re. the huge cell tower in the works. If it is true, as said in the email, that towers have been installed without public consultation, this is against ISED (formerly Industry Canada) policy and both the company and the Council should be held to task. I don’t know if anything can be done to have the towers removed, but certainly a full investigation is warranted.


From:  Barb Payne (name given with permission)
To: “citizensforsafertech” <citizensforsafertech@shaw.ca>
Sent: Friday, July 31, 2020 5:48:46 PM
Subject: Persuasion points for environmentally-minded groups

Below are the three points that I want all “environmentally”-minded individuals and groups to grasp. I have two reasons for choosing these three points: they’re important; and they are easily stated via terminology, concepts, and priorities that such individuals/groups themselves use and believe.

1. Chemical exposures to animal species (including humans) are worsened because machine-generated EMR can cause the somewhat protective blood-brain barrier to be more permeable.

2. At every moment of time, life on Earth requires natural types of EMR to be in all the layers of Earth’s atmosphere, including the layer where species live, because natural types and natural densities of EMR are continuous emissions from The Sun, The Earth, and elsewhere in The Universe that are required to sustain every moment of all life on Earth. The release of any density of artificially/machine-generated EMR emissions added into air, solids, liquids, or gases is pollution — just as chemical releases/emissions are pollution. Further, releases of artificial EMR emissions are very often intended to be solely for the purpose of releasing artificial EMR, therefore this is active pollution (not a passive pollutant nor a by-product pollutant).

3. There is good news: at the moment an emitter of artificial EMR is shut down (powered off), the EMR pollution immediately stops and all previous EMR pollution from that emitter has disappeared — i.e., this pollutant does not persist in the environment provided its source has been halted. [n.b. That is a huge benefit on its own, plus, regarding item 1. above, it can be significant relief for various species.]

-Barb Payne


Hi Everyone,

I believe the best way to make the most impact is to continue to write letters to the Council, Administrator, Planner and Telus Consultant.

Here is the contact info (again), for emails and phone calls. As Town Hall has only counted letters (and not emails or phone calls), it seems that they are placing more importance on handwritten, hand-delivered letters to Town Hall, but many of these people are away for different reasons, so emails and phone calls are still critically important.


[Please place in Correspondence Log] (at top of your letter)

briangregg@sitepathconsulting.com – Telus
mayor@qualicumbeach.com 250-738-2213
rfilmer@qualicumbeach.com 250-228-0852
awalker@qualicumbeach.com 250-947-5115
sharrison@qualicumbeach.com 250-927-7809
twestbroek@qualicumbeach.com 250-228-5473
hsvensen@qualicumbeach.com 250-752-6921 (Administrator)
lsales@qualicumbeach.com 250-752-6921 (Planning)


btw, the more I think about this, the stranger the situation becomes. For example:

I heard yesterday that a 147 ft high tower planned can broadcast 70 kilometers (or was it miles?—still outrageous) (What is the real agenda here?)

QB has allowed several cell towers, without public consultation. Why are they doing this now?

Why is the consultant misleading us with very outdated “information” and by referring to current information as “misinformation”? (“There’s a lot of misinformation out there.”)

Why so little time?

What does the town of QB get by hosting a 147 foot tower? $$$ (I wonder if they may have overspent on waterfront properties, etc.)


My best,



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“Every positive value has its price in negative terms… the genius of Einstein leads to Hiroshima.”           Pablo Picasso


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