2020-07-18 More cell towers for Nelson and Oliver

1) In Feb. 2020 the FDA in the USA released an anonymous report on studies they reviewed for the period from 2008-2018. Of course they cherry-picked the ones they reviewed so that they could arrive at the conclusion that there is no evidence of a link between EMR and cancer. It would be interesting to go through and compare those who did the studies they used to reach this conclusion with the list of people who are associated with ICNIRP, IEEE and are known to be associated with industry provided in the recent reports, especially the one by Drs. Hardell and Carlberg shared in the July 15 update:


Review of Published Literature between 2008 and 2018 of Relevance to Radiofrequency Radiation and Cancer

“Based on the studies that are described in detail in this report, there is insufficient evidence to support a causal association between RFR exposure and tumorigenesis. There is a lack of clear dose response relationship, a lack of consistent findings or specificity, and a lack of biological mechanistic plausibility…. (pg. 6)

In summary, the epidemiological data published between January 1, 2008 to May 8, 2018, continue to support the FDA’s findings that there is no quantifiable causal link between RFR exposure and tumor formation.” (pg. 87)




2) Rogers is asking to be allowed to put a 30 meter cell tower in the middle of Oliver, close to 2 schools and many residences. It also is asking for relief in the community’s Antenna Siting Policy — not wanting to have to notify so many people. See letter below asking why in the middle of town and why not co-locate the transmitter on the existing towers farther away? I am just wondering (based on nothing I’ve read) if 5G cell towers need to be near the microcells. That could explain Rogers not following ISED policy of co-locating where possible.

Hans would so appreciate if you would provide comments here and, if you can, provide links to a study or two:


All communities will have more cell towers to support 5G unless we speak out, present to council, help to educate people. There are better options.

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3) Telus is laying the groundwork for 5G in Nelson with more cell towers and fiber optic cable. People are being fooled into thinking that Telus’s fiber optic cable is “pure”, without wireless. There will be microcells, as we know, which are fed by the fiber optic cable. Why to the home?? Still a mystery to me but we know that it will be part of the wireless 5G network. Why not a true fiber optic network, a community-owned one, without any wireless component and no new cell towers?

TELUS investing $20 million to connect Nelson homes and businesses to advanced fibre optic network and prepare for the future of 5G

“Advanced TELUS PureFibre optic network and new cell towers will help residents, businesses, and service providers innovate locally, compete globally and deliver better health, education and social outcomes.”



From: Hans Karow (name given with permission)
To: “Chad Marlatt” <chad@cypresslandservices.com>
Cc: olivercouncilwater@oliver.ca, info@RDOS.bc.ca, “Karla Kozakevich” <kkozakevich@rdos.bc.ca>
Sent: July 18, 2020
Subject: proposed Rogers Cell tower 6450 Spartan St in Oliver

Chad Marlatt, Agents for Rogers

Real Estate & Municipal Affairs

Cypress Land Services Inc.

Suite 120 – 736 Granville Street | Vancouver, BC V6Z 1G3

Cell: 604.910.7310 | Office: 604.620.0877 | F: 604.620.0876

E: chad@cypresslandservices.com | W: www.cypresslandservices.com

Hello Chad,

Reading in yesterday’s Penticton Herald I have great concern about the proposed subject cell tower.

Please provide to me all the info you have submitted to the Oliver Council, relevant directors of RDOS , ISED and individual citizens in Oliver at your earliest convenience.

That info should also include detailed proof request from the public for this tower.

We used to live in Oliver for 26 years, raised our kids and have many friends there.

Our kids went to the elementary school (about 300m) and high school (about 500 m from the proposed Rogers tower) and about 130m from the nearest residential homes (distances subject to provided exact coordinates).

Please also provide reason why Rogers is not co-locating to the other two existing towers further away!

I will never forget when you and Rogers representatives were proposing to erect a tower 100 (+/-) m near the Kaleden elementary school in 2005 … public outcry, myself included with a petition, prevented that tower there.



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Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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