2020-07-16 With insurers refusing to cover EMR claims, we’re on our own re 5G

1) If 5G is not deemed safe by independent scientists, why is it by the US and Canadian governments, by FCC and Health Canada? We are left on our own to be guinea pigs, to have our health at risk, to prove that EMR is dangerous.

If 5G is not deemed safe in the USA, and nowhere in the rest of the world, by the insurance industry … why is it by the Danish government?

” While the politicians and the rest of the population all over the world are busy going about with their lives, the telecommunications industry is working at high speed. Billions of dollars and top salaries are at stake….

No one at their full senses would, of course, say yes to participation if they were informed it can be with their – and their family members’ – health or life at stake. Against that background, it is highly enigmatic that those who are responsible for this rollout failed to ask all the citizens the inconvenient, but correct, question ”Do you want to risk your life?”….

We already know that previous versions, such as 2G, 3G, and 4G, potentially may cause severe health problems. There are no reasons to believe 5G would not be equally bad! As a direct consequence, insurance companies have refused to cover any damage caused by radiation. Instead, the telecommunications industry has announced that they are ”self-insured”, i.e. each customer has the burden of proof against the telecommunications industry in relation to health damage. Does this procedure sound familiar? Exactly! When it comes to, for instance, the tobacco industry, it is the same procedure and sleeping health authorities. So much for our tax money!”

If 5G is not deemed safe in the USA, and nowhere in the rest of the world, by the insurance industry … why is it by the Danish government?


2) A concerned person in Australia has asked to have her petition shared. Hopefully, you will consider signing.

Halt Experiments with mmWave Microwave Radiation in Melbourne and Worldwide


3) A member sent this article about a report in the Lancet on severe decline in number of babies being born. The report says it’s not due to sperm count but rather women being educated…. There probably are many factors involved but there are many couples needing IVF to help get pregnant. No mention of the many studies showing a reduction in healthy male sperm when exposed to EMR like that emitted by cell phones carried in pockets.

Fertility rate: ‘Jaw-dropping’ global crash in children being born

“In 1950, women were having an average of 4.7 children in their lifetime.

Researchers at the University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation showed the global fertility rate nearly halved to 2.4 in 2017 – and their study, published in the Lancet, projects it will fall below 1.7 by 2100….

It has nothing to do with sperm counts or the usual things that come to mind when discussing fertility.

Instead it is being driven by more women in education and work, as well as greater access to contraception, leading to women choosing to have fewer children.”


The full Lancet study is at:



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From: Finlay MacPherson (name given with permission)
To: “Brian Ahier” <brian.ahier@canada.ca>
Sent: , July 15, 2020
Subject: HC Safety Code 6 on the Subject

Dear Mr. Ahier,

As a representative for the Honourable Patty Hajdu, Minister of Health, Government of Canada, one would think your response to the health concerns of citizens would be more truthful. Reading your email of July 8, 2020 12:26 PM on the Subject of Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields (RF EMF) leaves many doubts as to your factual knowledge of the scientific research conducted over many decades specific to the non-thermal biological effects including DNA damage, the root cause of cancer, from exposures to RF-EMF at levels far below those said to be protective by Health Canada’s Safety Code 6. Many expert epidemiologists now state there is no “safe” exposure level to pulsed microwave and millimeter wave wireless radiation, and the cumulative effects of such exposures are harmful to all biological life. Bees and insects, birds, plants and humans all suffer as their health is affected negatively. The exponential increase in levels of “electrosmog” in today’s environment from that of only 40 years ago is alarming, particularly to the approximately 700 thousand Canadians unable to function normally due to their electro hyper sensitivity (EHS). It would seem Health Canada and ISED have been corrupted from wireless industry influence and favour industrial profit rather than citizen health.

Health Canada’s Safety Code 6 is only protective of thermal (tissue heating) effects, and has continued to ignore the world wide scientific data easily available regarding the damaging non-thermal biological effects. Many consider this an “ostrich with head in the ground” attitude, and strongly suggest it is time for Government authorities tasked with the mandate of health protection for Canadians to take the effort of properly reviewing all peer-reviewed studies, not just those favoured by industry. The weight-of-evidence approach is not scientific, it is political. Why recent expert studies such as those of the US NIH National Toxicology Program and the Italian Ramazzini Institute were not considered in the most recent review of HC SC6 has yet to be explained, but does raise alarm.

Your statements that “The limits in Safety Code 6 are among the most stringent science-based limits in the world and protect our most vulnerable. Safety Code 6 human exposure limits are designed to provide protection for all age groups, including infants and children, on a continuous basis (24 hours a day/seven days a week).” are factually false as anyone with a working brain can realize. Russia and many other countries have much more stringent science-based limits than Canada, and value science rather than the fantasy of recommendations for “safe” exposure limits promoted by WHO, ICNIRP, CTIA, IEEE, US FCC and other groups of wireless industry promoters. Back in the 1960’s and 1970’s, Monsanto’s toxic products were heavily used and also promoted as “safe”. Rachel Carson was criticised for her writing warning the public of the disasters unfolding environmentally and into the future. Many years later, those supposedly “safe” products are now banned because of their toxic carcinogenicity. Same with tobacco and asbestos, once also considered “safe” but no longer. Were it not for corrupt industry influence on government authorities and legislation, citizen health would take priority. It would seem that only because of political interference and lobbying to ensure massive wireless industry profits are being made that the public health and environment will continue to suffer damage from exposure to wireless radiation.

Health care costs are an increasing burden on both Government and taxpayers. As rates of leukemia, autism, once rare brain tumours and other diseases proliferate and markedly rise from those of only 5 decades ago, a correlation can be made to wireless radiation exposure levels. The assumption that 5G technology is “safe” has no scientific foundation whatsoever, yet the infrastructure is rapidly being built. Professor Martin Pall sees this as absolute insanity, yet few heed his warning. Use of Wi-Fi in schools should never have been allowed, and no evidence presently exists that radiating the most vulnerable infants and children on a continuous basis for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year is “safe”. Evidence already exists that declines in cognitive ability and behaviours are the actual early result, and the health damage is cumulative over a lifetime.

I would ask that you provide a copy of this email to the Honourable Patty Hajdu, Minister of Health. I would have sent it to her directly had the Canada Government webpages I searched listed her email address. If you require clarification of any issues this email provided, websites such as the non-profit ehtrust.org provide a wealth of useful information. It is time that Health Canada stopped using Safety Code 6 as an excuse to falsely assure Canadians of wireless radiation “safe” protection. Politicians may love all the “hot air”, but many of my fellow Canadians are quite tired of it all.


Finlay MacPherson


Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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