2020-07-05 “Microwave Sickness” makes it into dictionary

1) A recognition of Microwave Sickness (also known as EHS or ES) by having this definition in the dictionary is long overdue. Now if only the WHO, Health Canada, FCC, etc. would recognize it. Maybe this term should be used more often. It really is more descriptive.

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Merriam Webster Adds “Microwave Sickness” to the Dictionary.

EMF + WiFi = Microwave Sickness

Medical Definition of               microwave sickness:
” a condition of impaired health reported especially in the Russian medical literature that is characterized by headaches, anxiety, sleep disturbances, fatigue, and difficulty in concentrating and by changes in the cardiovascular and central nervous systems and that is held to be caused by prolonged exposure to low-intensity microwave radiation.”


2) After exposing that many popular cell phones emit higher RF emissions than even the ICNIRP standards allow, Dr. Arazi and his Phonegate team are now starting a campaign to educate the public about this because many of these phones are still in use and governments are allowing them to be sold. Dr. Arazi has produced posters and hopes we will print and post them.


“No mobile phone sold today protects the health of its users. The fault lies with European and international legislation driven solely by the economic interests of the mobile telephony industry…

This will be even more the case with the introduction of 5G smartphones!“


3) One example of such a phone tested was Apple’s iPhone 11.

Your iPhone May Emit Over Two Times the Legal RF Radiation Limits

“… a troubling report published by the RF Exposure Lab located in San Marcos, California, found that RF emissions put out by the iPhone 11 may be over twice the allowable amount listed by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission.”


4) A member found a website with more than a 1000 fabulous resources that are easily sorted and filtered to use in letters, presentations, etc.

1003 Abstracts with Electromagnetic Field Harms Research



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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