2020-06-20 International Commissioned report on ICNIRP’s corruption

1) The European Parliament commissioned a report on the conflicts of interest in ICNIRP which has undue influence on the exposure allowances in many countries, including Canada, and therefore has extreme effects on our health. A 98 page report, and I’ve read only a quarter of it, but I believe it is well worth taking the time to read it. Health Canada (HC), in essence, hides behind ICNIRP and our provincial authorities hide behind HC. If we are going to demand and get change we must understand how ICNIRP works and how corrupt it is.

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The International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection: Conflicts of interest , corporate capture and the push for 5G

“This report deals with an issue of which the importance cannot be overrated: the possible health effects of Radiofrequency Radiation (RfR) or electro magnetic fields (EMF); It deals more specifically with how the scientific debate has been hijacked by corporate interests from the Telecom industry.

After having read the reports of a journalistic collective called Investigate Europe, the many articles from Microwave News as well as all the publications from independent scientists from around the world, who for years have all been ringing alarm bells on adverse health effects from the use of mobile phones and EMF, we decided that we needed to dig deeper into this strange, unknown to the public but powerful scientific NGO based in Germany called the ‘International Commission on NonIonizing Radiation Protection’ (ICNIRP).”



2) A member recommended that I share this YouTube which I shared a couple of years ago. It is a presentation in 2018 by Dafna Tachover, Paul Heroux and others before a Michigan committee considering EMR/5G.

Dafna Tachover, Attorney and Founder of We Are The Evidence, Testifies in Opposition to 5G in MI

https://www.radiationresearch.org/articles/dafna-tachover-attorney-and-founder-of-we-are-the-evidence-testifies-in-opposition-to-5g-in-mi-youtube/   (45:22 min.)

3) The FCC has proposed that its current exposure limits, which are based on ICNIRP’s and have been unchanged since the mid-1990s (at least), are adequate for milliwave frequencies. Many letters and petitions have been submitted asking for scientific evidence that milliwaves are not dangerous. One letter was signed by more than 400 MDs and other professionals. This letter should be shared widely because the same argument applies to Health Canada and its failure to prevent 5G and milliwaves from being implemented without testing. No wireless device has ever been proven to be safe — and scientific studies showing potential harm are ignored.

Over 400 Medical Professionals Sign Letter to the FCC!

Dear Friend,

Within less than a week, OVER 400 MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS signed our letter calling out the FCC’s failure to acknowledge science and protect the American public from exposure to wireless radiation….

We’re also thrilled to report that over 1,700 people submitted individual comments to the FCC challenging its proposal to expand wireless technologies. Thanks to all that made their voices heard.

Take Action: We encourage you to send the letter and our press release to reporters in your area. The bigger the splash this news makes, the better!

Congratulations, team, and thanks for your continued support of this urgent public health issue! Together, there’s nothing we can’t accomplish.

-The 5G Crisis Team

https://ed84ae68-328e-42f4-847a-66fb863ac9df.filesusr.com/ugd/2cea04_2af7b74ad91f424fb099c5eba3ce43ab.pdf               (the letter)

400 Medical and Public Health Professionals Oppose FCC Plans for Expanded Wireless Technology

“Americans are entitled to know the full extent of any potential health risks associated with exposure to RF microwave radiation, particularly at this time when wireless companies are busy installing hundreds of thousands of new wireless antennas in close proximity to homes and apartments,” the letter states, noting the Commission’s obligation to ensure the “safety of life” for all Americans as set forth in the Communications Act of 1934

https://ed84ae68-328e-42f4-847a-66fb863ac9df.filesusr.com/ugd/2cea04_4c47abb36e7443849ac51546ab89b222.pdf            (press release)


Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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