2020-06-09 US Dept. of Defense 5G Strategy

1) The US is concerned about losing control of 5G because they see it as a military weapon as much as an economic one. And data, whether personal or corporate, is part of the bigger picture, Our rights are being threatened by 5G no matter which country controls it, if any one country is capable of doing so.

This is the U.S. Department of Defense 5G Strategy Map released in May.

Department of Defense (DoD) 5G Strategy (U)

“Ensuring that DoD can operate in a global 5G environment is challenging because potential U.S. adversaries seek to dominate the 5G market in key partner nations, which could allow such competitors to gain unauthorized network and data access via exploited components in the supply chain, malicious software, and/or insider threats. Given the complexity of 5G infrastructure, even inadvertent vulnerabilities may be very difficult to detect and prevent.

Because 5G networks will transport massive amounts of sensitive personal, corporate, and government information, they are particularly attractive targets for potential U.S. adversaries. With persistent access to an ally’s 5G network, an adversary could potentially engage in widespread espionage, threaten the privacy and rights of citizens globally, prepare the operational environment to provide an advantage in armed conflict, conduct information operations, and/or disrupt critical infrastructure.


5G, the New Track of the Arms Race

“At Red Flag 2021, 5G relocatable cell towers, that can be set up and taken down in less than an hour, will be probably already operating to be tested in a real environment. Nellis base is the fifth base selected by the Pentagon to test the military use of 5G: the others are located in Utah, Georgia, California and Washington State.

A document from the Congress Research Service (National Security Implications of Fifth Generation 5G Mobile Technologies, 22 May 2020) explained that this fifth generation mobile data transmission technology could have “numerous military applications”….

5G will play a decisive role particularly in the use of hypersonic weapons which travel at speeds exceeding 10 times that of sound also equipped with nuclear warheads.

5G will also be extremely important forsecret services, making control and intelligence systems much more effective than those currently used.


5G, the New Track of the Arms Race

2) Here is an explanation of the role EMF plays in weakening our bodies, making them more susceptible to viruses.

Viral infections aggravated by electromagnetic fields

“In viral infections, a well-functioning immune system and good blood flow and oxygen transport are of great importance and virus replication must be reduced. Scientific publications have shown that low-frequency and radio-frequency electromagnetic fields (LF and RF EMF) of the electricity grid and of wireless communication:

• weaken our immune system, cause health problems and weaken our general condition,
• promote blood clotting via the Rouleau effect, which leads to reduced blood flow, reduced oxygen transport and increased risk of thrombosis,
• increase the intracellular Ca2+ (calcium ion) concentration and oxidative stress, thus promoting virus replication.”


3) You may recall that in 2010 one of the major justifications for the smeter project was to reduce energy usage. A projection I recall said that the usage reduction would eliminate the need for more dams to be built. People could see that turning on a light used electricity…A recent study confirmed what we all knew. There has been virtually no reduction in electricity usage. Now, of course, we realize that the actual plan was for the smeters to be a key component in the larger project — a 5G grid. And we’re stuck not only with this RF-emitting combustible device on our homes but also with the ongoing expenses to replace them every few years.

Smart meters have little impact on people’s energy usage habits, research finds

“Smart meters were introduced to allow customers to manage their energy use and it was hoped they would save money on bills and lessen their environmental impact by reducing energy demand, as well as changing their attitudes towards their energy use.

But new research by Keele University using focus groups has found that 10 years after the programme was rolled out, people’s awareness around strategies for improving our energy efficiency is still only limited….

These findings are in line with recent estimates which suggest that reductions in energy usage are only at around 2% since the start of the rollout, and far lower than the meaningful energy reductions which were hoped for.”


4) The new group, Albertans for Safe Technology, has a facebook to share information about the safe use of wireless technology.

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Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“No amount of experimentation can ever prove me right; a single experiment can prove me wrong.”   Albert Einstein

Or, as I like to say,  if something is truly safe, how can there be any good, independent studies saying it isn’t?


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