2020-06-07 A cell tower removed in Victoria

1) A cell tower has been removed in Victoria. It was located on Jehovah’s Witness property (2506 Selwyn Rd), close to Hwy 1 at exit 14. In the early 2000s, when the contract was signed, the congregation was not aware of the potential for it to cause harm but over the years, as they became aware of the growing scientific evidence of harmful effects, they decided that the contract would not be renewed. Churches are favorite sites for the telecoms to target. I believe that congregations and ministers/priests would do the same thing if they were informed about the evidence. Thanks is due to this congregation. Here is a photo of that cell tower. It was huge.

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2) The Department of Defense (DOD) in the USA has named 7 more military sites for 5G testing — confirming the military’s use of the infrastructure built by utilities and telecoms. “Dual-use” for “ubiquitous connectivity”. What if I don’t want to be connected to the military?

DOD Names Seven Installations as Sites for Second Round of 5G Technology Testing, Experimentation

“5G technology is vital to maintaining America’s military and economic advantages. 5G is the fifth-generation of cellular network technology. It is the advent of ubiquitous connectivity – the connectivity of everything and everyone everywhere – through wireless communications. DOD’s efforts focus on large-scale experimentation and prototyping of dual-use (military and commercial) 5G technology that will provide high speeds, quicker response times and the ability to handle many more wireless devices than current wireless technology.”


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Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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