2020-06-04 Applications for 78,000 more satellites

1) A member alerted me to something very troublesome on Josh del Sol’s 5G summit website where people go to register for “gifts”. One of the sponsors is selling pendants, proclaiming that they will protect against EMF. Experts who have tested such products, like Dr. Louis Slesin of Microwave News, consistently warn that only distance is protective of EMF/EMR. There is shielding that does reduce exposure but gadgets like pendants are worthless according to experts. Not only will people, who are not as educated as most of us about this issue, spend good money (in the range of $150 US) on something that provides no protection at all — people will also believe they are protected while using wiring devices. Users are likely to not take the precautions they would otherwise take, resulting in more exposure and potentially more harm.

“At Harmoni, we are committed to providing wearable solutions for defense against EMF exposure​. The stainless steel Harmoni Pendant works like a personal EMF protection device everywhere you go, while also helping to reduce stress and restore balance to the body​ and its energetic field​.”


2) Dr. Timothy Schoechle has kindly sent me, and agreed that I could share, comments he made to the FCC’s proposal to maintain the current guidelines (which are basically those set by ICNIRP decades ago) for milliwave frequencies. I strongly encourage you to read these comments which could be made with regard to Health Canada’s Safety Code 6 which also depends upon ICNIRP for justification. As said on page 10, ICNIRP cherry picks studies, ignoring many that would undermine their strongly held conviction that heat is the only thing that does harm.

Comments re. Human Exposure to Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields A Proposed Rule by the FCC


3) On May 26, Spacex applied to the FCC to be allowed to put 30,000 more satellites (Gen2) in space, in addition to the 12,000 already approved as part of the 5G grid. OneWeb applied for 48,000 satellites. These will be low level satellites, meaning that no place on earth will be free of having at least one satellite above it at any time.

Bankrupt OneWeb seeks license for 48,000 satellites, even more than SpaceX

“By operating at low and very low altitudes, the SpaceX Gen2 System will enable smaller spot beams and greater satellite diversity, achieving the intensive frequency reuse needed to heighten capacity available anywhere in the world. And by guaranteeing multiple satellites in view for every customer located at any point on the ground, SpaceX’s next-generation system incorporates the flexibility necessary to coordinate with other spectrum users while still delivering robust service, even in a crowded spectrum setting.”


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https://fcc.report/IBFS/SAT-LOA-20200526-00055/2378669.pdf SpaceX’s application


Putting the Earth inside a High Speed Computer  by Arthur Firstenberg




Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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