2020-06-02 – 3 very interesting letters

I’ve been gathering some very interesting and significant letters and this update is devoted to some of them.


Object: Symptoms of Electrohypersensitive patients – These are symptoms of Microwave Sickness / EHS and NOT symptoms of Covid-19

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“I am beginning to see publications presenting these EHS symptoms as “Unexplained and previously unknown symptoms of COVID-19”: “brain fog”, memory deficits, migraines, muscle cramps, tinnitus.

While COVID-19 has its many specific problems and symptoms – THESE specific symptoms are EHS symptoms, and have nothing to do with COVID. I have just posted my attached Conference poster on ResearchGate listing this list of EHS symptoms of my patients – please feel free to share it with those who claim these are “new” COVID symptoms.”


Dr. Yael Stein MD
Pain Clinic
Department of Anesthesiology, Critical Care and Pain Medicine
Hebrew University – Hadassah Medical Center, Jerusalem, Israel
Electromagnetic Radiation Research Clinic


From a member:


Coming to Our Neighbourhoods

“We’ve all heard about the advantages of fiber optic transmission. It’s the fastest and most secure internet signal available and now it’s coming into our neighbourhoods. “Only Telus offers a real, 100% fibre optic connection, right to your door.” states a headline in Telus’ recent letter to us. Having awaited this service for some time, I was very interested. But I was puzzled that the same announcement was followed by another headline stating that “Telus PureFibre is the backbone of our 5G network.”

I was perplexed by the conjunction of the two headlines until I was reminded that the light signals, carried by fibre optic cable, in order to enable the phone, internet and tv in my home, had to be converted to electric signals. How, I wondered, does the PureFibre signal at my door get converted to an electronic signal usable inside our home?

Since that time repeated requests to Telus via email, by phone and in store have met with blank stares or silence. An email request for information from our Mayor who offers a personal welcoming note to the service on Telus’ letter has likewise gone unanswered.

Can anyone tell me whether, if we take this service, we are to be bathed in 5G radiation in our home, adding to that in which we are increasingly bathed by SmartMeters, 3G, 4G WiFi, other radio and tv radiation, etc. in addition to that natural radiation to which we have been exposed since time immemorial.

And can anyone guarantee that the sum of all this rapidly increasing radiation is safe? (It should be noted that The Government of Canada’s “Fact Sheet – What is Safety Code 6?” notes that: While Health Canada recommends limits for safe human exposure, Health Canada does not regulate the general public’s exposure to electromagnetic RF energy.”)”


Below is a letter written by an Engineer in Quebec to various politicians including (the previous) Premier Couillard about two years ago. He never received a response from any of them. As with BC politicians, the ones in Quebec seem to believe if we are ignored, we will go away. This Engineer is not going away and asked for me to post this, share it, because this info is just too important to go away.


From: Thomas Tobber  (name given with permission)
To: “citizensforsafertech” <citizensforsafertech@shaw.ca>

Sent: May 28, 2020
Subject: Code 6 limits for babies

Mr. Premier,

The Québec Ministère de la Santé et des Services Sociaux has unconditionally approved Hydro Québec’s new electricity meters based on information that they emit a maximum of 50 microwatts/sq. meter of microwave radiation, whereas the meter manufacturer states that they can emit a maximum of 145,000 microwatts/sq. meter (both at 1 m, averaged over 6 min., Ref. 1&2). The MSSS approval is thus completely unacceptable and may represent a serious health danger to Quebec citizens.

Hydro-Québec is installing new microwave-emitting electricity meters throughout the province, but these are unproven and untested under Québec extremes of outside temperature, humidity, fault conditions, etc., so we don’t know how hazardous they are to our health (microwave equipment can be very dangerous and must be completely safety-tested). Instead, the Company is reassuring each one of its customers with a pamphlet that emphasizes that the meters are safe — at room temperature — because a modern microwave oven emits 39 times as much microwave radiation as their meter. This comparison with a microwave oven is indeed appropriate because we are aware of the widely suspected danger that microwave oven leakage may be one cause of the very high incidence of cancer (one every 10 minutes in Québec, 24/7). We know that countries with the most microwave usage have the highest rates of cancer, and even babies in those countries are getting cancer.

All radiation striking the human body has a heating effect (it warms up the body) and also a medical effect (there is damage to body cells at high intensities). After many decades of ignorance and denial during which untold numbers of people died due to birth defects and skin and other cancers, we now have medical standards that limit exposure to ultraviolet rays, x-rays, gamma rays and nuclear radiation. But of all man-made, body-penetrating radiation, only microwaves so far have no medical standard (there is only the simplistic heating standard of 6 watts/sq.meter that limits the microwave-caused temperature rise of a human body to 0.5 deg. C). The reason for this, of course, is that we are still ignorant of how cancer is caused and thus cannot set a medical limit for exposure to microwaves radiation. And since there is no medical standard, a comparison to microwave oven leakage may be the best way for the public to judge the safety of the new Hydro meters.

However, it seems that only electrical engineers understand that the intensity of microwave (and all other) radiation varies inversely with the square of the distance. This means that at 10 cm from a Hydro meter the microwave intensity is 100 times as great as it is at 1 m distance (the standard measurement distance). Now, in millions of Québec homes the electricity meter is mounted on the outside of a bedroom or living room wall and this wall is most often made of 1/2″ gyprock panels, 3 1/2″ studs, 1/2″ exterior sheathing and a 1/32″ vapour barrier (i.e. a vinyl-siding wall), for a total thickness of 11.5 cm. At 11.5 cm from the back of a new Hydro meter, the mean microwave intensity is calculated to be 2177 microwatts/sq.meter compared to 2147 microwatts/sq.meter at 1 m from a microwave oven (at full power).

This means that a child sleeping for 9 hours in a bed pushed against a wall with a meter on the outside could be exposed to microwave radiation of the same magnitude as if it stood for 9 hours at a distance of 1 m in front of a microwave oven running at full power. And the child sleeps next to the meter every night. Moreover people watching TV while sitting on a sofa backed against an outside wall with a meter on it may also be exposed to microwave radiation comparable to standing for the same number of hours 1 m from a microwave oven at maximum power.

But the meters are not installed in isolation — they are part of an extensive meshed communication network where very many of them have to re-transmit data from meters that are further away from the data collectors. Such ‘repeaters’ can have a measured power output of not 50, but 1650 microwatts/sq. meter. In that case, the child in the example above would sleep for 9 hours as if surrounded by 30 microwave ovens at full power and at 1 m distance.

In addition, only electrical engineers know that the microwave signal of the new meters has a very aggressive modulation scheme specifically designed to ‘punch through the noise’. The result is that the peak microwave power of the Hydro meters at 11.5 cm is about 440 times (!) as great as the peak leakage power of a microwave oven (which is not modulated at all) at 1 m distance. And — unlike the oven — the meters are powered up 24/7. (Since the new 2.74 watts/sq.meter heating standard is averaged, the meters are allowed to put out scorching 35,000 watt electromagnetic pulses every 15 seconds — pulses with the same energy as a bullet fired from a 9 mm police pistol. The standard permits such powerful pulses to be fired off 1 meter from a child, 24 hours a day. That does not pass the common-sense test, and this standard is unacceptable.)

Microwave standards are not set by God. They are derived from the same ineffective cancer research that — after 100 years of research and more than a trillion dollars — still cannot tell us how cancer is caused or how to cure it. Cancer is now at epidemic levels and at the same time microwave-based Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other high-frequency applications can be found everywhere. We’ve known for quite a while that there is a correlation between microwave usage and cancer, and no amount of incompetent research by ‘scientists’ who seem to be doing everything wrong can hide that connection. Since we don’t know how cancer is caused we cannot eliminate any cause — especially not powerful body-penetrating electromagnetic bursts (electromagnetic pulses induce voltages and currents deep in the body and these can drastically change the body’s internal electro-chemistry). So now we have defective standards which give some people an opportunity to say, “I’m only following orders (i.e. the standard)” and then dictate to us and our families what is safe, even if it is not.

Under some conditions the microwave power near the new Hydro meters may exceed even the old 6 watts/sq.meter heating standard. Consequently both the meter manufacturer and the US Federal Communication Commission mandate that “no person shall approach closer than 20 cm to the antenna inside the meter” (30 cm for the new 2.74 watts/sq.meter heating standard and the same safety factor). Since exterior walls are often only 11.5 cm thick, it is incomprehensible that Hydro Québec would ignore this essential safety requirement and has not warned its customers of the danger inside their homes near the new meter.

Time is of the essence here. Please make a decision at the next Cabinet meeting to send the above information to all Québec citizens to counteract the incomplete information given to them by Hydro Québec. In that way, each person can decide for himself whether or not to keep his or her spouse and children as far away from the new Hydro meter as possible. That is especially important if there are food (e.g. peanuts), substance (e.g. pollen) or stress (e.g. anxiety) intolerant or allergic people in the home because they are more sensitive than the average person.

There is no medical standard for microwaves because no one knows how dangerous they are to sensitive human beings and therefore we need to stay away from them, or — better yet — avoid using them altogether. There are several much safer ways to read a Hydro meter than to fill our world with potentially dangerous microwaves from which there is no escape.

One new cancer every 10 minutes in Québec is a frightening reality because for about half of these unfortunate people that cancer diagnosis is the death sentence: — they will die within 5 years. For the others, the quality of their life will be permanently ruined by the ever-present anxiety that they may have a relapse. And at current rates, half of us will get cancer because one in two Canadians will contract the disease.

Think of the person you love the most — the one who means everything to you. Well, the epidemiologists who study our collective health already know that (on average) either you or the most important person in your life will get this dreadful disease. And after that there is a 50/50 likelihood that one of you will die young and in a lot of pain and mental anguish.

Something needs to be done, and fast. Quebec cannot afford cancer heath care for 50% of its population, especially since half of its doctors will also have cancer. It is unacceptable to gamble with our health and the Government must act now to help us protect our families from this deadly plague. Please distribute the information in this open letter to all citizens as soon as possible.

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F. (Thomas) Tobber, P. Eng.


Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.”          Albert Einstein


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