2020-05-09 Letters from Experts re. TriCity article

In response to the article in TriCity News  (https://www.tricitynews.com/news/coquitlam-poco-mp-sponsors-petition-that-says-cell-towers-could-hurt-children-trigger-cancer-1.24131653) which gave false assurance that there is no evidence of harm from 5G or EMR in general, experts have written amazing letters pointing out the errors, omissions and false information in the article.

Media ethics for journalists (https://caj.ca/ethics-guidelines) require fact checking and scrutiny which was obviously lacking with regard to this article. Hopefully, the Tri-City editor will follow the standard of ethics and journalism espoused by the media and provide this information to the public. I’m sure we all are most grateful that these experts took time to refute this outrageous article.

The first letter is from Dr. Magda Havas:

“A good reporter sets the stage for an article, interviews appropriate people, challenges experts and provides multiple perspectives. Stefan Labbé did none of these things in his article, which appeared in Tri-City News May 7, 2020. Not only did Labbé not provide multiple perspectives, he didn’t even interview appropriate experts. Labbé interviewed Steven Salzberg–a computer scientist who does no research on the biological effects of electromagnetic radiation and who is known to debunk research that he disagrees with by labelling it “poorly conducted”. Why weren’t scientists or medical doctors who work in this field interviewed? Why did Labbé not interview the authors of the paper that became a target of Salzberg’s attack?

Why was the term “conspiracy” used six times in this article? Whenever I see that word, I wonder who is being marginalized and if the “label” is appropriate? In this case … it isn’t appropriate!

MP McKinnon sponsored a petition to the Canadian Government on behalf of his constituency regarding the distance between cell towers and schools. This is perfectly normal as one of the jobs of elected officials is to represent their community.

What was so “unacceptable” about this petition that warrant labeling people who support it as being “conspiracy theorists”?

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This is what the petition requested:

We, the undersigned, Citizens (or residents) of Canada, call upon the Government of Canada to:

1. Update Safety Code 6 to restrict the installation of cellular towers/ antennas within 305m of all schools and playgrounds; and

2. Request a buffer zone for playgrounds and schools. How outrageous that anyone would want to protect children in schools or in playgrounds!

Don’t these people realize that the government is protecting them and they have nothing to worry about!

Well … let’s look at some of the facts.

First of all the government is NOT protecting us against radio frequency radiation. Health Canada’s Safety Code 6 guideline is grossly outdated, much less protective than guidelines in many other countries, and based on a false premise that if it doesn’t heat your body during a 6- minute period it is safe! Also, Safety Code 6 applies only to federal government buildings. It does not apply to schools, homes or other buildings!…”


The second is from Dr. Anthony Miller and Frank Clegg:

Dear Mr. Dal Monte:

We believe the article May 7th, Coquitlam-PoCo MP sponsors petition that says cell towers could hurt children, trigger cancer does not represent all the facts on this important issue. We request that you review the material we present here on 5G and pre-5G radiation, and subsequently write a truly balanced story…

MP McKinnon is not the first MP, or chair of the Commons standing committee on health, to present a document to the House of Commons, on behalf of constituents, expressing concern for the harmful effects from radiofrequency (RF) radiation.

In 2015, the House of Commons Standing Committee on Health (HESA) published a report entitled Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Radiation and the Health of Canadians. Its 12 recommendations addressed several of the issues outlined below, and included a national awareness campaign about the harmful effects of wireless technologies and how to reduce risks. The report received all-party support and was tabled by the Conservative (2015) and Liberal (2016) majority governments. In 2010, a similar report was published.4 Both reports were tabled by the Health Committee Chair.

The May 7th report lacked balance and downplayed many aspects of the serious concerns about this technology. We would like to direct you to the article written about 5G and the burning of towers by our colleague, Dr. Devra Davis, an epidemiologist with outstanding credentials. Dr. Davis, among other notable accomplishments, helped to have lead removed from gasoline and smoking banned from planes….

Regarding the effects of radiation from wireless technology on children, we would like to direct you to two articles: Exposure limits: the underestimation of absorbed cell phone radiation, especially in children and Absorption of wireless radiation in the child versus adult brain and eye from cell phone conversation or virtual reality ; peer reviewed, published papers that show evidence that wireless radiation does, in fact, impact children more than adults.

The statements by Steven Salzberg, “There’s no science behind them at all. The science is very clear on that,” is false. Biologists and epidemiologists are the experts raising concerns about the harmful effects from RF radiation. Hundreds of peer-reviewed, scientific publications describe biological effects and harms with exposures far below Canada’s limits (based on heating tissue), in humans. These studies scientifically demonstrate cause or contribution to numerous health effects including cancers, sperm damage, reproductive harms, learning and memory deficits, and neurodegenerative, cellular and genetic damage….”


Magda shared her letter of thanks to MP Ron McKinnon for sponsoring this petition.

“….I would like to thank you for sponsoring the petition regarding cell tower buffer-zones around schools and playgrounds. We desperately need to reduce exposure especially of children to microwave radiation.

Yesterday (May 7) you were criticized unfairly in the Tri-City News….”



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“Profit is sweet, even if it comes from deception.”    Sophocles


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