2020-05-05 Prime Min. of UK called upon to halt 5G

1) ( and only) The public is being told that 5G and EMR, in general, are safe promoting the exponential increase in e-smog to which vulnerable populations, especially children, are exposed. This article, and the wonderful Letter of Complaint to which it refers, contain many significant links to excellent articles. The one titled “Clear Evidence…” is especially good, IMHO. Each time an ad or an article says cell phones, Wi-Fi, smeters, 5G, microcells are safe, please consider sending some of this material. Perhaps we need to write a template “Letter of Complaint”.

Why are studies being hidden in Canada and the USA? Why is misinformation on major websites like Health Canada’s, BCCDC’s, Cancer Societies’, our Provincial Health Officer’s?

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RFK, Jr. Joins EM Radiation Research Trust in Calling Upon UK Prime Minister to Halt 5G Deployment

“Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Dafna Tachover, Director of 5G and Wireless Harms Project of Children’s Health Defense (CHD), signed onto the UK EM Radiation Research Trust (RRT) letter calling on UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and political leaders to protect the public from the proven harms of wireless radiation and 5G.

The Open Letter of Complaint was written in response to an article published by First News in their children’s online newspaper titled “There is no 5G Conspiracy”, claiming 5G is absolutely safe. RRT, which is a trusted and leading UK group dedicated to education about wireless radiation health effects, has been receiving emails and phone calls from parents, school children and teachers asking RRT to respond to the article.”


Letter of Complaint by Eileen O’Connor and Susan Foster

“The EM Radiation Research Trust is raising a complaint with regards to the children’s online newspaper First News after receiving a number of emails and phone calls from parents, school children and teachers in response to an article published by First News via their weekly publication from 17th – 23rd April 2020. The headline stated: ‘There is no 5G Conspiracy’ with claims of absolute safety for 5G. The RRT takes the strongest possible exception to these unsubstantiated and false claims of absolute safety for 5G….

First News is in breach with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, Article 17 (access to information from the media) Every child has the right to reliable information from a variety of sources, and governments should encourage the media to provide information that children can understand. Governments must help protect children from materials that could harm them.


Former ICNIRP member advocates that wireless must get a more stringent cancer risk class

“NTP study shows “good” results [in the meaning of, I guess, fitting more with what the industry liked more: to play down the risks] because the differences between control group and exposed group are far lower than they would have been if the control group had been better shielded –blog post 16.07.2018.–

Lin therefore advocates for WHO-hazard class 1 (carcinogenic), instead of today’s 2B (possibly carcinogenic). It is a an airtight argumented conclusion, with support of an overwhelming amount of research results (see, for example, the reviews in Flydal & Nordhagen 2019)”.


On the Clear Evidence of the Risks to Children from Non-Ionizing Radio Frequency Radiation: The Case of Digital Technologies in the Home, Classroom and Society

Children’s health is at risk from everyday wireless digital technologies. Why? The past 15 years witnessed the proliferation of near-field microwave non-ionizing Radio Frequency Radiation (RFR) devices in the home, school and society. However, farfield RFR from WiFi access points (AP) and routers, and at a wider level, 2, 3, 4 and 5G cellular telecommunications antennae, also pose significant risks, as extant scientific research demonstrates….

In the US, the significant clinical and biological effects of RFR were identified by naval researchers in their review of Soviet and Eastern-Bloc studies at a symposium in 1969.5 Subsequently, in 1976, the US Naval Medical Research Institute published a bibliography of 3,700 scientific papers on the thermal and non-thermal biological effects of RFR : this was the last of a series of supplements to the original report in 1972. The body of scientific evidence on the health implications of the non-thermal effects of RFR has grown exponentially since….

Large corporations and telecommunication companies, from Apple to Samsung, Cisco to Vodafone, lobby governments for favourable ‘safety’ standards for their devices and equipment. They use their market power to keep the status quo. They bury safety notices in the small print or omit them altogether. They know the risks and they do not care about our children or grandchildren. Recent ‘phone-gate’ scandals in France and the U.S. bear testament to an industry that cannot be trusted to self-regulate.”



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“Our scientific power has outrun our spiritual power. We have guided missiles and misguided men.”       Martin Luther King, Jr.


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