2020-05-02 ICNIRP’s deliberately inadequate review

1) The various agencies that want to maintain the status quo, with regards to RF exposure limits, profess to do reviews of the current science, but deceive the public and shirk their responsibilities by cherry picking their “experts” and the evidence they review. This has happened with Health Canada’s reviews of Safety Code 6 just as it has happened with the “exhaustive” review by ICNIRP. It’s easy to say there is no evidence if no one considers it.


Scientists Counter ICNIRP’s Guidelines On 5G, Cell Phone And Wireless Radiation Exposures

““Relying on twentieth-century science to set standards for 21st-century technology makes no sense. The complexity of the technology makes it possible for this unelected group of 11 persons that reports to no authority and has no oversight to wield unreasonable influence. This report relies on a highly selective literature review,” said Devra Davis, president of the Environmental Health Trust. “They make no mention of the fact that infertility clinics around the world advise men having problems impregnating their partners to remove wireless devices from their bodies. They completely discount results from the U.S. flagship testing program, the National Toxicology Program, that produced what peer-reviewers concurred was clear evidence of cancer in animals and compelling evidence of DNA damage in both mice and rats exposed to the same amounts of cellphone radiation as humans can receive in their lifetimes. They do not even consider the work of Lennart Hardell, arguably one of the top experts in the field studying the human impacts of cell phones, and fail to mention the large French national study of brain cancer that confirmed increased risks in the heaviest cellphone users.””


2) Magda Havas has shared some slides regarding lights and light bulbs which can affect many people who are sensitive.

“… we have done studies with lights. Most people with EHS can’t tolerate fluorescent lights. What we found is that CFLs emit UV radiation (because of the mercury inside the bulb), radio frequencies in the kHz range that contributes to dirty electricity which has been shown to be harmful.

In 2016 I gave a talk at a conference on lighting in Germany. I am attaching some of my slides from that conference…


3) The telecoms are bragging about their 5G network across the US, but few people have 5G compatible devices yet. The infrastructure actually is being built to put 3G and 4G in close proximity to homes and workplaces in advance of the 5G being activated because it’s easier to have the microcells than to have to go through the paperwork and, perhaps, some resistance to installing cell towers. And it’s cheaper than having to pay to put a transmitter on a building. And the military in the USA continues to demand a halt to the use of this technology that could interfere with their operations and technology.

AT&T 5G Now Covers More Than 120 Million People in the U.S.

“AT&T’s 5G network is now live for consumers in 90 additional markets across the country and covers more than 120 million people. With today’s launch, AT&T now offers access to 5G on its best unlimited wireless plans for consumers and businesses in a total of 190 markets in the U.S.”



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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