2020-04-30 FCC trying to increase exposure allowances

1) Follow up to last night’s update item #3 [https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/2020-04-29-can-govt-using-c-19-to-rush-wireless-networks/]: The federal and provincial governments have funding to extend internet into rural areas and are now encouraging telecoms to begin this process.


This is a timely reminder that communities should be considering the possibility of applying for some of this money to build fiber optic networks that they can own and control. There is information, including funding and application procedures, available on “Connected Communities.” . Why allow the telecoms to decide what will be available to your community and how the internet will be provided? A fiber optic network would offer faster, more secure, safer and, ultimately, cheaper internet access for many years to come with assurance that no telecom will put a transmitter outside your home.


2) The FCC is asking for comments about proposed rules re. radiation exposure and health, and 5G Crisis is asking for cooperation. The full details, along with sample comments, are provided at the link below. Please consider submitting comments. What happens in the US usually happens here. 5G and the removal/softening of regulations to grant it greater impact must be stopped. In essence, these “rules” are increasing the allowable limits to which the public can be exposed.

Urgent Action Needed: FCC Solicits Comment on New Proposed Wireless Radiation Exposure Rules

“The FCC is soliciting public comment on several proposals regarding wireless radiation and human health. We, along with our friends and colleagues across the country, are helping coordinate a major effort to facilitate the submission of public comments on these issues. All comments are due by May 15th.

  • Issue #1: The FCC is planning to establish “safe” human exposure guidelines to ultra high frequencies, above 100 Gigahertz (GHz).
  • Issue #2: The FCC is considering allowing manufacturers to average the radiation output of consumer devices over time.
  • Issue #3: How should the FCC regulate Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) technologies that can remotely charge devices while the user is in motion?”


3) In an article by Telus, there is a reference to it having a Chief Neuroscience Officer on its staff. Why on earth would Telus need this? I know they are developing a “health” connect program, but why a psychiatrist? Her background is in the second link . And if she is the “chief”, how many others are there? I suspect that if anyone complains that 5G or the radiation from the microcells is making them ill this Chief Psychiatrist will determine that it’s all in your mind.

Her first tip re. sleep. She should be told that microwave radiation exposure reduces production of the vital hormone that results in recuperative sleep — melatonin.

Health and wellness tips

“As Canadians adjust to the evolving impact COVID-19 is having on our lives, TELUS continues to respond and provide new resources to support your health and business.

Hear from Dr. Diane McIntosh; our Chief Neuroscience Officer as she discusses the essential role of sleep in maintaining physical and mental health.”


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Dr. Diane McIntosh

“Dr. Diane McIntosh is the CEO of Copeman Healthcare and the Chief Neuroscience Officer at TELUS Health.

Dr. McIntosh obtained an Undergraduate Degree in pharmacy before completing her medical school training, 2-years of a pediatric residency and then an adult psychiatry residency. She is a clinical assistant professor at the University of British Columbia and has a community psychiatry practice.”



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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