2020-04-27 – Impact of C-19 on telecoms

1)  This virus is having an effect on 5G, or so Apple says, delaying its launch of its 5G phone. But is it consumer demand that is the real cause?

Apple reportedly pushing back 5G iPhone launch

“Apple is said to be pushing back its timeline by about a month, as the global coronavirus pandemic hampered consumer demand and interrupted manufacturing in Asia, according to the Wall Street Journal report, citing unnamed sources familiar with the matter….

A consumer survey  by WaveForm released in April found that most consumers were still unclear on the benefits of 5G, partly due to the different varieties, including sub-6 GHz and millimeter wave. While 41.2% of respondents said they were “somewhat excited” about 5G service, almost another quarter said they were not so, or not at all excited about 5G service.”


2)  An audio interview of Magda Havas about 5G.  At the 45 min. point, she begins to discuss effect on bees.

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Is there an association between covid-19 cases/deaths and 5G in the United States?

(The interview begins around the 15 min. point.)

3)  Kate Kheel shared “junk” mail that was sent to her about the effect of the pandemic on 5G, with a free book available for downloading. From the short intro, it appears that the telecoms are getting nervous about the discussion about the connection between this virus and 5G. I intend to download and read — good to know what they are thinking and planning.

Free E-Book:

What is the Impact of COVID-19 on the Telecommunications Industry?


4)  The Pope is being asked to have the Catholic Church take a stand with regard to many problems associated with wireless tech and to stop allowing transmitters to be hidden inside church steeples.  The telecom industry has a long history of trying to get certain groups, that usually need money, to allow transmitters to be put on their properties. Such targets are churches, schools, hospitals and senior citizens’ residences.  There is a petition you might consider signing.

“The Church recently adopted a moral stance concerning fossil fuels, resulting in divestment. We ask that the Church, under your leadership, now take urgent and immediate action regarding questions of safety, security, and sustainability of wireless technologies.

There is ample evidence to show that mobile technology contributes significantly to our carbon and ecological footprint, as well as ozone and resource depletion, which will be made far worse with 5G due to the launch of thousands of satellites in the sky, the implementation of billions of new transmitters, and the production of trillions of new gadgets. Impoverished countries are being directly exploited due to conflict mineral mining and e-waste issues. Wireless technologies create and exacerbate preventable risks to society, including internet addiction involving both children and adults, surveillance, privacy invasion, cyber safety vulnerability, excessive energy consumption, environmental degradation, and reported health issues.”



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“Mass demand has been created almost entirely through the development of advertising.”   Calvin Coolidge


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