2020-04-23 Our Stop 5G protest, please join.

Here is a short song to get in the mood for Stop 5G Day.  Enjoy: “F1VEG: Do Not Consent”  (4:21 min.)


This Saturday, April 25 is Stop 5G Day, and I am hoping that you will participate. I borrowed from Eileen O’Connor’s Do Not Consent form to make one for us. What we need to do is to make our politicians at every level hear our voices.

To that end I am asking you to copy and paste then complete the form, several times, and email, snailmail, fax — fax would be WONDERFUL because they can’t delete a fax as easily as an email — on Saturday and Sunday so that when they come to work or turn on their computers on Monday, if there are a thousand waiting for them, they will be hard-pressed to ignore us.

If you don’t know how to copy and paste [How to Copy and Paste – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kA9NSsMgMWw], then delete everything except the form, then complete it. You can do this over and over again.

On the attachment [https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/Contacts-for-Non-Consent.pdf], I’ve provided complete contact info for Prime Minister Trudeau, Premier John Horgan and Prov. Health Officer Bonnie Henry. These 3 are capable of raising the issue of 5G nationally, and could protect us and our families from increased microwave radiation and invasion of our privacy.

Fax, email, and snail mail all of these 3 and then your MLA, your MP, and if you are really energetic, do some others, e.g. members of HESA. Federal Health Minister, the media, your city council. All the other contact info, including City Councils [https://www.civicinfo.bc.ca/municipalities], can be found at:


Please do not send with multiple recipients on the same email, especially to the prime 3 (Trudeau, Horgan and Henry) — send individually or else the email is far less likely to be read.

Snail mail is free to our MPs.  https://www.canadapost.ca/tools/pg/manual/PGgovtmail-e.asp   Snail mail is rare these days, and it is most difficult to delete, so it it is more likely to be read and to get a response.

Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters


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Date of Notice: _________________________

To: ______________________________________________________________

Address: _______________________________________________________

From: __________________________________________________________

Address: _______________________________________________________

This notice is to inform you that I do not consent to the mandatory exposure to wireless radiation from any 5G source including but not limited to the following, whether inside or outside my home. I request your attention to this important issue and ask that you lend your support to ending the implementation of the 5G grid across Canada until it has been proven to be safe and secure.

1) Electronic communications apparatus including any on or in a building, roof, steeple or tower;

2) Electronic communications apparatus including Wi-Fi or bluetooth base unit or network;

3) Electronic communications apparatus mounted on a pole, post, mast, pylon, tree or other structure;

4) Electronic communications apparatus in or on street structures including lamp posts, telephone posts, hydro posts, traffic signalling, signboards, mailboxes, etc.;

5) Electronic communications apparatus on my home, such as electronic utility meters (smart meters) for electricity, gas or water;

6) Celestial electronic communications apparatus including the global telecommunication infrastructure of 5G satellites and its networks.

Neither do I give my consent to having my personal data gathered or transmitted by any device, including a smart meter and a microcell/small cell, or to participating in the Internet of Things.

Non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation emitted by wireless electronic communication apparatuses is endangering or could endanger my health and well-being while interfering with my enjoyment of my home and environment.


▶ Increased cancer risk ▶ Cellular Stress ▶ Learning and memory deficits ▶ Structural and functional changes to the reproductive system ▶ Neurological disorders ▶ Increase in harmful free-radicals ▶ Genetic damage ▶ Weakened immune system ▶ Negative impact upon general well-being, especially to children, fetuses and the infirm


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The World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) – https://www.iarc.fr/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/pr208_E.pdf



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