2020-04-20 A personal story re. EHS

1) 5G is in many countries around the world already and more are, no doubt, in the works. Here is a map that is not accurate because it doesn’t show any 5G in Canada and we know that Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal, at least, have 5G but it does give an idea of the density that already exists. You can zoom into a very fine detail and, as you zoom in,  more sites will appear – including 5G in Canada.


2) Below is a letter to someone who said he had never known anyone with EHS. I believe it is a must-read, especially for those who are ignorant about this issue.

3) The FCC is asking for comments by May 6 regarding allowing the current exposure limits to apply to the higher GHz frequencies. The FCC uses ICNIRP as its guide, therefore it is industry-friendly, based on heating only, with no protection from non-thermal radiation. These higher frequencies have had few studies, and there have been indications of biological effects that could cause harm — and no indication that they will not harm.

If the FCC allows this, it is highly likely that Health Canada will follow suit as they usually do.

Action Alert: Submit Comments To The FCC On 5G And Cell Tower Radiation

“They set allowable limits for the higher frequencies to be used in 5G based on heating only, not biological impacts. The rules ask questions about how to measure the radiation with averages- despite the fact that averaging is an inadequate way to measure these frequencies in terms of biological effects.”


The FCC Document:


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4) Something from someone in the US that is interesting and raises hopes. Let’s hope that this means people are becoming more aware of the health issues and the addictive object is becoming les attractive.

“I had an unexpected, and encouraging experience last night on Facebook. Someone posted a comment that maybe we should all go back to flip phones rather than be tracked for coronavirus. I replied that NO CELL PHONES was the proper response.

47 people immediately ‘liked’ or commented in rapid succession. I could barely keep up with them all. At least half of these people said they were ready to get rid of their cell phone. WOW! So it seems that this could be an especially opportune time.”


I believe 3% is a conservative number when we are talking about EHS symptoms. Sweden is ahead of other countries in considering EHS a functional impairment, but I believe – and our Swedish friends can speak to this – that it is more difficult to apply in real life circumstances than the country’s acknowledgment of functional impairment would imply. I think that is true in all countries. To that end I would repeat my request that those who are working to achieve accommodation in this wireless world under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) or the Federal Housing Administration Act as Amended (FHAA) in the United States, please share with our group or get in touch with me privately to let me know if anyone you know has been accommodated under ADA/FHAA. I have worked over the last two years to get ADA/FHAA wording in some of the California ordinances that have been required to synchronize with the draconian FCC directive imposing 5G infrastructure in all of our lives.

Yet it is far from enough. To have ADA/FHAA wording in a local zoning ordinance is one thing. To get the city to cooperate and redirect telecom permits so that 5G small cells do not go on a streetlight near a sensitive person’s home is an entirely different matter. It requires hiring an attorney who understands this aspect of the law and can relate ADA/FHAA it to our new, exponentially-growing wireless world. I know one attorney who is working with individuals and cities in California who has an extremely good understanding of the law and thus far has been able to persuade city attorneys that they must not overlook our Federal law protecting people with disabilities. It is not up to the city to determine whether or not EHS is real; it is up to the cities to obey disability laws. There is a great deal of educating needs to be done in this arena at all levels.

X, I have read all of your emails with great interest & admiration. Allow me to suggest, as others have, you know many with EHS. They just don’t know why their head is pounding or why they can’t sleep, why they are riddled with anxiety. Or perhaps they know but simply do not want to tell you they are EHS. I will step forward and tell you that I do have EHS, I am functionally impaired, and as I scroll through this list, I recognized a number of people who have an EHS connection. They may have it, or maybe a spouse, child or grandchild. Many of the people on this list whom I know personally have adapted their home environments so that they or their loved ones can cope in this increasingly wireless world. There are people who have used shielding paint that costs nearly $1000 per gallon, people who have converted their homes from wireless to wired, people who have moved essentially into the wilderness but stay connected through wired means. I think if we all stepped forward you would know many more people than you realize. One of the reasons you don’t know people with EHS is because of the stigma that the industry and government places on this disability. Look at the case of former Dir-Gen. of the WHO (1998-2003), Gro Harlem Brundtland:


Her story reminds everyone it was not easy to step into this spotlight, particularly in her position.

I believe we are now a functionally impaired society and I would suspect that more than half the people are electrosensitive. When you look at anger getting out of control throughout society, and anxiety, insomnia, depression, headaches and learning disabilities at what appear to be record levels, I think we have a societal-EHS problem.

I just sold my home of 32 years in Southern California and moved to a small mountain town in Colorado. I do not own a cell phone, I’m working from a wired computer, and when the quarantine lifts I will be looking for home in a remote location on as much land as I can afford. I know people on this list who are also living in remote locations for the same reason, or who have moved multiple times as cell towers encroach closer and closer.

I started writing about this topic 20 years ago after a neighbor, a telecommunications executive, asked me if I would lead a neighborhood fight against a cell tower. His wife had cancer and he said the industry knew this technology caused cancer. My first question was, “What is a cell tower?”

For the next three or four weeks, several mornings a week when I opened the front door, there would be an unmarked envelope with science inside. I can never prove but only assume that the science came from the telecommunications executive. I agreed to lead the neighborhood fight, we were successful, and then I was asked by local firefighters to help them fight 24 towers that were targeted for their station. In the process I met Cindy Sage and Cindy told me about firefighters in central California she had worked with. They were all suffering from neurological symptoms following the activation of a tower in front of their station. About four years later I ended up organizing a SPECT brain scan study of six firefighters conducted by Dr. Gunnar Heuser, then of Cedars-Sinai/UCLA. We pre-screened subjects to exclude anyone who had worked Hazmat or participated in hazardous materials cleanup.

The six brain scans all revealed brain damage with hypoperfusion and hyperperfusion. The firefighters experienced classic, severe EHS symptoms: headache including migraine, sleep disruption (inability to go to sleep and inability to wake up without feeling as if they had been drugged), foggy thinking, depression, anxiety, outbursts of anger and infertility. The tower was placed in front of their station in the late 90s. All the men were in their 20s and 30s and most were planning to have families or wanting to add to their families. All pregnancies ended in miscarriage and until the third or fourth year after the tower was installed one firefighter’s wife carried to full-term. They had a healthy baby boy and everyone was thrilled and relieved. On this little boy’s 2nd birthday he was diagnosed with Autism.

By definition every one of these firefighters was EHS. All were healthy prior to activation of the cell tower outside the front door. They continued on their jobs because they had to. All those firefighters were EHS – all 20+ of them, but to varying degrees. We would have tested all 20 if the monies were available. When the towers were eventually removed, perhaps in part because we were trying to do a second round of SPECT brain scans, most of the firefighters did improve. Why did they stay in their jobs for 15 years of working in EHS-inducing conditions? They stayed because they were firefighters and they knew if they went to another station (as one actually did), chances were there would be cell towers there, too, as fire stations have long been used as base stations for telecommunications. We were warned not to go public with the brain scans because the new Fire Chief threatened the firefighters with loss of job if the scans showed brain damage. Thus the EHS of 20+ firefighters was kept a relative secret for a very long time. Their story is not unique. I am contacted by firefighters across the country who are experiencing cancer clusters at their stations, often with non-presumptive cancers (i.e. cancers that are not typically related to firefighting). The firefighters who contact me always have cell towers on their stations. They complain of headache, foggy thinking, irritability, anger for no discernible reason, a flatness of emotion or absence of compassion [please note this appears to be a relatively new symptom I’m coming across], and everyone I have talked to clears and gets back to a baseline when they get up in the mountains away from cell towers and away from these test-Smart Cities.

IAFF International Association of Fire Fighters
[Cell Tower Radiation Health Effects – IAFF: https://www.iaff.org/cell-tower-radiation/  or
Revised and Amended IAFF Resolution No. 15; August 2004: http://www.wi-cancer.info/iaff_resolution.aspx]


Those of us who are EHS would love to have a wireless-free environment. I do not think Green Bank is the answer for everyone for multiple reasons. It also means complete and total disruption from your support group, from your family. Families are not moving to Green Bank. Individuals/couples are. Families can’t go because theoretically one person in the family is still the primary income-earner, and the jobs are not there in Green Bank to justify moving an entire family. I do not think you can look at the numbers in Green Bank and draw any conclusions. And remember, just like any disability, there is a spectrum of hyperelectrosensitivity.

I do not think people who are opposed to 5G who are EHS fear the millimeterwave as much as we fear the encroachment of cell towers into every corner of our lives. To me the daunting thing about 5G is the fact that local control has been almost completely usurped by the FCC’s Order. The same is true for Europe with ICNIRP’s continued thermal-only approach which governments rely on. This means that there is no way to fight the 5G tower that is going to go on streetlight next to your home. The limited means at our disposal before are gone. The argument that the millimeterwave is weak and thus towers need to be every 200 – 300 feet prevailed with governments. Even if the millimeterwave does not work and or the degree of illness become so undeniable that we revert to 4G “only”, the infrastructure that is being built up, in some cases 20 feet from an individual’s home, will likely remain. In this sense, 5G feels like a Trojan Horse.

I do not believe that a disability should force people to move away from all they know that is familiar to them. There was support when entire families relocated to Arizona and Florida. There was opportunity, including educational opportunity, in both of those states. EHS often strikes one member of the family, and that person may be predisposed due to having: 1) medical metal implanted during surgery; 2) head injury; 3) chemical sensitivities or other immune-compromised condition. The sicker one becomes, the greater their need for support from family members/friends. I think we are on a collision course with a wireless infrastructure that is going to leave people who are EHS with no room to hide. Those who are already electrosensitive will become more so. Those who thought this was a rare condition that would never touch their lives may be surprised when they end up with a 5G tower on a streetlight near their home, school, or place of business.

This is why I believe we need to work very rapidly toward accommodating people who are electrosensitive. I hear the argument all the time that it is cumbersome. Of course it is. But in 1990 when the US Congress passed a disability law that required ramps and elevators in all public buildings so that people with mobility disabilities could have equal access, I’m sure a counterargument had to do with the expense and impracticality of building ramps and elevators. Now we see it is a common way of life. We have handicap spots closest to the entrance of most buildings. We need a campaign to ensure that the rights of the disabled include rather than exclude those with EHS.

Thank you for the post. I think this is extremely valuable for people to share about EHS.

Susan Foster (name given with permission)

Susan Foster


Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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