2020-04-03 EHS and low Vit.D

1) Dr. Henry Lai has been one of the leading researchers into the biological effects of exposure to EMR/EMF, and 10 years ago prepared this report. With the help of Blake Levitt, this report is simply and clearly written, documenting many studies showing serious effects even at very low levels. Even with all of this evidence, WHO and ICNIRP said there was no evidence of harm — and now 10 years later with even more studies, many of which explain the effects and how the harm is done, WHO and ICNIRP continue to say there is no evidence. There are several studies that specifically identify effects on immune systems.

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Biological effects from exposure to electromagnetic radiation emitted by cell tower base stations and other antenna arrays

“10. Studies on exposure to cell tower transmissions

..nonlinear increases in brain tumor incidence (Colorado Department of Public Health 2004); increases in malignant melanoma (Hallberg and Johansson 2002); and nonlinear immune system changes in women (Boscol et al. 2001). (The term ‘‘nonlinear’’ is used in scientific literature to mean that an effect was not directly proportional to the intensity of exposure. In the case of the two studies mentioned previously, adverse effects were found at significant distances from the towers, not in closer proximity where the power density exposures were higher and therefore presumed to have a greater chance of causing effects. This is something that often comes up in low-level energy studies and adds credence to the argument that low-level exposures could cause qualitatively different effects than higher level exposures.)”


2) In studying many people with EHS, Dr. Belpomme was attempting to find biological factors that would identify those who were sensitive. Without some medical evidence, it is easy for those scientists who work for the telecoms to say EHS isn’t real and it’s hard for medical doctors to diagnose and treat those suffering this environmental sensitivity. One of the factors that many people with sensitivity shared was low Vitamin D which might be related to inflammation. It would seem, therefore, that people with EHS and probably an immune system that has been weakened by EMR should consider taking Vit. D.

Reliable disease biomarkers characterizing and identifying electrohypersensitivity and multiple chemical sensitivity as two etiopathogenic aspects of a unique pathological disorder

“Vitamin D2–D3 As indicated in Table 3, a profound decrease in the levels of the secosteroid 25-D is found globally in 184 patients (25.3% of the cases), and in 121 patients (23.2%), 12 patients (23.1%) and 51 patients (33.1%) in the three groups, respectively. As already discussed (see Section “Search for reliable disease biomarkers”), these data agree with the concept that decrease in vitamin D2–D3 levels appear to be a consequence rather than a cause of inflammation and so need to be therapeutically normalized.”




March 7, 2020

Dear Mayor Stewart and Members of Vancouver City Council:

On April 16th, 2019, I wrote to council with a request to appear before it in the company of Martin Pall, a professor emeritus in biochemistry and basic medical science from Washington State University, to present scientific reasons why the city’s intent to support the deployment of 5G wireless tech lacked proper scientific rigour or due diligence. I also wish to point out that while Vancouver Council denied our request to appear, Surrey Council made a different decision and heard from Martin Pall on July 8, 2019. If nothing else, it demonstrated a recognition of the seriousness of this matter.

I write today after learning that the City of Santa Barbara, California not only recently extended its citizens the right to speak to its council on the matter of 5G in that city, but that their council also passed a motion granting a 90 day delay in considering to authorize a license in deploying and activating its 5G equipment by Verizon in that city.

So for the record, I would like it noted that I am herewith making a second request to appear before council to address this matter. Also for the record I wish to ask whether the city made any attempt to duly inform residents living in the Bianca and West 16th area, about Telus conducting a 28 GHz 5G field trial in their area commencing in February 2018, and not only alerting area residents that this technology has yet to be formally licensed in Canada, but that the GHz bandwidths involved have yet to properly safety tested in relation to its potentially health-harming non-thermal biological effects?

On a final note, in view of the fact Covid-19 first emerged and spread in Wuhan, China in late 2019 and early 2020, and in view of the fact that the rapid spread of this disease also took place in a region where some 11,000 5G antennae were deployed and activated; and given the fact both South Korea and areas of Italy also reflect this same rapid Covid-19 spread and 5G wireless deployment correlation; and given scientific evidence that even medium-term exposures to non-ionizing radio-frequency radiation (RFR) can lower immune function, increase oxydative stress, and disrupt sleep (to name only three health compromising effects*); and given that GHz frequencies are between 10 to 100 times more energetic than existing wireless services; and given the fact the Swiss Government pushed a pause button on further 5G deployment until proper safety study was completed, I would like council to consider asking the federal Health Minister to direct the Minister of ISED to order the cessation of all 5G wireless testing in the Vancouver area, pending the completion of independent safety research.

Respectfully submitted,
Paul H. LeMay (name given with permission)



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.”    Winston Churchill


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