2020-03-12 Milliwave 5G spectrum sale in US

1) Not 5G or smeter related (directly): In China, where the coronavirus was identified, a pilot project has been undertaken and initial results show that taking massive doses of Vitamin C can ameliorate serious conditions. A very informative video by the Chinese doctor mentioned in this article (Dr. Cheng) was removed from the internet overnight.

Shanghai Government Officially Recommends Vitamin C for COVID-19

MD, PhD, a Chinese-American specialist physician, has been working closely with medical and governmental authorities throughout China. He has been instrumental in facilitating at least three Chinese clinical IV vitamin C studies now underway. Dr. Cheng is presently in Shanghai continuing his efforts to encourage still more Chinese hospitals to implement vitamin C therapy incorporating high oral doses as well as C by IV.

Dr. Cheng and Dr. Yanagisawa both recommend oral vitamin C for prevention of COVID-19 infection.”


[https://www.bitchute.com/video/9mLuyaCrqIS1/  (YouTube removed this video??  “This video has been removed for violating YouTube’s Community Guidelines.”)]

2) Please see below in Letters for news about 5G and events being arranged by SENS in the Vernon-Okanagan area. There is one scheduled for this Friday, March 13 in Lumby.

Hopefully, others will follow suit and organize some presentations, showing of films, etc.  If you do, please let me know at:

citizensforsafertech@shaw.ca  so I can share.

3) The federal governments make so much money from selling off the spectrum in bits and pieces that they will be hard pressed to ever acknowledge that wireless gadgets sold by the telecoms, and the radiation they emit, are dangerous.

FCC wraps up third millimeter wave 5G spectrum auction

Auction 103 ended with $7.57 billion in gross bids or about $0.009 per MHz PoP for licenses in the 37, 39, and 47 GHz band, according to a brief by Wall Street firm Raymond James.”



From: Lavonne Garnett (name given with permission)
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Sent: Tuesday, March 10, 2020 7:55:29 PM
Subject: Fwd: coronavirus

RE: Microscopic virus can grow into cause for concern

Given that there is a top level virology lab (with online claims that experimental monkey carcasses were sold on the black market) in Wuhan City and that this city was one of the first in China to activate 5G technology; given that other coronavirus hot spots with 5G installations include South Korea, Milan (5G in central railway station hub near China Town), Iran (with a preponderance of 4G & possibly testing Huawei’s 5G), and the Canary Islands; given the Diamond Princess Cruise ship is well endowed with Wi-Fi for the usage of passengers; given that many hospitals and care homes have Wi-Fi throughout their facilities; and, given that scientific studies show that electromagnetic radiation (EMR) affects living tissues and human and animal health, who is giving consideration to the strong correlation between the proliferation of coronavirus and the effect of EMR on immunity?

Should this be a concern for Canada, particularly in BC where fibre optic is already installed in some areas and, for full use of 5G, will require mini cell towers radiating every 500 feet or so throughout our communities?

If Health Canada Safety Code 6 is so outdated that it does not include non-thermal radiation in its assessment of radiation, is it not time for a review and revision of the Code? If the School of Biomedical Engineering is not currently studying the effects of emr on living beings, is it not incumbent upon the University to include this study for the citizens of this province to inform the Government and the public before decisions are made for the full implementation of 5 G and other similar projects here in BC? If our Governments do not consider it worth their time to have this issue investigated, who will ensure the safety of the public with the rapid expansion of all these electrified technologies? These questions need to be asked and answered.

Lavonne Garnett

WHEN THE SLEEPER AWAKES (H.G. WELLS), it could be too late!


Please share with anyone who could be interested:

STOP 5G – Free Events in Vernon and LUMBY :

(Metal antenna symbol with letters 5G on white)

FILMS on the new 5G technologies that promise to change the world!


Sunday March 29, 1-3pm

Public Library


5th Generation Wireless

Hosted by 5G Vernon-Okanagan




Friday March 13, 7 PM

Wonder Cafe


5th Generation Wireless

Hosted by Vernon SENS Society.org.

5th Generation Wireless


Presentation that explains the dangers of 5G

Friday March 13, 7 PM at Lumby’s Wonder Cafe


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From: Huguette Allen [mailto:huguette.allen@gmail.com]

Sent: March-05-20

Subject: News on EMF and 5G.

Good Morning,

The purpose of this email is to extend local actions to prevent the rollout of 5G and The Internet Of Things. As some of you know, SENS recently gave a presentation to Vernon Council and followed up with a letter (see below) that has received no response.

Meanwhile letters from Canadian University Medical experts,

Dr. Miller <http://www.sensociety.org/sites/default/files/attachments/5GLettertoPenticton.pdf>  and Dr. Heroux <http://www.sensociety.org/sites/default/files/attachments/5GinPentictonPaulHeroux.pdf>,  along with numerous world wide experts in EMF, attest to the dangers EMF and 5G in particular present to each of us and to society in general.

Since 5G is not yet rolled out here, it may be one of the few very bad things we can actually prevent.

Many areas of the world are now stopping its rollout.

So, how do we do that?

We Educate ourselves by:

Being part of this new 5G group

Attending presentations that explain the dangers  (next one  <http://sensociety.org/> is Friday March 13, 7 PM at Lumby’s Wonder Cafe)

Read letters and watch short videos HERE <http://sensociety.org/5GIndex>

We Educate the Public by:

Writing letters to media.

Talking to friends and colleagues so they too join our group.

We Lobby Elected Officials by:

Writing our elected officials demanding to be informed about any 5G rollout prospects.

Telling them we do not want 5G exposure – best if a whole street or area can refuse it so no antennas can be installed.

Future actions will depend on their answers.

Have other ideas? Please send them on!

Look for a list of media contacts and local politicians in our next email. Meanwhile let me know if you have other ideas and tell others to email me to join the group.

I hope to see you all on Friday the 13th at 7pm WonderCafe.




Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn’t true; the other is to refuse to believe what is true.”    ~ Soren Kierkegaard


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