2020-03-05 Smartphones worsen headaches

1) So many of you have been working to inform your Council and Mayor about 5G, and pushing to place a moratorium on new microcells until this new technology has been proven to be safe.  At the link below is a letter sent to the City of Penticton Council by Hans Karow. With the letter, Hans included a copy of Jerry Flynn’s book and a very strong letter from Dr. Miller. He asked for a receipt to ensure documentation that both had been sent and received. This makes it impossible for the recipients to say they didn’t have this vital information.  We need to keep pressure on councils and mayors to limit the new cell towers and microcells that are being installed to support the 5G grid.




2) A paper in Neurology: clinic practice which notes that heavy “smart” phone users suffer more headaches and require more medication, but ignores EMR as a possible cause. Seems as if these researchers have no idea that cell phones are “linked” to serious neurological problems. Doctors need to be better educated on this topic.

Smartphone use and headaches Are we ready to accept a link?

“…The key finding is that patients who are already prone to headaches may require acute medication more often and at the same time respond less well to that medication. This effect increases with heavier smartphone use. Yet the root of the problem is not clear. Is it a user’s neck position? Or the phone’s lighting? Or eye strain? Or the stress of being connected at all times? Or is there another characteristic that could lead to high cell phone use and have this same effect of more acute dosing and less effective medication? Answers to these questions will likely emerge in upcoming years, and the answers will eventually serve to guide strategies for more sustainable use of the devices.


3) There are many theories about the cause of the coronavirus, and I hesitate to share any that smack of conspiracy theories. This article reminds us about many of the studies that prove that EMR has effects on all living things, including bacteria and viruses. In addition, immune systems are weakened by exposure to EMR, making people and animals more vulnerable to disease or exposure to other toxins, e.g. bees to pesticides.

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China, 5G, And The Wuhan Coronavirus: The Emperor’s New Virus

“Could there be a link between the Coronavirus and 5G? Researcher and building biologist Paul Doyon has just spent the last 18 months in China. He’s written a brilliant article laying out the evidence. And how you can protect yourself—an EMF based protection strategy. Warning: this is a heavy science based article with nearly 100 references to studies—neither Paul or myself want to be accused of fear-mongering:…

1. we have real data that shows indeed that wireless radiation impacts the immune system;
2. we have numerous patients outside of the 5G zone showing no or only mild symptoms,
3. there have recently been 10,000 5G antennas installed and turned on in Wuhan, not to mention 130,000 5G antennas installed throughout greater China;
4. there have recently been 5G systems installed in numerous hospitals in China, not to mention the new COVID-19 hospitals;
5. we are seeing higher numbers of COVID-19 infections in places like Hangzhou and Wenzhou, not to mention South Korea, etc. where they have also recently installed numerous 5G antennas; and
6. there has been no testing done to find out the biological implications of exposing life forms to this radiation;

we can conclude that the real problem here may very well in fact be with the 5G electromagnetic radiation weakening people’s immune systems, not to mention possibly making the virus itself more virulent.










Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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