2020-03-01 Relationship – wireless emitters and cancers in Australia?

1)  Members of a Regional District of Okanagan Similkameen committee want more information about 5G after they heard about health concerns and the failure of Health Canada to provide testing or safe guidelines.

RDOS hears concerns about 5G wireless technology

“Potential safety concerns raised as communications technology expands”


then also….


2) Someone in Australia is attempting to see if there is a correlation between RF and various health problems by looking at licenses given to telecoms. Australia’s emissions guideline is the same as the pre-2015 Safety Code 6 — one of the worst in the world.  It takes a lot of work getting this detailed information and, no doubt, the industry will argue that other things happened over this same time frame, too.

I have put together a graph of emitter licenses against published cancer rates for Thyroid, Non-Hodgkins, and Leukaemia in Victoria, Australia.  I know that scientifically they are crude, but they start a trail that is visual and may be something that can be used.  At this point, rather than technically over-question them, I am wondering if Italy and Switzerland, where the limits I believe were lowered (? circa 2000?), are there graphs that show any change in trajectory.  In countries with low limits, are the trajectories going up like here for these cancers?

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3) Below in Letters is an email that an organizer in Hawaii sent out to her group’s members asking for “telephone” angels. A good idea that would work well, especially in smaller communities.

4)  In New York City, a “neighbour” organizing an event to educate re. smeters and 5G. More groups are forming everywhere. Are there more forming in BC? If you have an event, please let me know so I can inform via the update.

Alternative Cinema – 5G/Smart Meter Series.

“As we begin this new decade, we’re called to a new level of activism to shape a future that will be life-affirming, technologically responsible, with protections on privacy and constitutional rights. This is why our efforts to oppose 5G wireless technology and the smart meter grid is of the greatest importance. So please join us for this special event.”



Breaking News!

A resolution for a review of health studies on 5G has been introduced again by South Maui Representative Tina Wildberger. Yay Tina!

Tina and I worked together on this last year and the resolution died in its second committee. This year we at KYP are smarter – we are making phone calls!

We are using a strategic approach that involves calling constituents in specific locations in Hawaii.

Ror this we need Phone Angels! Would you be willing to make phone calls for a few hours each day (ideally from 6-8pm) on March 9-12 (MondayThursday)? Timing may vary, depending on legislative scheduling.

We provide the phone numbersYou do the calling from a short script we provide asking the constituent to contact their legislator and vote for the resolution to have a hearing.

All the details will be given when you volunteer.

Please reply
1) ONLY if you can commit to at least 3 of the 4 days (March 9-12), and
2) ONLY if you are comfortable on the phone talking to fellow Hawaii residents about 5G. You do not have to be a 5G expert or legislative whiz! Refer any questions to me and I will follow-up.


Press the reply key and reply to this email message if you meet the 2 criteria above and want to sign-up!

We are looking for 20 Phone Angels to keep heavenly Hawaii safe from 5G!

Thank you!




Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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