2020-02-21 New cell tower plans for Qualicum Beach

1) A new cell tower is being planned for Qualicum Beach, and an open house was held on Feb. 20. Sorry that I didn’t know in time to alert people to this. But it’s not too late for people to find out more, discuss the information with the Council, and inform people about what the ramifications are. Does the church accept full responsibility for legal and financial liability? Do they know that major insurers will not provide them coverage for health claims?

Open house set for Feb. 20 to discuss planned cell tower in Qualicum Beach

“A Qualicum Beach resident has started a petition protesting Telus’s plan to erect 40-metre tall monopole tower at 825 Village Way, in the parking lot of the Christian Fellowship Centre.

Michelle Whitney indicated on her change.org petition page that they are concerned about the impact of the tower on their children and the proximity to Arrowview Elementary School, less than 1,000 metres away.”


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130 foot (40m) Telus cell tower Qualicum – change.org Petition by Michelle Whitney:


2) ICNIRP is the agency that, for some reason, determines what exposure levels are safe, which are the basis used by WHO, Health Canada, FCC, etc. Yet ICNIRP is known to be affiliated with corporations and the military complex, which many blame for the exposure guidelines to be based on heating and, therefore, not applicable to non-thermal (microwave) radiation. Here is their website: https://www.icnirp.org/

A member found this disclaimer which should give us pause.

“ICNIRP e.V. undertakes all reasonable measures to ensure the reliability of information presented on the website, but does not guarantee the correctness, reliability, or completeness of the information and views published. The content of our website is provided to you for information only. We do not assume any responsibility for any damage, including direct or indirect loss suffered by users or third parties in connection with the use of our website and/or the information it contains, including for the use or the interpretation of any technical data, recommendations, or specifications available on our website.”


3) As a follow-up to BC Hydro’s plan to replace the current street lights with LED lights, one member reports that a street in Maple Ridge has them already, as part of a pilot program begun about 2 years ago. The light is extremely bright, almost requiring sunglasses to see to drive. Concerns about the LED lights being part of the 5G Grid are not unfounded. Below is an article about a “smart” city in China where the street lights are part of a 5G small cell.

We must find out what BC Hydro is planning — for many reasons. Please consider writing or phoning the BCUC:

Chair & CEO <David.Morton@bcuc.com> (604-660-4725)

Patrick Wruck, Commission Secretary & Manager Regulatory Services <Commission.Secretary@bcuc.com> (604-660-4700) & Toll Free (1-800-663-1385)

& BC Hydro (contacts are at https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/z/bc-contact-e-mail-lists/) – ask about the LED lights and express your concerns.

Hsinchu people – China’s First 5G Smart Street Light Debuts at Nanliao Fishing Port

“Chunghwa Telecom announced yesterday that it has cooperated with Nokia, an international telecommunications equipment manufacturer, to build the first outdoor 5G small cell smart street light in Nanliao Fishing Port, Hsinchu City, marking a new milestone for the deployment of domestic 5G networks and smart city applications.”



To: Honourable Navdeep Singh Bains – Minister of Innovation Science and Industry <ISI.minister-ministre.ISI@canada.ca>
From: X
Date: Feb. 20, 2020

Dear Minister,

I would like to know why the Canadian government is planning to roll out 5G, a brand new technology, without testing it’s safety first? Doing so is even more baffling considering that thousands of peer-reviewed, independent studies show that the wireless radiation that we are currently exposed to does cause serious health problems and disease and based on that fact, doctors and scientists from around the world are warning not to roll out 5G. Many countries and municipalities will not be rolling out 5G until it has been independently tested and proven safe. This is a logical approach given that RF radiation is classified as a possible carcinogen by WHO and independent scientists are calling for it to be reclassified as a known carcinogen. The rollout of 5G will adversely affect every family’s health, security, privacy, & property values.

Switzerland Stops 5G — Medical Association Concerned About Cancer and Damage to Nervous System

Why is the Canadian government willing to use Canadians as guinea pigs? This is a human rights issue as Canadians are being denied informed consent yet we would be further saturated in RF radiation with 5G.
“The Largest Unethical Medical Experiment in Human History” https://smartech.gatech.edu/handle/1853/62452

The Canadian government knows that RF radiation is harmful and that Safety Code 6 does not protect Canadians.
Excerpt from Canadian government website:
Prominent scientists signed the Benevento Resolution (February 2006) affirming that there is considerable and strengthening scientific evidence that low-intensity,
low-frequency and radio-frequency electromagnetic fields are responsible for biological effects and health effects.

If you ignore the scientific evidence that says that Safety Code 6 does not represent safe limits to wireless radiation AND you roll out 5G, the health costs to the government will be enormous! Don’t let industry influence and the profit from 5G licensing let this become another health catastrophe like it was with tobacco, oxycodone, asbestos, mercury, etc..

5G has never tested for human health safety. You follow the ICNIRP’s RF safety guidelines but the ICNIRP claiming 5G is safe is an assumption, not science based. On the other hand, thousands of conflict-free scientists all over the world are speaking out on the dangers of 5G and calling for our extremely outdated Radio Frequency (RF) safety limits to be updated. Despite the media suppressing the health concerns of 5G, hundreds of thousands of scientists, doctors, professionals, NGOs and concerned citizens have signed these petitions calling for a moratorium:

Toronto Dr. Magda Havas PhD states: Levels of microwaves radiation today are trillions of times higher than they were 50 years ago. The scientific debate about the health effects of microwave radiation is over. Microwave radiation, at levels to which we are currently exposed, adversely affects human health. Of that there is no longer any doubt. The current debate is, “can we afford the health care costs that are likely to follow the roll out of 5G?”               (“Ontario Doctors Warn of Rising Health Care Costs after 5G Roll Out”)    or


Awareness that RF radiation is unhealthy is growing. The smart meter roll out was rushed and had recalls, fire problems, privacy concerns, billing problems and caused health problems. Are you not concerned that 5G could be dangerous and the infrastructure will need to be scrapped….again wasting tax payer money? Canadians will realize that they’re government chose profiting from the wireless industry and were derelict and negligent in your duty to protect their health.

It is also baffling that you would consider 5G given the massive privacy concerns surrounding it. It’s even more astounding that the Canadian government would give any consideration to using Huawei for our 5G infrastructure. It’s appalling to see our privacy rights eroding from the lack of data collection, data selling, and data sharing laws!

Forcing people to have noxious emitting devices attached to their homes by rolling out smart meters at break-neck speed while ignoring evidence that they are dangerous and compromise privacy and trying to do the same with 5G (a reeks of corruption and a desire to establish the means to setup mass surveillance. Why else would a government do all of this? You must know that Canadians would not choose to have our exposure to RF radiation exponentially increased with 5G for the sake of faster downloads if they were informed.

David Petraeus admitted the obvious when asked to comment on IoT & 5G he said [paraphrase:] if we have the means to exploit something & spy; we’ll do it. Drastically compromising our privacy by rolling out 5G – a weapon grade technology, will leave Canadians vulnerable.

If Canada rushes to roll out 5G, is there a plan to turn it off if, as predicted, it makes people sick?

Will you recommend a moratorium on 5G or do you plan to compromise our health by ignoring the warnings of non-industry scientists that 5G should not be rolled out?


This was also sent to the Vancouver Mayor and Councillors:

Mayor Kennedy Stewart <neil@kennedystewart.ca>
Vancouver City Councillor Rebecca Bligh <CLRbligh@vancouver.ca>

Vancouver City Councillor Christine Boyle <CLRboyle@vancouver.ca>

Vancouver City Councillor Adriane Carr <CLRcarr@vancouver.ca>

Vancouver City Councillor Melissa De Genova <CLRdegenova@vancouver.ca>

Vancouver City Councillor Lisa Dominato <CLRdominato@vancouver.ca>

Vancouver City Councillor Pete Fry <CLRfry@vancouver.ca>

Vancouver City Councillor Colleen Hardwick <CLRhardwick@vancouver.ca>

Vancouver City Councillor Sarah Kirby-Yung <CLRkirby-yung@vancouver.ca>

Vancouver City Councillor Jean Swanson <CLRswanson@vancouver.ca>

Vancouver City Councillor Michael Wiebe <CLRwiebe@vancouver.ca>


Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do.”               Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


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