2020-02-20 What is meant by “5G”?

1) We need to know and to understand what the industry is planning for the new “5G” grid. This is very difficult given the lack of transparency and the deliberate/long-standing deception re. EMR. This article tries to clarify what is going on. No man-made microwave radiation has been proven to be safe — but thousands of studies show that even low levels, regardless of the “Generation”, are dangerous.

One of the questions I keep asking and, so far, for which I have no definitive answer, is what is Telus doing now? Why the offer of “free fiber optic cable” and why the bullying of customers who don’t want to avail themselves of this “generous” offer? One statement in this very long and very interesting article jumped out as a possible confirmation of my suspicions:

What Do YOU Mean When You Say “5G”?

“As noted, the higher the frequency, the greater are transmission challenges, so high-density bands would be very tight beams, with minimal to no obstacles and no human exposure (watch out, pigeons). Due to excess electricity consumption, MMW signals probably won’t be power boosted sufficiently to penetrate buildings, but be brought in via cable from an external receiver, then be distributed via a wireless network….

Peer reviewed independent science, as early as the 1950s and still going, demonstrating myriad effects at non-heating levels, brings the integrity of C95.1-1992 through 2019 into question. Was *proper* testing ever done? Instead of clarifying this, hysteria makes the blanket claim. Making cases.

The FCC discredits or merely dismisses existing science and such questions: ‘No convincing evidence exists, but we’re keeping an eye on it.’ The blatant criminality of the FCC with respect to wireless/EMF is clearly demonstrated by older historical documents (see History of Official Awareness below).

Hysteria often resorts to another ‘ploy on words’ pertaining to 2G-4G, and used even by scientists, as seen near the end of this report: “The current FCC exposure limits are outdated.” The word implies that standards were at one time valid or sufficient, when they were never any such thing, for any living thing.”


2) We know from past experience that BC Hydro is not to be trusted. They do not tell the truth and they are not to be believed when they maintain their practices will reduce costs. What are the ramifications of the older streetlights being replaced by LED? There is a threat that the brighter lights could blind birds and other animals.

In the UK, there was concern that these LED lights would be part of the 5G grid, supporting 5G transmitters. I do not know if this is true, but we need to find out before the BCUC approves this action. Also a major concern is the color and intensity of the light. Blue light is very harmful, especially to eyes. Many people have complained that the lights are so bright that it is difficult to sleep.

BC Hydro considers replacing thousands of old streetlights with brighter, more energy-efficient LEDs

“According to the Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources, the utility’s board of directors will make a decision on the plan later this month. If approved, the transition to LED would start this summer with an expected timeline of two to three years. Communities will be given advance notice for when the work will take place.”


3) Time limited access (Friday 8 am PST) to an interview with Oram Miller re. 5G. Please see below in Letters for a full outline of the topics covered.

ElectricSense Interview with Oram Miller


4) Correction to a report received a couple of weeks ago that Switzerland had banned 5G. Some cantons have placed moratoriums on 5G but it is not countrywide.

Switzerland denies halting 5G rollouts

“Environmental officials in Switzerland told Mobile World Live (MWL) reports of a blanket ban on future 5G infrastructure deployments in the country due to health concerns were not accurate, with local authorities instead tasked with ruling on the siting of the kit.

Responding to a report by Financial Times (FT), a representative of the Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN) admitted it had recently written to the nation’s 26 regional authorities, known as cantons, regarding the placement of 5G equipment. However, the representative said an FT assertion the communication called on cantons to put planning permission for next-generation equipment on ice was “misleading”.”



Today, Thursday 20th February at 12 noon EST (9 AM PST or 5 PM GMT), I’m interviewing leading building biologist and EMF specialist Oram Miller.

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Listen to my interview with Oram Miller and learn:

-the one question you need to ask if you want to best measure and protect yourself from 5G
-the best way to protect yourself from 5G in your home (and notably – the beam formed signal that appears to be the most harmful)
– a free resource that Oram has created which has links to the 5G –  — coverage maps for the top four cellular carriers in the United States
– how there is more to 5G than the MMW that everyone focuses on
– how the sound that a 4G cell tower emits that can be easily identified with a good EMF meter and a free on-line resource that enables you to compare different RFs from cell towers, radar etc.
– the radiation exposure levels that are considered ‘safe’ or of no concern for RFs (exposures from cell phones, WiFi etc.)
– a free resource that enables you to simply and easily convert between all the different confusing limits for RF radiation
– how data (according to inside sources) is being constantly harvested from your cell phone
– the 2 materials Oram commonly uses and recommends to shield a room
– 3 ways to shield your windows and how to best choose your window film
– Oram’s top tips for people who are symptomatic round EMFs
how a new 3rd generation of Wi-Fi is going to be using very high ‘5G frequencies’

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