2020-02-07 US pushing for more wireless gadgets in cars

1) A letter written by Dr. Anthony Miller to the Penticton Council re. 5G and the overall exposure of the public to EMR.


2) In the USA, the National Highway Traffic Safety Association is pushing for more wireless communication devices to be in new cars and the auto industry wants as much flexibility as possible to install these things under the guise of making driving safer. Some in the US said that a new Ford last year which made her terribly sick, was transmitting back to Ford at over 4,000 microwatts every two minutes… Fortunately, she had a mechanic who could figure out how to disable the wireless devices and the RF was eliminated. But this is not always the case. It is hard (maybe impossible) to get a new car without all sorts of wireless things and many are very hard (maybe impossible) to disable.

One US discussion group said that this pending rule would permit transmitters that send signals 10 times a second. There are a lot of comments with concern on this site.

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FMVSS No. 150, V2V Communications


This rulemaking would require that all light vehicles be capable of V2V communication by use of onboard dedicated short-range radio communication (DSRC) devices, which would broadcast messages about a vehicle’s speed, heading, brake status, and other information to other vehicles and receive the same information from the messages, with extended range and line-of-sight capabilities.”




3) There will be a conference in Israel next week with many excellent speakers and topics including Dr. Arazi re. Phonegate. This scandal has received no media attention in North America and no Canadian agency has acknowledged cell phones that are even more dangerous than we thought.

Phonegate Alert will speak on February 10 at the “2020 Expert Forum” in Israel

“On February 10 and 11, the “2020 Expert Forum” will be held at Tel Aviv University (Department of Public Policy) on the initiative of Dr. Paul Ben Ishaï on: “Mobile and Wireless Radiation and Public Policy”.”


4) BC Hydro continues to harass and threaten people who refuse to accept a smeter. Many doctors have told patients that their health problems could be exacerbated by a smeter — yet BC Hydro doesn’t care. The treatment this couple received, and many like them, should be illegal. It certainly is immoral.

BC Hydro and the Minister of Energy, Premier Horgan, and others hide behind the horrendous Clean Energy Act. We need some MLAs with backbones enough to confront the CEA and demand a repeal.


Smart meter angers Surrey Couple, Vancouver Sun (Oct. 2019)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-6Nl7CWKvGk    (1:54 min.)


From: Jerry Flynn (name given with permission)

Sent: February 3, 2020
To: admin@criminallawyers.ca‘ <admin@criminallawyers.ca>; ‘info@cba.org‘ <info@cba.org>; ‘equity@lsbc.org‘ <equity@lsbc.org>; ‘uap@lsbc.org‘ <uap@lsbc.org>; ‘djordan@lsbc.org‘ <djordan@lsbc.org>; ‘lawsociety@lso.ca‘ <lawsociety@lso.ca>; ‘tribunal@lso.ca‘ <tribunal@lso.ca>
Cc: ‘Sharon Noble’ <citizensforsafertech@shaw.ca>

Subject: Governments Choose Corporate Profits Over The Public’s Health and Safety – Residential 50/60 Hz Electricity CAUSES Diseases and Deaths!

Dear Criminal Lawyers,

All criminal lawyers in Canada need to be alerted to what the Government of Canada’s corrupt Radiation Protection Bureau is allowing the electric power generation, and wireless and telecom industries to do – to every person and all living things in Canada! The following telling paragraph is the conclusion of my letter (at the link below). The truth should both shock and frighten all criminal lawyers and, hopefully, stir them into immediate action to stop this worst-ever genocide!

“In conclusion, today’s shocking, preposterous situation is unrivalled in human history! The hazardous non-thermal EMF radiation emitted by residential electricity throughout the world (i.e., 60 Hz in North America and 50 Hz in most other countries) now literally threatens all life on earth (humans, animals, birds, fish, insects, trees, plants, etc.) [51]. Prior to the late 1800s, when engineers first adopted these frequencies, leukemia and other cancers, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, autism, etc. were virtually unheard of; whereas, today, they and many other diseases, are common in all electrified countries. More frightening, still, is that these same self-regulated, profit-focused electric power utilities, who, since the advent of mobile RF technology, have been joined by the equally profit-focused telecom industry (thanks to the alarming and frightening success of the corrupt US Military-Industrial-Complex). Not only do the ‘tens-of-billions’ (industry’s own estimate) of mobile telecom products all require 50/60 Hz, but they also all emit pulsed non-thermal RF EMF radiation, which scientists have said also cause cancers etc.! Both industries have grown so large and powerful, and the corruption is so pervasive that these industries seemingly have managed to ‘capture’ all Western governments and regulatory health agencies. Currently, the telecom industry, world-wide, is very aggressively pushing its ‘never-tested-for-safety-to-human-health,’ and globally-feared, revolutionary, new ‘5G’ technology in countries around the world. The corruption is palpable, if only governments knew enough to look. By allowing electric power utilities to regulate themselves without meaningful oversight, governments can blame only themselves for today’s macabre tragedy. If it is not already too late, governments – ALL governments – need to exercise direct and meaningful supervision of ALL industries, especially the electric power generation and telecom industries, such that no industry is ever again allowed to introduce a technology that can harm human health. Finally, 5G technology must be banned – forever – from space and earth, and world-class, non-industry scientists MUST be consulted and heeded, for the very future of mankind is at stake.”


J.G. Flynn, Captain (retired)

Author “Hidden Dangers – 5G” [https://maisonsaine.ca/english/microwave-warfare-expert-publishes-book-on-the-hidden-dangers-emfs.html]

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Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“We have now sunk to a depth at which restatement of the obvious is the first duty of intelligent men.”                     George Orwell


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