2020-02-01 Our smeter battle heats up, again

1) In last night’s update I shared an item about the next generation of smeters being planned which will be 5G-ready.


We don’t know how far along this is in BC, but last time we were caught flat-footed by a government approving the Clean Energy Act, allowing BC Hydro to take our analog meters and replace them with devices that are expensive, short-lived, irradiating fire hazards, installed by dangerously untrained people Corix hired off the street. We can’t let this happen because we will face not only these problems but more.

We must immediately find out from BCUC if BC Hydro will be allowed to “upgrade” the smeters on our homes with these 5G devices. There is every possibility that the government’s Clean Energy Act will allow this without any discussion or notification. So far, we have not been told the total cost of the initial program, the amount of money that has been and continues to be gathered as part of the opt-out fees. Why wouldn’t they keep this secret?

And one more thing that is likely. That BC Hydro will be allowed to force those of us who have opted out of having a smeter with a working transmitter, to have the transmitter turned on. They want our data and without the transmitter, they can’t get it. They have lied, bullied, and threatened to get our analogs. I can envision BC Hydro telling us that if we want power, we must allow these new smeters to be on our homes and be fully operational.

Lots of questions we need to ask of BC Hydro, of BCUC, and of our politicians who, so far, have failed to respond to our concerns. Solar is looking better and better.


2) Here is an excellent analysis of one of the recent lawsuits against the FCC in the USA. I wonder if similar things have happened in BC and Canada, with money going from the government (provincial and/or federal) to fund one project, e.g. fiber optic cable into homes, but actually ending up funding 5G. We need some good investigators to do some digging into this.

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The War Against 5G Heats Up

“In 1992, Vice President Al Gore campaigned on a promise that everyone in America would have fiber optic wire through their home and office by 2010. State utilities agreed to set aside a small amount from each customer’s bill to fund the nationwide conversion to fiber optics.

However, by 2000, virtually none of the fiber optic wiring had been done. As noted by Kushnick, “they basically pocketed the money.” By the end of 2000, California alone was supposed to have 5.5 million households finished, at a projected cost of $16 billion.

In 1998-1999, the FCC started tracking broadband, but they left out the states’ financial commitments. In other words, Kushnick says, they covered up the fact that state utilities had collected money for the implementation of fiber optics that was never actually done….

But this is only half of the scandal. The Irregulators discovered an even bigger fraud. Financial documents obtained from Verizon New York (New York’s official telecom utility), reveal wireless service providers are stealing funds from wireline rate payers to the tune of $60 billion per year in New York alone, and FCC rules are what allow for this theft….

McCollough and Kushnick are optimistic about our ability to block 5G. In the interview, they sum up how, by teaming up with our local officials, residents in all states can fight back by demanding their state telecom utility return the misappropriated funds and allocate them back into broadband fiber optics.”



3) The other night, someone in Sicamous saw what looked like a planet above the moon. While she was looking at it, she saw several more “satellites” following it, which seemed odd. And then she saw more. She called her daughter in Kelowna who saw the same thing. She told a friend who gets these updates and has heard about satellites being put into orbit as part of 5G. What a phenomenon to see — but what a horror that is happening. If I recall correctly, as many as 42,000 satellites have been approved by FCC. Here is an article from a year ago that explains clearly the plans for satellites as well as phased array antenna.

Thousands of Satellites Set to Launch for 5G

“The first two 5G test satellites were launched by SpaceX in February of 2018, hundreds more will be launched in 2019, the full set of 20,000 could be in orbit during the next 2 years; for perspective 1,738 operating satellites were in Earth’s orbit as of September 2017. Satellites will be about the size of a small refrigerator and be about 880 pounds with a life expectancy of only 5 years. Once no longer functional they will float around as space junk until they eventually fall and burn up as they enter the atmosphere to then float down to the ground as dust or in rain which may or may not be harmful in itself, all of them. This isn’t even taking into account the damage done by things such as liquids and solid rocket fuels on the environment to launch them.”


Here is an article that I shared in the Jan. 23 update [3) – https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/2020-01-23-fccs-allowing-spacex-satellites-may-be-illegal/] about the possibility that these satellites may not have been legally approved by the US FCC.



4) People are being conditioned to believe that having everything “smart”, that having data gathered about everything we do or have, is for our benefit. Here is an example of things that are beneficial, to some degree, but what else will they do?

Concept smart tire uses 5G to communicate with drivers

Smart tire technology can help make the roads safer and is a further step towards autonomous driving

“Pirelli has made a tire that can transmit road surface information to the driver and other cars on the road through the 5G wireless network. Equipped with an internal sensor, the Pirelli Cyber Tire can send a variety of data such as miles traveled and dynamic load, as well as transmit warnings regarding potentially dangerous driving situations to the driver.

Further, if unsafe driving conditions are detected by the internal sensors, they will help the car’s driver-assist systems kick in, according to the company.”



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“We’re in very bad trouble if we don’t understand the planet we’re trying to save.”       Carl Sagan


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