2020-01-29 Slovenia bans 5G, for now, due to health

1) In the UK, farmers are being warned about telecoms shifting liability from cell towers to those with whom them contract. The “exclusion zones” being recommended are useless for protecting people living in the area — it sounds as if the zone is needed to have the exposure levels to be within the ICNIRP/UK guidelines and nothing more. Those with contracts coming up for renewal, or negotiating new ones, here in Canada should be told about the major insurers refusing to provide any coverage against health claims related to EMR exposure. As I understand it, ISED indemnifies any telecom from liability so long as their antennae emissions are under SC 6 limits. This leaves the property owner to hold the bag when someone sues — and where will they be able to buy protection? Renewal is the time to re-think this risk.

I am not sure about the statement that the 5G signals will travel farther than 4G. There are a lot of variables.

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How to manage radiation exclusion zones for phone masts

“Farmers with telecoms masts on their land must fully understand radiation exclusion zones to safeguard people’s health and protect against potential liability claims.
Significant levels of exposure to the radio waves emitted by base stations on telecoms masts can affect people’s health, so each mast must have an exclusion zone, according to Jeremy Moody, Central Association of Agricultural Valuers (CAAV) secretary and adviser….

Historically, operators often accepted all liabilities as part of a mast agreement and paid a market rent. But now they are seeking agreements at much lower rents and to reduce their financial exposure by coming forward with terms where they try to cap their liabilities at £5m.

This means the site owner would be forced to pick up any excess liability if something should ever happen to a member of the public, staff or neighbour that could be linked to the mast.”


2) One of our members decided to send a letter to PM Trudeau a novel way –– and maybe it will get a response. Worth trying with other politicians, too.

Office of the PM Fax (613-941-6900)


3) We know that for many years our pollinators have been suffering mightily from the pollution of our envirionment with so many toxins, not the least of which is EMR. Arthur Firstenberg is sharing the sad experience of a woman in Australia watching the bees die before her eyes after 5G transmitters were installed.

Please share this article with your friends in environmental groups. We need to work together to stop this monstrosity — and it will get worse as more transmitters are installed and more satellites are flying in the sky.


“The honey bee in the banner at the top of this newsletter has been speaking to us for over one hundred and fourteen years. Its numbers ever diminishing, its message ever more urgent, it waits for a sleeping world to finally listen. “Now!” it says. “Wake up before it’s too late, there is no more time!” On the Isle of Wight, off the southern coast of England, Giuglielmo Marconi built the world’s first permanent radio station. And the bees’ first warning to humanity was heard. “They are often to be seen crawling up grass stems, or up the supports of the hive, where they remain until they fall back to the earth from sheer weakness, and soon afterwards die,” wrote Augustus Imms of Christ’s College, Cambridge in 1906. Ninety percent of the bees had already vanished from the entire island. Unable to find a cause, he called it, simply, Isle of Wight disease. Swarms of healthy bees were imported from the mainland, but it was of no use: within a week the fresh bees were dying off by the thousands.”


4) Also in Arthur’s newsletter, he reports on another moratorium on 5G — this is for an entire country.


” Last Friday, while people in 250 cities were preparing for the first Global Day of Protest against 5G, Slovenia became the first country in the world to refuse 5G, at least temporarily, because of objections from scientists and the public….”



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters



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