2020-01-27 Is Huawei a Trojan horse?

1) Telus is partnered with the Chinese company Huawei in many aspects of building the infrastructure of 5G. Huawei has made the microcells / small cells that will gather data. Huawei has worked with Telus on the pilot projects in BC and, no doubt, is involved in the pilot projects at UBC. As many cybersecurity experts have warned, this is, in essence, handing control of a major piece of our infrastructure, as well as all the data that will be gathered from businesses and our homes, over to the Chinese government.

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Huawei to Hell

“…Given these unsettling developments, Huawei’s claim to be a neutral player is absurd. Every company in China, whether private or state owned, serves the interests of the Communist Party.

In 2017 President Xi Jinping, a dictator in all but name, passed the National Intelligence Law. It doesn’t hide the state’s intentions. The law requires any company to co-operate with state intelligence work and to keep that work secret. The law makes every Chinese company operating abroad a potential Trojan horse.

Even long-time promoters of better Chinese-Canadian relations can see the writing on the wall. “It would be folly to hand the keys to our national infrastructure to what is effectively a Chinese State Owned Enterprise,” argues Margaret McQuaig-Johnston, a senior fellow at the University of Ottawa.




2) Access to YouTubes of 5G events from all over the world — scroll down on the right-hand side. How can we get some major marches like this one in Amsterdam?

5G Protest-mars@AmsterdamNetherlands


Pictures of various rallies are at: www.emrabc.ca .

Vancouver’s organizer sent several photos which can be found at: http://emrabc.ca/?p=16720 and I’ve shared the summary of their event below in Letters. Going to Telus is a good idea, and one we might consider for the next protest rally.

Excellent turnout in Montreal, and it got media coverage. Congratulations to Jean.

Fears Around the Arrival of 5G


Concerns about the effects of 5G

“The industry used Mickey Mouse science to convince the public that there was no danger. The effects of other generations are already measured, detected and confirmed. If you increase the radiation, the effects will get worse.”

Paul Héroux, Professor of Toxicology and specialist in the effects of electromagnetism on health at McGill University


3) A health journal shares information about the lobbying groups with hidden agendas that are behind 5G, promoting regulations, laws, policies that eliminate any local resistance or even awareness of health effects of the electrosmog that will increase dramatically if/when 5G is implemented. This is significant because what happens in the USA usually happens in Canada, too.

Powerful Industry Lobby Group Behind 5g Roll-Out Despite Public Opposition and Health Dangers

“In Hawaii, WIA has managed to amend state land use regulations to permit wireless facility installation on agricultural lands in complete denial of EMF’s adverse impact on the environment, insect, and animal life.

In Nevada, installation will proceed regardless of a municipality’s consideration of RF’s health impacts. In Florida local jurisdictions are limited to make demands for information from the telecom industry’s installations that may pose undisclosed risks.

In short, ALEC is busily clearing the field for rapid 5G installation by removing state and local regulatory barriers that may create bottlenecks for deployment….

“the broadband industry pass blatantly protectionist bills in more than 21 states that hamstrung or simply banned towns or cities from building their own networks, even in areas when private industry refuses to.”

Powerful Industry Lobby Group Behind 5g Roll-Out Despite Public Opposition and Health Dangers



Hello all,

Posted some pics on Facebook today from our event that Liz Walker kindly took. We gathered outside the library near the corner of Homer and Robson under spitting rain, which likely discouraged many folks from coming. Still, about 30 people did eventually show, and we set off on a procession through the streets carrying placards of various kinds, walking first to the CBC’s main office on Hamilton, which some folks wanted to do. Once there, many decided to enter the actual foyer. But there is only a skeleton staff on duty in the CBC on the weekend. The network is a 9-5, Monday to Friday news operation. Real news doesn’t happen outside those hours it would seem.

Next, we moved on to Telus Headquarters on West Georgia. While standing outside on the steps, a security guard came out and said that we had to move off the step unless we had business to conduct inside Telus. Although we initially had no intention of entering the building, when some of the protestors heard those comments, they were annoyed, with one saying, I have business with Telus, I have been one of their customers for decades and I don’t agree with their decision to proceed with 5G and I want to tell them that, that’s my business. And so they started to enter the building. They have a retail outlet on the main floor, so about 20 of us simply respectfully walked through their store with placards. What could they do? Nothing. And then we left.

We next moved onto Granville Street where there is was a lot of pedestrian traffic who took note of our signs. Many of the protestors came well equipped with information flyers to explain why we were protesting. Hundreds were handed out. Next we returned to the library and entered the huge main concourse inside. As it turned out, there were hundreds of people inside at one of the Public Library’s book sales. Presto, a captive audience. Eventually, security from the building asked us to leave, at which point I asked Chris  from EMRBC for his bullhorn, and then stood on a chair to thank everyone for coming out to the Global Stop 5G protest, and then took the opportunity to give an impromptu speech to the hundreds of people assembled about what was taking place around the world today, and how the mainstream news media was conspicuous in their lack of news coverage about the event, and how both the federal government and telecom companies were deceiving people about the safety of wireless technology products, and how independent science had found serious problems that were not being acted upon. I did not yell and kept my voice on an even keel and simply made statements that would hopefully start them questioning.

And then we left.



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“Technological progress has merely provided us with more efficient means for going backwards.”        Aldous Huxley


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