2020-01-11 Why are schools allowing cellphones?

1) From 5G Crisis, a village stands up for its right to demand more information and exert some control, and the application for microcells was withdrawn. Please read the wonderfully detailed letter at:


Sometimes being a pain in the ______ pays off!
Western Springs, IL: Crown Castle Withdraws 5G Small Cell Application

Dear Friend,

2020 is already off to a good start for the 5G Crisis movement.

Just 8 days into the New Year, Crown Castle has withdrawn its 5G small cell application in Western Springs, IL after the village council sent them this fabulous letter.

If you’re looking to tie the telecom industry into knots and make their lives as difficult as they’ve made ours, present  this document  to your local legislators and encourage them to take a similar approach when asked to review small cell applications for your community. You might just get the wireless carriers to withdraw their 5G applications, too!

2) The US government is pushing to “win the 5G race”, whatever that means. As well, Bills were passed in Congress to increase cybersecurity due to the risk of cyberattack. Infrastructure is vulnerable, will be more so once the 5G grid connects all wireless devices.

What is Canada’s plan to protect our infrastructure? Standards re. cybersecurity are important but there is nothing re. health standards.

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House passes bills to gain upper hand in race to 5G

“The House on Wednesday passed a slew of bills aimed at giving the U.S. a leg up over China in the race to implement the super-fast next-generation wireless networks known as 5G….

The legislation comes as the U.S. works to win the “race to 5G,” which will enable a generation of Internet-connected devices and offer mobile data speeds up to 100 times what is currently possible….

“To protect the privacy, data, and security of American consumers and companies, we need a national game plan to defend U.S. wireless systems from the next wave of cyber threats,” Spanberger said. “As we witness the growing influence of foreign-based 5G companies like Huawei and ZTE, this bill would level the playing field for American tech companies and defend the online security of American families and businesses.””


3) Many letters have been written about cellphone safety, especially for children. Seldom do the writers get responses, which shows the lack of concern by those with responsibility to protect our children and grandchildren. But the few responses received, whether from the Health Minister’s office or School Trustees, all spout the same mis-information in the same non-responsible manner, usually ignoring the information provided. These people are failing to do their jobs. Please see the stream of letters below, reading from the bottom up.


From: Janis Hoffmann (name given with permission)
Date: January 8, 2020
Subject: Cellphones exceed the Safety Code 6 guidelines for radiation exposure
To: Janet Fraser <Janet.Fraser@vsb.bc.ca>
Cc: <fraser.ballantyne@vsb.bc.ca>, <lois.chan-pedley@vsb.bc.ca>, <carmen.cho@vsb.bc.ca>, <estrellita.gonzalez@vsb.bc.ca>, <oliver.hanson@vsb.bc.ca>, <barbara.parrott@vsb.bc.ca>, <jennifer.reddy@vsb.bc.ca>

Dear Janet,

Did you know that in 2013, James McNamee, scientist for Health Canada, admitted in the Superior Court of Quebec, that the Safety Code 6 guidelines for microwave radiation emitting from wireless technology is based ONLY on thermal effects, heating of the skin?

Did you know this means Canada does not have any regulations in place to protect the public from the long-term exposure to the proven biological effects of the “non-thermal” levels of microwave radiation?

Did you know children are still putting these devices to their heads, holding them against their reproductive organs and other vital organs, then placing them in their pockets when federally mandated Safety Manuals that comes with all wireless devices, clearly state, keep phone at least 15mm (5/8inch) away from the body, and only use carrying cases, belt clips or holders that do not have metal parts and that maintain at least 15mm (5/8) separation between the cell phone and the body?”

Did you know our Provincial Health Officer, Dr. Bonnie Henry stated in her recent email that, she “along with my colleagues across the country, continue to monitor the science around electromagnetic fields and have reviewed the recent publications with scientists at the BCCDC and the BC Cancer Agency”? Yet she has been unable to provide us with a copy of these studies and the recent publications that were recently “reviewed” along with the names of the scientists and medical experts who stated microwave radiation exposure is safe.

Did you know Dr. Bonnie Henry referred us to the BC Cancer Agency for Wi-Fi safety in our schools when this organization clearly has have a vested interest in supporting the wireless industry in return for millions of dollars in donations? That Telus, Glentel and BC Hydro are long time supporters of this organization?

Did you read this scandalous report showing just how reputable this organization is? CEO, Dr. Max Coppes from The BC Cancer Agency receives $561,000 in salary, while they celebrate volunteers, working for free, to raise money!


Did you know Dr. Bonnie Henry also referred us to the BC Center for Disease Control which cautioned in their 400 page report on RF/EMR that their findings are consistent with many international experts who continue to warn that prolonged exposure to low levels of microwave radio frequency radiation from wireless devices that include wi-fi, ipads, cell phones, cordless phones and smart meters, can lead to serious health effects such as infertility and cancer, children especially at risk?


Did you know Dr. Bonnie Henry has failed to provide us with an official response to the 2018, current findings of the two 10 year long studies on 2G and 3G technology by US National Toxicology Program and the supporting Ramazzini Institute Study along with over 29,000 peer reviewed studies that confirmed the link to Cancer from prolonged Microwave Radiation Exposure?

Did you know Dr. Stanwick, our Vancouver Island School Health Officer, has endorsed the installation of a known 2b carcinogen listed next to lead, DDT, methyl mercury, chloroform, and car exhaust as an acceptable risk in our schools?

Is Cancer an acceptable risk too?

Who is taking measurements of the levels of microwave radiation when 25 children are downloading information on numerous wireless devices in the classroom?

Who is informing the parents, teachers and students about the precautions that should be taken when using wireless devices?

Where are the updates or reports on the safety measures taken to avoid any injuries as per the federally mandated Safety Manuals and Disclaimers that comes with ALL wireless devices?

Workers Compensation Act, Occupational Health and Safety Regulation:

5.57 (1) “If a substance identified as any of the following is present in the workplace, the employer must replace it, if practicable, with a material which reduces the risk to workers: (a) ACGIH A1 or A2, or IARC 1, 2A or 2B carcinogen

Exposure control plan

5.54 (1) An exposure control plan must be implemented when

(a) exposure monitoring under section 5.53(3) indicates that a worker is or may be exposed to an air contaminant in excess of 50% of its exposure limit,

(b) measurement is not possible at 50% of the applicable exposure limit, or

(c) otherwise required by this Regulation.

(2) The exposure control plan must incorporate the following elements:

(a) a statement of purpose and responsibilities;

(b) risk identification, assessment and control;

(c) education and training;

(d) written work procedures, when required;

(e) hygiene facilities and decontamination procedures, when required;

(f) health monitoring, when required;

(g) documentation, when required.

(3) The plan must be reviewed at least annually and updated as necessary by the employer, in consultation with the joint committee or the worker health and safety representative, as applicable.

Did you know Dr. Bonnie Henry stated that “. . . and we continue to recommend people make personal choices to reduce their exposure?” How can parents make a Personal Choice to protect their children when microwave radiation exposure is mandatory 6 hours a day 5 days a week in all our public schools?

Did you know School Boards have the power to follow Ontario’s lead and ban cell phones during school hours to reduce the level of microwave radiation exposure our children are experiencing in their classrooms?


Janis Hoffmann

Parents for Safe Schools

= = =

On Tue, Dec 17, 2019 Janet Fraser <Janet.Fraser@vsb.bc.ca> wrote:

Dear Janis,

Thank you for your interest in our district and the use of cellphones by students.

Safety is a priority of the district and we are guided on all public health matters by Vancouver Coastal Health, the BC Provincial Health Officer, and, via these authorities, Health Canada. This includes matters relating to radiation safety. Queries regarding the radiation safety of technology used by the public and in schools, such as cellphones, are correctly directed towards these authorities.

With regards,

Janet Fraser

Chair, Vancouver School Board

Honouring that we live, work and learn on the unceded traditional lands of the Musqueam, Tsleil-Waututh and Squamish Nations

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From: Janis Hoffmann
Sent: November 20, 2019
Subject: Cellphones exceed the Safety Code 6 guidelines for radiation exposure

Dear Trustees,

It’s clear that the constant use of cell phones is interfering with our children’s ability to interact and develop healthy relationships in the real world. This addiction is robbing our children of the opportunity to build life skills that include critical thinking, communication, cooperation, and the ability to focus in the classroom.

Besides the negative impact this addiction has on learning, we are aware of the SCIENTIFIC FACT that microwave radiation exposure causes biological effects confirming the growing evidence of neurological effects and developmental delays in our children.

And now recent studies have proven that 90% of cell phones on the market today exceed the Safety Code 6 guidelines for radiation exposure (SAR at 1.6 W/kg at 5mm) when the phones are tested as they are used in real life. Children attending school are pressing these cell phones against their heads and abdomens and storing them in their pockets when we know these devices are emitting up to 11 times over the current guidelines.

All these facts combined have only confirmed our concerns about the permanent health risks from the use of cellphones and personal devices in our schools.

We are asking for the BC government to follow Ontario’s lead and ban cellphones and personal devices in our schools.



Janis Hoffmann

Parents for Safe Schools


Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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