2019-12-30 Russia reviews current science

1)  A very interesting article by a Russian scientist who has been warning about the effects of EMR for many years. He explains why different countries have different approaches to limiting public exposure to this radiation.


“The article contains the analysis of modern approaches to determining the limits of the electromagnetic field of radio frequencies. The international discussion about the safe limits of electromagnetic radiation has been going on for half a century. In the 21st century, the national policy of electromagnetic safety is determined by the socio-economic priorities of countries and national legal principles of evidence of harm to health to a greater extent, than scientific data.”


2) Russia has long been more active in research in EMR than the US or Canada and, since WW II, the exposure limit has been a mere fraction of that of ICNIRP (US and Canada have accepted ICNIRP’s guideline until just recently when SC 6 was inexplicably reduced after public complaint and input about the 2013 review.)  In November 2019, a conference was held in Moscow and here is a list of topics discussed. If I am able to get information about any of the sessions, I will share.

Actual Issues of Radiobiology and Hygiene for Non-Ionizing Radiation


3)  Fiber optic cable (FOC) could provide more internet access more quickly than any wireless technology but its use is primarily to serve wireless devices such as microcells. Here is a description of some ways FOC will be used for a “smart” future.


“As with all state-of-the-art communications, Smart Cities are built on fiber optic backbones. But fiber alone is not enough. It is necessary to use the fiber to connect other services like wireless, both cellular and WiFi, video, CATV and OTT on the Internet, and a large number of devices and networks that are used to monitor and control all the “things” that are capable of contributing to the Smart City only when they are able to communicate and be controlled through a central facility.”


4)  Please see below an article that Norm Lambe shared with me, one that he has submitted to various journals and blogs, hoping to raise awareness about the fire hazards associated with smeters. I asked Norm if he could explain why insurance companies were not alerting their customers to the dangers, and he could not. Neither is he aware of any formal complaint made to or by any insurer. I would think that a major loss like the one in Florida would have resulted in lawsuits, and I will attempt to find out if there is any news about this. So far, Norm is the only insurance person I know of who has spoken out about what he has seen and knows on this topic.


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I respectfully submit for your consideration the following account of a tragedy that could have been avoided.  On the evening of March 15, 2016 a fire took place at the South Florida Trotting Center outside of Lake Worth Florida. The resulting tragic toll was 12 dead trotters, plus millions of dollars in damages. The fire was attributed to a catastrophic failure at the meter Box, which contained a new smart meter recently installed, (www.palmbeachpost.com/news/local/south-florida-trotter).







Twelve horses die in South Florida Training Center fire by Steve Wolf for Stathis Enterprises – USTA United States Trotting Association – March 16, 2016: http://xwebapp.ustrotting.com/absolutenm/templates/article.aspx?articleid=68634]


Unfortunately the South Florida fire is not the only tragedy that resulted from the malfunction of a smart meter.  We have as many as 5,000 meters exploding in Stockton California in 2017 due to a power surge (https://news.yhahoo.com/video/stockton-smart-meters-explode-truck),and the tragic death of Larry Nikkel of Victorville, a 42 year old father who had a new smart meter installed by the local utility company the day he died, (www.dmlawfirm.com/pge-smart-meter-triggers-housefire).

[see 2) https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/2017-10-27-another-power-surge-that-caused-smeters-to-explode-and-burn/


see 1) https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/2018-01-05-many-in-the-usa-are-still-fighting-smeters-we-are-not-alone/]


Definite problems exist with the smart meters that are not being made clear to members of the public and the insurance industry. The production and deployment of the Meters are the result of the passage of the American Recovery Act. The hope was that the meters would replace the aging electrical grids across this country, however, this change is coming at a great cost.

I have been involved in the investigation, evaluation and adjustment of several smart meter related claims for Homeowners and for Businesses the past decade. The issues of improper operation of the Meters run from poor connections at the switching plate which will result in a sparking and eventually a fire, to faulty installation procedures.

The reactions of the local utility companies to a fire involving a smart meter have run the gamut of taking the smart meter from the loss site and not surrendering it until a subpoena is issued for the right to examine the Meter. One utility company have even advised me the meter which had caught fire has actually been “repaired and restored to service.”

I have written statements from to two Electrical Engineers that have been  involved in smart meter fire loss investigations who will supply an analysis of the problems inherent in the meter, that might be on your house right now.

Norman Lambe
Property Claim Specialist
Precision Risk Management, Inc.
For Century-National Insurance, Co.


Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

” Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”    Winston Churchill


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