2019-12-05 BC Health Authority giving incorrect info, still

1) Dr. Martin Pall has shared his paper which was presented at The 5G Summit in August.

5G Risk: The Scientific Perspective


2) A couple with a young daughter are concerned about a microcell installed right outside her bedroom window. The Vancouver Coastal Health downplays the risk, giving the same erroneous information that the BC Provincial Health Officer, Dr. Bonnie Henry, gives. Obviously our health authorities have ignored our letters about the Ramazzini study that showed that serious health effects result from exposure to radiation from cell towers and even lower levels.

Please consider writing to your MLA and to Dr. Bonnie Henry (email addresses at: https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/z/bc-contact-e-mail-lists/) or better yet, a real letter that they have to handle. We need to put pressure on those responsible for our health to be aware of the science and to do their jobs. They must not be allowed to keep hiding behind Health Canada.

Also, this couple is told that there is “only” 4G service for now, as if 4G is safe. From the sounds of it, it seems that Telus believes it doesn’t have to get permission or notify the city before putting something dangerous on public property.

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Richmond residents voice 5G antenna health fears

“The spokesperson said the equipment was “low-powered” complies with the federal “Safety Code 6,” which regulates radio frequency emissions across Canada.

“These sites emit a very, very low signal, oftentimes hundreds of times below what Safety Code 6 and Health Canada deem safe,” added the spokesperson….

The city cited Vancouver Coastal Health data related to the impact of cellular towers, which concluded that “radiation from cellular base stations is too low to cause adverse health effects.”


3) From Dr. Arazi re. new phones which are being sold in France despite knowing that the emissions are dangerously high. I searched and found these phones for sale in North America. And Health Canada and ISED refuse to even acknowledge there could be a problem.

Dear supporters,

We warn against 3 mobile phones of the brands BlackBerry, Doro and Selecline. We ask the French public authorities to withdraw the RTTE versions from the market as soon as possible.

Indeed, these manufacturers have deliberately continued to sell their products on the French market in complete legality, knowing that they are potentially putting their customers’ health at risk. The question also obviously arises at European level. Our press release:


Thank you for helping us to denounce these actions and to relay our alert as widely as possible.

The Phonegate Alert Team

4) Oregon has now reduced its opt-out fee to $10 for a monthly read, and to $3 a month for those having their meters read only 3 times a year.

I still have not received or seen a financial report accounting for all of the opt-out fees that have been collected or the costs that have been incurred. Perhaps it’s time we ask the BCUC to consider reducing our fees which, for those with smeters with transmitters disabled, are $20 a month and still the $34 a month for those who still have analogs.

Oregon PUC approves reduction of meter reading fees

“Pacific Power’s filing to reduce monthly meter reading fees for Oregon customers who have opted out of using smart meter technology has resulted in reduced fees for all opt-out customers.

The Oregon Public Utility Commission (PUC) reviewed Pacific Power’s filing recommended moving all opt-out customers to a $10 monthly meter reading fee, a decrease of $26 a month for most opt-out customers.



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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