2019-12-02 Previously classified 1977 study showing milliwave harm

1)  A member found this ad on a business channel, lurking for investors, for a supposed RF protective device.  It  is shameful that people, who are concerned about protecting themselves or their families, are sold bogus junk like this. People are likely to believe they can use their wireless devices in manners that will expose them to even higher levels of RF — they won’t take precautions as they normally would.  Those of us who are familiar with independent studies that have been done by experts will realize that everything on this site is babble, deliberately confusing, using terms that make no sense. 

“American Aires is an Ontario based technology company that is focused on the research, development and implementation of innovative technology solutions to allow consumers to safely engage with electronic products of the 21st century. The Company is currently engaged in the business of production, distribution and sales of products intended to protect persons from the harmful effects of electromagnetic emissions, which is produced from electronic devices such as cell phones, Wi-Fi routers, and electric cars to name a few. 

The Company has developed a technology that restructures and transforms electromagnetic field haze into a more biologically-compatible form to reduce the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation.”


2)  There haven’t been nearly as many studies of the biological effects of millimeter radiowaves as there have been on microwave frequencies. But there have been some rather in-depth studies that show serious harm. This one was classified for 35 years by the US government. I wonder why.  Why are the telecoms being allowed to develop and implement milliwave technology when there is clear evidence that it is dangerous?

We should not be saying there haven’t been any studies showing it’s safe. Instead, we need to confront the decision-makers at all levels of government with this evidence, and others, that it is dangerous.

“Biological Effects of Millimeter Wavelengths” by Zalyubovskaya (1977) was declassified by the CIA in 2012.  Exposed rats to millimeter waves for 15 minutes a day for 60 days and found not only the skin and nerves were affected but the brain, heart, bone marrow, liver, kidney and spleen, and the mitochondria which are often referred to as the powerhouses of the cell.

On page 3 of 5, descriptions are given of various effects on the liver, kidneys, heart and brain of the subjects.

On page 4 of 5, it concluded that:  “Thus the conducted investigations indicate high biological activity and an unfavorable influence of millimeter radiowaves on the organism.” 


3)  We all know that wireless communications are much less secure than wired, but 5G increases the vulnerability and the risk of major damage from hacking.

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5G hackers: These eight groups will try to break into the networks of tomorrow

” European computer security agency Enisa has listed the groups it thinks are most likely to attempt to hack into 5G networks, warning that security threats to telecoms infrastructure and beyond will expand with the arrival of next-generation mobile connectivity….

“This will attract the attention of existing and new threat agent groups with a large variety of motives,” Enisa said in a report into the security threats facing the next generation of mobile networks. It warned that 5G will introduce a set of new vulnerabilities that will expand the ways networks and connected devices could be attacked.

“These facts may cause an unprecedented shift of capabilities and objectives of existing threat agent groups in ways that have not been seen in the past,” Enisa said.”



Sharon Noble, director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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