2019-11-24 Dr. Golomb re. 5G moratorium

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1)   An excellent way to show young people that Wi-Fi is dangerous. 

Pioneers of Science


 https://vimeo.com/359157026    (Vimeo 4:38 min.)

2)   Members have responded to the item re. Emilie van Deventer with the following. She has a sordid, biased history about which the WHO and ICNIRP seem to have no concern. When we wonder why Health Canada is allowing us to be exposed to such high levels of EMR, 5G, dangerous wireless devices, thank those who are and have outright industry hacks like Michael Repacholi and his “student” Deventer.  If only the Nuremberg Code could be applied to them, and the many others like them, who are more concerned about things such as profit than health.


–   https://image.slidesharecdn.com/scienceandconflictofinterestinbioelectromagneticsfinal-150307033323-conversion-gate01/95/science-and-conflict-of-interest-in-bioelectromagnetics-40-638.jpg

…and she was on the Board at Bell too. Or something to that effect. She had major dealings with Bell Canada for a short while. She was handpicked to replace Michael Repacholi when he decided to retire. MR shamed Gro Harlem Brundtland for speaking out. So insidious and so powerful. /a

interesting, led to this :

Emilie van Deventer is the team leader of the Radiation Programme at the World Health Organization. This programme covers the public health aspects of ionizing and non-ionizing radiation safety. She is responsible for the WHO International EMF Project which provides information on the health impact of EMF exposure and guidance to national authorities on radiation protection programmes.

Before joining WHO, she was a professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Toronto, Canada. She holds a PhD from the University of Michigan, USA and received a doctorate Honoris Causa from the University of San Marcos, Lima, Peru in 2014.

and this….


and this….


3)  Local City Councils must be made aware of the dangers associated with 5G technology. Most are ignorant of the health effects of EMR, the effect on the environment, the intent of 5G, IoT to gain access to data whether personal or otherwise, etc. It is up to us to educate them and urge them to use their authority to refuse use of public rights of way to endanger the public that owns the land.  Dr. Beatrice Golomb, an expert with amazing credentials, sent San Diego authorities a letter asking for a moratorium on 5G and serious consideration of wired alternatives.  There is a lot more on this document which I obtained from Susan Brinchman of Center for Electrosmog Prevention in San Diego   http://www.electrosmogprevention.org/

The attachments to which Dr. Golomb refers, and which she footnotes, are toward the end of the entire document.



From a member based on a pamphlet re mandatory vaccinations.

Suggested questions to ask your MLA:  [https://www.leg.bc.ca/learn-about-us/members]

–   Do you support the ethical and legal right to informed consent?

–   Do you support the Universal Declaration of Bioethics and Human Rights and the Nuremberg Code and the medical ethic of informed consent?

–   Do you support my right to make medical decisions for my dependent children?

–   Do you support the principle that where there is risk there must be choice?

–   Do you support the principle, my body, my choice?

–   Do you support my right to religion and personal belief?

–   Do you support my right to personal conscience?

–   Do you support my right to security of the person?

–   Do you support evidence-based medicine?

–   Do you support legal and financial accountability when products harm and/or kill?

If they state they support these principles and rights, then ask them why they are allowing us to be used as guinea pigs in the experiment called “5G”.


Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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