2019-11-20 Is there an epidemic of brain cancers?

1)  5G is expanding rapidly in the US, with 4G being added at the same time. The concentration of the cell sites in the map shown allows for no escape.

Verizon releases 5G coverage maps, expands to 3 new cities

“Verizon on Tuesday expanded its 5G millimeter wave service to select parts of three new cities, and also released 5G coverage area maps.

The latest cities to join Verizon’s 5G roster include Boston, Houston and Sioux Falls, South Dakota. This brings the total tally to 18 so far, with the carrier promising to launch in 30 cities by year end….

T-Mobile itself has only deployed limited 5G service using mmWave spectrum, but recently announced a Dec. 6 launch date to deliver broad 5G coverage using 600 MHz, pledging to cover 200 million people.

While Verizon is using its 28 GHz spectrum now, it intends to leverage dynamic spectrum sharing technology to expand 5G coverage by using current spectrum assets for both LTE and 5G NR.”


2)  Dr. Don Maisch has provided some of the lies/deliberate misrepresentation presented in a 5G inquiry in Australia.  No surprise that the equivalent to Health Canada (ARPANSA) says all is fine with the standards that pertain to thermal effects only and the industry saying 5G is just fine.

Lies, Damn Lies and the Australian 5G inquiry

“Following on from the last message on the Australian 5G inquiry here are some submission quotes which clearly illustrate a willful maintenance of a state of scientific ignorance and outright lies, based on Procrustean Approach principles.”

“…  the ARPANSA RPS3 protects against ‘all’ adverse health effects caused by RFEMF exposure.”


 3)  Thoughts from Dr. Ronald Kostoff regarding the increase in brain cancers, especially glioblastomas, as reported in several countries. He writes in response to the articles re. Phonegate and the increase in brain cancers reported in France.  So many times we’ve seen Health Canada take actions after just a few incidents. I don’t mean to say the actions are not appropriate, but why aren’t there, at a minimum, warnings about EMR so people can take protective measures?   Is there an epidemic?

20 nov. 2019 à 10:39, Kostoff, Ronald N

“Finally, some real data in the email below!

If we assume most of the difference is due to EMR, and we normalize to population of France in the respective years, then the EMR effect is ~52 per million in 2018 minus 14 per million in 1990, or 38 per million new cases of glioblastoma presently.  If those ratios hold for the USA, then the number of new USA glioblastoma cases per year at this time attributable to EMR is ~12,160.

Is this an epidemic, and, if so, how serious is it?  I have heard parts of Congressional Hearings on C-SPAN where top health officials have been brought in to discuss vaping.  It was viewed as a serious epidemic by both the top health officials and all the Congresspeople that spoke.  How serious is the vaping epidemic?  Well, about 42 people have died from vaping this year (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2019_outbreak_of_lung_illness_linked_to_vaping_products).

So, if 42 deaths this year from vaping is considered a serious epidemic, deserving of the commitment of substantial resources, what would we call 12,160 new cases of glioblastoma, whose median life expectancy is about sixteen months?  That’s a factor of 300 larger.  Suppose only most, not all, of the added glioblastoma cases are due to EMR.  So, maybe we get a factor of 200.  Still, no comparison.  And, how good are the glioblastoma estimates?  Are they, in fact, under-reported?

And, lest we forget, this only applies to one disease, glioblastoma.  What about the myriad other diseases and symptoms that can be attributed, in whole or in part, to EMR?

These are the kinds of data that need to be presented to the decision-makers and the American public to have any type of real impact!  Obviously, we need to scrub the data more to insure credibility and attributability, but these numbers are in the serious range.


A project has begun at the University of Alberta School of Public Health to gather info about tumours.  I was told by the Brain Tumour Association. that it started within the last year, so not much data would be available. And, unfortunately, from this 2015 article, it sounds as if the data they hope to get will be from 2010 onward. It would be most helpful to have data going back to the time before there was heavy cellphone usage. Certainly oncologists have kept records but not in any one place.

National brain tumour registry being created by Alberta researcher

“Currently there is no central collection point in Canada for important information on tumours….

“We don’t know whether or not patients in one province are doing better than patients in another province. And we don’t know if we have clusters of areas in Canada where the rates of tumours are higher than other areas.”

Canada relies on data from other countries because there is no central collection point for information on both malignant and non-malignant brain tumours, which means key information about what causes them and what can improve survival rates may be missed…

Calgary oncologists say this information is needed now more than ever because of the number of Calgarians developing malignant brain tumours….

Doctors crunched the numbers and found a 30 per cent spike between 2012 and 2013, he says.”


4)  Below is a summary from a member who attended a public meeting about FortisBC’s plans for “smart” gas meters.  There still is a lot of information missing. If any of you were able to get additional info, please do send to me with “Fortis smeter” on the subject line.



(click on photos to enlarge)




https://www.fortisbc.com/about-us/projects-planning/natural-gas-projects-planning/advanced-gas-meters – “Timeline”

I attended the Burnaby FortisBC presentation tonight.
There were about 8 Fortis people.
Three info posters – nothing new.

When I got there, there were about 5 public,
-when I left there was only Chris and myself.
– I found out from chatting with one of the techs that the presentations were generally not well attended.
Seems like little public interest or concern.
Victoria presentation had a lot of attendees (30 ??).
Sharon N,  they said that you registered but did not show.
As I was leaving I met Liz just arriving.  She would have been the only one at the presentation at that time.
Chris and I chatted with 3 techs – managers that knew what was going on.

– BCUC application file – 2020 Q1
– BCUC decision – 2020 Q1
– Fortis installs network 2022-2023
– Fortis installs meters 2022-2026
– Fortis project complete 2027

Facts as I understand them (could be in error):
– meter sends usage via a transmitter to a collector
– transmissions are done 6 times a day for each meter
– seems that collector sends a single command to start all meters in range to start sending
– meters send after a meter determined random delay – decreases number of transmit collisions
– strange way of gathering readings
– apparently the desire is to have on-line gas usage available to client next-day
– this explains frequent readings but not every 4 hours (seems excessive to me)

– transmission is said to be very short and very low power
– something like .01% of SC6 (I think this was comment) – no distance or power given
– collector has a range of about 15 km (??)
– depends on terrain of course
– collector on Fortis infrastructure or co-locate on other available structure
– no RF frequency given

– the collector can send information to the meter
– shut off – used in event of major problem like EQ or main line pipe rupture
– re-transmit if meter info has not been received

– meter is powered by a sealed battery designed for 20 year life
– meter has to be exchanged when battery dies or prior
– type of battery unknown

– For those people who did not want a Radio On there would be an option for Radio Off.
– no cost known at this time for manual read


Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

There is no worse tyranny than to force a man to pay for what he does not want merely because you think it would be good for him.       Robert Heinlein



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