2019-11-14 The threat of Huawei in 5G grid

1)   Many public washrooms currently have battery operated faucets, soap dispensers, etc. To improve service and reduce battery replacement, wireless power is being considered, but it might not use RFInstead, it is possible to use infrared light to send a signal to the device.  Maybe at least our washrooms will be WI-Fi-free.

Enabling the Restroom of the Future

“Here’s how it works: a wireless power transmitter is installed in the ceiling or is hung on the wall. A wireless power receiver is embedded in each device to be charged.

While there are a number of technologies that attempt to send wireless power—for instance using ultrasound and radio frequency—a promising approach relies on infrared (IR) light to deliver energy from a transmitter to a device. Light provides several benefits:

  • Long range: Light beams can remain tight and focused over long distances (just think of a laser pointer) and thus the power delivered with light does not decrease with an increase of the distance between the power transmitter and the device to be charged.
  • Safety: Infrared light has significant safety advantages. Power is only delivered to the device being charged and not to anything in the surrounding environment. IR is abundant in sunlight and in nature — in fact, some say it is nature’s preferred way of energy delivery — so living organisms (like us humans) are already well-adjusted to it.
  • Faster charge: IR signals can deliver focused energy and, therefore, charge devices more quickly.”


2)   As the 5G grid grows, Huawei becomes more deeply embedded in the system and it becomes harder to remove it. Telus, by partnering with Huawei, is, in essence, handing our critical infrastructure, as well as our personal data, over to this Chinese company  which could lead to major problems in the near future.

Gordon G. Chang: With 5G, China and Huawei can control cars, pacemakers

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u97iwI19qt8    (5:32 min.)

Chang’s article referenced in the YouTube:

Do Not Support China’s Huawei, Cripple It Instead

“China, with control of 5G, will be in a position to remotely manipulate the world’s devices. In peacetime, Beijing could have the ability to drive cars off cliffs, unlock front doors, and turn off pacemakers. In war, Beijing could paralyze critical infrastructure.”


3)  An open letter to the French government asking for information about the dangers of “smart” phones be given to the public. To, at the minimum, advise that phones should not be used next to the head or carried in a pocket next to the body.  Still, our government is silent on the issue of Phonegate and the tests done in the US showing major cell phones emit RF levels that exceed, dramatically, the allowable limits (Safety Code 6).


“Taking advantage of tailored regulations in 1993 through a non-governmental agency, ICNIRP (International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection), manufacturers have since benefited from exposure limits that only take into account so-called thermal effects, knowingly ignoring the biological effects that appear in the short or long term. An international regulatory system allows them, in all unfairness, to give priority to the power of emissions of devices over public health.

The vast majority of international regulatory and control agencies, including the National Frequencies Agency (ANFR), have turned a blind eye to these misleading practices and have endorsed the prevailing discourse favoring the interests of the same manufacturers, all thanks to a quite disturbing mix of conflicts of interest at all levels.”


4)  A member sent this with the suggestion/hope that if the government gets enough requests to stop 5G, someone might notice.  I am also going to ask for a full review of cell phones (e.g. Phonegate) currently on the market and proper use information be given to the public. Minor steps, I know, but more than they’ve done so far.

“If you fill in the following questionnaire below, you can give feedback to the new gov on your priorities for them.
If you do the whole thing, you can fill in a box with other issues you would like the new gov to address ….so I wrote them asking for them to call a halt to 5G etc.

Please do the same and send it out to anyone who might want to.”



Sharon Noble, Director,  Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“If we remain silent, we kill freedom, justice and the possibility that a society armed with information may have power to change the situation that has brought us to this point.”  – Anabel Hernández


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