2019-11-12 5G satellites (up to 53,000) increasing space junk to dangerous level

1)  With the 1,000s of 5G satellites in orbit, the chance of a catastrophic event that could bring down the 5G grid. Imagine all of the self-driving cars going 70 mph on a freeway suddenly out of control because of such an event!!  Add to that the environmental harm caused by the many thousands of launches.

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The 5G Roll Out of 20,000 Telecom Satellites. Cosmic Junk

” The article states, “a recurrence of the 1859 solar superstorm would be a cosmic Katrina, causing billions of dollars damage to satellites, power grids and radio communications.” Financial Times estimated the cost of a plasma storm would be in the trillions and knock out our most critical satellite systems. Such a massive coronal mass ejection from the sun’s thermonuclear reactor, known as a Carrington Event and containing up to 10 billion tons of solar plasma, gas and magnetic radiation, would kill the 5G internet. It could be the end game for years before becoming operable again….

Elon Musk’s SpaceX is planning to install 12,000 satellites alone, including 1,585 in low earth orbits (LEO) and 7,518 positioned at very low earth orbits (VLEO). He expects to control 50 percent of all internet traffic. Last month, SpaceX widened its ambitions to seek permission to launch an additional 30,000 satellites thereby raising the commercial space industry’s total to 53,000 — twenty-six times more than now orbiting the Earth….

Furthermore, despite what pro-5G voices wish us to believe, the roll out and ongoing maintenance of the 5G global blanket is not green and climate friendly. The steady launch of thousands of suborbital rockets will “create a persistent layer of black carbon particles in the northern stratosphere that could cause potentially significant changes in the global atmospheric circulation and distributions of ozone and temperature,” according to a paper released by the Aerospace Corporation. This will likely deplete the ozone by 1 percent and the polar ozone layer by as much as 6%. The report concludes that “[A]fter one decade of continuous launches, globally averaged radiative forcing from the black carbon would exceed the forcing from the emitted CO2 by a factor of about 10 to the fifth power.” …5G is going to have a perilous carbon footprint at a time when we must drastically reduc[e] our greenhouse gas emissions….

Government telecommunication departments and the private telecom industry have absolutely no credible independent scientific studies in their arsenal to deny the volumes of evidence against wireless EMF risks; therefore, they follow the all-too-common game of pathological denialism and generate propaganda to attack and denounce 5G’s critics as conspiracy alarmists.

Clearly, all the pieces are being put into place for a 5G deep state, a powerful edifice committed to the massive surveillance of every person and human activity.”


2)    Frank Clegg, founder and head of C4ST, has graciously sent me a comprehensive paper, that he and others have written, which is being published in Elsevier. It is quite long (I have read the first 4 sections) but very easy reading, with historical as well as well-documented scientific information. What is very new is emphasis on how to make buildings safer in this highly polluted environment.  Frank asked me to advise anyone receiving this that this report is not yet “polished”.  There are corrections to typos and links being made, so please consider this a draft. I think you’ll find it a wonderful resource.

Building science and radiofrequency Radiation:What makes smart and healthy buildings

“Parallel with rapid innovation in wireless technologies, and the increasing RFR both inside and outside building structures, building science must also innovate to include alternative, physically connected technologies and systems. This is important to achieve accessibility and a building’s success. Ensuring that the health and safety of occupants are not compromised requires those in the building science professions to develop and apply needs and means assessments, as well as best practices for methods and models for communications, with RFR wireless technology as a less-preferred option.”


3)  Finally, Privacy Commissioners and Ombudspersons acknowledge that the current regulations are out of date and inadequate for the digital world and are asking each province to better protect our privacy.  Will they be able to do so in a 5G world?

Canadian commissioners call for privacy law updates

“The resolution itself seeks to improve definitions for responsible development and use of new technologies, create a regulation for both public and private entities, define enforcement powers and broaden the right of access.”


Canada’s access to information and privacy guardians urge governments to modernize legislation to better protect Canadians

“GATINEAU, QC, November 6, 2019 – Information and Privacy Ombudspersons and Commissioners from across Canada are urging their governments to modernize access to information and privacy laws.

“In a joint resolution, Canada’s access to information and privacy guardians note that along with its many benefits, the rapid advancement of technologies has had an impact on fundamental democratic principles and human rights, including access to information and privacy. They further point out that Canadians have growing concerns about the use and exploitation of their personal information by both government and private businesses.

“Most Canadian access and privacy laws have not been fundamentally changed since their passage, some more than 35 years ago,” the resolution says. “They have sadly fallen behind the laws of many other countries in the level of privacy protection provided to citizens.””



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”      Martin Luther King, Jr.


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