2019-11-09 How can the benefits of 5G justify the many risks?

1)   Smeters are capable of gathering data far beyond what is needed for billing purposes. Restrictions are being placed on what data can be gathered and sold to third parties in Ontario. Given what we know about the IoT and 5G’s intended goal of gathering data of a personal nature from smeters, we need laws that are implemented to protect our privacy.

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Smart Metering Entity Not Permitted to Sell Customer Data to Third Parties at Market Prices

“The Ontario Energy Board (OEB) recently rejected an application by the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO), in its capacity as the provincial Smart Metering Entity, to sell non-personal data about electricity usage to third parties at market prices….

 As OEB staff noted in its submission, the courts have found that individuals have a reasonable expectation of privacy in respect of their meter consumption data, albeit a “significantly attenuated” one. In addition, some commercial consumers may have a legitimate competitive interest in keeping such data confidential. The SME stressed in its application that the enhanced data is not personal information, but rather will be de-identified. The intervenors, on the other hand, seized on the SME’s acknowledgement that the risk of re-identification cannot be ruled out.”


2) A student is asking why Wi-Fi is being used when other, safer methods are available. A question every student, parent and teacher should be asking.  For anyone wanting more information about how to approach school boards, principals, etc. here is a good site:


  US High School Student Calls For Answers on Wireless Radiation

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wnRGRnboXBg   (2:29 min.)

3)  Security experts are warning that our data, our utility grids, our intellectual properties, and much more are being put at risk by allowing Huawei’s equipment to be used for 5G, and by allowing Huawei to infiltrate our utilities (e.g. Telus) and our universities.  (Read through the ads. The article is quite long).


Canada should oust Chinese telecom Huawei, say security experts

“”According to Chinese law, citizens of the People’s Republic of China who are working in sensitive areas are obligated to respond to the requests from government to provide information that will be of use to the Chinese state,” Burton explained, noting the company is referred to as a “national champion” firm….

 North American telecommunications are already heavily integrated, Burton said, which means if some aspect of the Canadian system were using Huawei equipment, it could be used as a “back door” to get to U.S. technologies, including the military, through covert means.

 Burton said the Canadian intelligence community is “sufficiently” worried, to the point where they are prepared to speak publicly.

 “There’s considerable concern among security and intelligence professionals that it would be a great mistake for Canada to have Huawei 5G technology in our telecommunications,” he said.”


4)  In all of the articles about 5G, even ones that discuss some of the problems, e.g. security, nowhere is there any discussion about the health dangers.  For decades, this risk has been known by the telecoms and has been hidden from their customers. As the threat of 5G and additional electrosmog looms, we can be sure that they will refuse to allow any media coverage of this vital topic. Looking just at the increased risks of cyberattack of our major infrastructures alone, shouldn’t we ask if all this connectivity and a few seconds faster downloading of a movie is worth it?

Canada’s 5G future awaits — if it can navigate the politics of Huawei, China and Donald Trump’s America

“With 5G at our doorstep, we’re focused on bringing together Canada’s brightest minds to research, incubate and commercialize applications that will transform the way we live and work,” said Jorge Fernandes, chief technology officer with Rogers Communications.

But Canada still has a looming decision to make.

If this country wants to be on the forefront of deploying the next generation of the internet, the government must decide whether it will ban Chinese telecom giant Huawei from building it in Canada, one researcher says….

Simply put, the better our network and the more interconnected our world, the greater our vulnerabilities to bad actors. Current networks are constantly being updated for security features and novel vulnerabilities in a 5G world are expected.



 Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.”   — Aldous Huxley


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