2019-11-08 Israel bans cell phones from primary schools

1)  A very short and effective YouTube that should be shared with any young parents or those who wish to become parents.

Protect Your Pregnancy From Wireless Radiation

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rp3OATqXXR4&feature=youtu.be    (3:06 min.)

2)   Excellent news that cell and smart phones are being banned from primary schools in Israel.  Nothing about Wi-Fi being included in this ban.  The BC Education Minister is allowing BC children to be exposed to Wi-Fi plus wireless devices, including cell phones, every school day.  Parents need to take action to help protect their children because no one else will.


“According to Rabbi Peretz, the use of smart phones in primary schools will not be allowed any more.

This will be documented in a formal memo (obligating) :

The digital learning will be done using computers , not smart phones.

This move will be done because of social, cognitive, addiction, exposure to constant that is inappropriate and other reasons.

The Education ministry will develop and issue a formal program that will include several steps and tools. New playgrounds facilities will be installed in schools.  Guidance programs about proper use of technology will be carried out in the classes.”


3)  Dr. Arazi continues to push for widespread banning of cellphones that emit RF levels higher than the allowed SAR. There is a 39 slide presentation that concludes that because the telecoms have deceived authorities and their customers about the safety of their phones and deliberately ignored emission guidelines, we must not trust them with 5G.  On slides 32 and 33 is information on current lawsuits.  Why are Health Canada and ISED ignoring this travesty? Why are telecoms able to ignore Safety Code 6 (as bad as it is)?

Another conference was held on Nov. 5 which addressed 5G and the Precautionary Principle. As soon as I have any report/video from this meeting, I will share.

Phonegate Alert invited to the International conference Stop 5G at the Italian Parliament

“We would like to thank and congratulate the European Alliance Stop5G and its main facilitator, Maurizio Martucci, for the success of this scientific conference held in Roma on November 5, 2019 at the Italian Chamber of Deputies. In front of a packed room, scientists, health professionals, representatives of organizations, lawyers and politicians took turns to warn about the health risks of mobile telephony, especially in the context of the development of 5G and ask the Italian and European public authorities to act to protect users and obtain a moratorium before any deployment.

Dr Marc Arazi warned the Italian authorities about the Phonegate industrial and health scandal, asking them to take action to remove mobile phones from the Italian market that pose a potential risk to users’ health and to inform them through awareness campaigns and changes in usage.”


4) A separate issue that needs to be reported is that, apparently, at least one of Apple’s new phones never stops transmitting, even when it is turned off, and at extremely high levels. 

iPhone 11 Pro’s RADIATION Problem | Apple’s U1 Ultra-Wideband Chip Investigated

“The iPhone 11 Pro is constantly transmitting high levels of RF. The levels reported are higher than what the Note10+ transmits even when uploading megabits of data to the cloud, and just as high as the iPhone 8 when uploading data. It’s inconclusive what’s going on, but as suggested by Tally Ho Tech[1] it could be related to Apple’s new U1 chip which is designed to constantly track your position to a high degree of accuracy.”

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xleXrWK4zX0&feature=youtu.be   (6:38 min.)


From: Lavonne Garnett  (name given with permission)
To: “editor” <editor@watershedsentinel.ca>
Sent: Thursday, November 7, 2019 2:03:09 PM
Subject: happening to us….

FYI:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=832&v=z99_SzoXZdY    (14:20 min.)

November 5, 2019

Watershed Sentinel:

For many years, as advised by the BC Government, we paid to keep our analogue meters, because of concerns for our health, safety of home, and privacy concerns, related to Smart Meters.  We had one analogue that had expired, replaced with another analogue that we expected would last another thirty-forty years. It is logical that to have paid to keep the analogues, we would not be told we could no longer keep them. However, BC Hydro told us this past year that, even though we had paid for so many years to keep those analogues, we had to have 2 Smart Meters, Radio Off or On, put onto our homes.

We wrote to BC Hydro to remind them that Smart Meters would impact our health, that there were fires associated with these plastic combustible meters (analogues made of glass and metal are non combustible), that the Smart Meters have no safety tag, are not certified to be safe, and no BC Hydro engineer has signed off their safety. We also expressed concerns about these meters slated to have information gathered by corporations, as well as their capacity to be hacked. We offered to pay for new analogue meters, since a BC Hydro employee said that BC Hydro had destroyed all the analogue meters in their inventory. Those meters could have been re-calibrated for re-use.

On September 18, 2019 nine days after writing to the BC Hydro CEO and Chief Regulatory Officer, in the middle of the week of their deadline, we finally received a letter of response from BC Hydro’s Gordon Doyle, saying that disconnection of our power was the last thing they wanted, that we could work things out, that we could contact an electrician for solutions to our concerns.

The very next day, September 19, BC Hydro sent a technician, who said he had come to either install Smart Meters or turn our power off. I told him about the letter from BC Hydro, and asked him to contact the author. The technician made a phone call and told me I could not speak to Mr. Doyle, and that he was under orders to install the meters or turn off our power. Our power was turned off when I could not agree.

The following day, my husband, who is a long-time senior farmer, asked to have the power reinstated to keep his coolers and freezers from losing the produce for which he works so hard all year, growing for the local farmers’ markets. A technician was sent right away, said he was here to make things right for us, but would not turn the power on without the Smart Meters. He took our analogue meters which, although the expiry date had passed, were still working well. Two Radio-Off Smart Meters were installed and, while BC Hydro claims the Radio is Off, there is a Switch Mode Power Supply in it, which emits pulsed radiation and is detectable with a radiation detection meter. Since the Smart Meters were installed electromagnetic radiation is detected throughout most of our house.

Right away, I, who am electro-hyper-sensitive, started to suffer with pressure in my head, feeling nauseous and unable to think straight. My memory became very obstructed, with difficulty remembering what I am about to do over and over, along with some disconcerting cognitive impairment. My husband, who has a history of heart and stroke problems, had a stroke 7 days later that affected one side of his body and a second stroke a week after that affected the other side. He is now in rehabilitation.

Previous to September 20, we were both energetic, working full days on the farm. My husband, whose joy in life is farming, has had it ripped away from him. He can no longer work as he used to. We have been living in a very unhealthy environment, since September 20.  I have been sleeping on the living room floor for about 6 weeks, because the Smart Meters are on our house, right outside of 3 of our bedrooms. We no longer have a safe haven in our lives, where we can escape wi-fi, fluorescent lighting and high electromagnetic radiation we encounter in public.  Because of the electromagnetic radiation disturbance, which keeps us awake at nights, we can’t even heal our bodies.

I have an Electrosmog meter that detects radio frequencies on an audible setting that rings loudest in those bedrooms. All the rooms on the 2 walls that run out from the Smart Meters ring louder than other rooms. The rest of the house also reeks of electromagnetic radiation, except in the basement behind concrete walls.

BC Hydro refuses to allow us problem-free analogue meters. The BC Utilities Commission says they have no authority over the Smart Meter program. The Ombudsman says they can do nothing and it is up to our MLA. Our NDP MLA, Doug Routley, says there is nothing he can do. Letters that include Premier Horgan and other Ministers are basically ignored. We are told that Health Canada’s Safety Code 6 (which is very outdated), allows what they deem to be acceptable amounts of radiation, but they do not include non-thermal radiation, which includes wi-fi, cell phones, cordless phones and Smart Meters. Letters to all authorities provide no help. We are left, stuck in an unhealthy house, with no recourse.

We need to have someone help us in this matter. There is no logic in forcing people to have unhealthy devices on their homes that put their lives at risk. People must be provided a choice, as is done in other jurisdictions, where they can opt to have analogue meters. There is something very wrong when our Crown Corporation, BC  Hydro, has an agenda so narrow that it precludes human rights to life, liberty, safety and enjoyment of property, and our Government does not stand up for our rights. Furthermore, why would the BC Hydro Smart Meter program, slated to be involved in the 5 G technology fibre optic installment in our area, courtesy of Telus and the spyware developer, Huawei, be more important than the health and safety of citizens?

Lavonne Garnett


Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“Carry iPhone at least 5 millimeters away from your body to ensure exposure levels remain at or below the as tested levels.”  iPhone manual



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