2019-10-19 Oct. 26 next 5G Crisis Day of Action

1)  Here is the updated opt out chart that we maintain on our website. The initial purpose of this was to show that our opt-out fees were completely inexplicable when compared to those charged by other utilities. As well, I wanted to show that BC Hydro was not telling us the truth when it said, as it did for a long time, that analogs were no longer in use or available, or that they could not used with the smart grid.


A few days ago I shared a chart that someone in the US has made with links to the various public commission decisions.  This chart can be found at:


These 2 charts provide a very complete picture of what is going on re. smeters in North America.

2)  There is a repeat of Body Electric Summit until Monday morning.  I have not watched any of the presentations but some members have recommended this.


3)  5G Crisis is calling for the next International Day of Action on Oct. 26.  Their “toolkit” has a lot of good ideas about how to contact local politicians/officials, speak about the problems, petitions, etc.   https://www.5gcrisis.com/toolkit  They also have ideas about door hangers for canvassing homes, etc. along with other 5G items like bumper stickers. You can use the ideas and print your own since they are on back order.

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T-Minus 10 Days
The next 5G National Day of Action is almost here.
Are you ready?

Dear Friend,

We’re just 10 days away from our next 5G National Day of Action on Saturday, October 26th! This time, we’re encouraging local 5G action groups and concerned individuals, like you, to canvass their communities and raise awareness about 5G issues.

Canvassing is the most effective way to reach new people and grow our base of support.

Our door hangers are not the only thing that’s new. Our comprehensive “5G Canvassing Guide” is now available for download on the toolkit page of our website. You can find it under the “Informing Your Community” section of the page. The Guide has everything you need to have a successful canvass on October 26th, including a sample canvassing script and answers to frequently asked questions.

If you have questions or concerns about canvassing, please email us at:  report@5gcrisis.com  and we will respond to you promptly! We need all hands on deck for this one, folks. We appreciate all you do and are very excited about this historic event.


From: “LAVONE GARNET”    (name given with permission)
To: cbcnewsvancouver@cbc.ca
Sent: Sunday, 13 October, 2019 22:23:03
Subject: BC Hydro puts lives of couple in danger

As brief as I can, because former Liberal Minister Rich Coleman told the residents of BC that we could keep our analogues, and we have been paying so-called “Legacy fees” for about 6 years, when BC Hydro notified us that we had to give up our analogues for Smart Meters (Radio Off) we said we wanted to keep the analogues. When told there were none left (a BCH employee told me they were smashed and the parts recycled), we offered to pay for new ones. Other jurisdictions offer the choice of analogue or Smart Meters to measure electricity usage.

BCH set dates, September 16-20 for the Nanaimo area when they were going to install Smart Meters or turn the power off.  We phoned the number provided on the letter and asked to speak to the author of the letter, Manager Gordon Doyle. We asked staff for an extension to determine our best options. We were told “no extension” and were not allowed to speak to Mr. Doyle. We phoned again and had to leave a message. No one responded and the deadline was approaching. So, I wrote a letter to BCH CEO, Chris O’Riley and CRO Ken Duke, and Cced to our MLA and other significant Ministers. Nine days passed and we did not receive a response from BCH CEO or CRO, but on September 18, in the middle of the deadline, we received an E-mail from Gordon Doyle, saying that the last thing BCH wanted to do was disconnect our power, that they wanted to work things out and that we could contact an electrician to help us find an option. The very next day, September 19, BCH sent an employee, who said he had come to install 2 Smart Meters or turn our power off. I said that I had a letter from Mr. Doyle, and would he please make a phone call to check with him. He phoned his supervisor, said they would not contact Mr. Doyle and that he was under orders to turn our power off if we did not accept the Smart Meters. He then turned off our power.

My husband was not home at the time, so the next day, when he was very concerned about all his farm produce in a walk-in cooler and our freezers full of produce, he phoned BCH to reconnect our power. An employee said he had been sent to set things right, which to him meant install Smart Meters or leave the power off. We are both seniors, so seeing my husband looked very stressed and tired, I could not refuse the Smart Meter, or I would blame myself if he were to be affected with his heart problems. Now, I wish we had continued with the power off!

My husband has a history of 2 minor heart attacks and a couple of minor strokes several years ago, and I am electrosensitive. Once the Smart Meters, even though they were Radio Off, were installed, the symptoms that I had managed to alleviate to some extent over the past 4 years, returned with waves of energy coursing through my head, making me feel somewhat dizzy and disoriented. These symptoms have become more aggravating now with almost constant exposure. The gains I had made this year in being less affected by emfs have been lost.

On September 27, one week after the installation of the Smart Meters, my husband was taken by ambulance to Nanaimo Regional Hospital with symptoms of a stroke on his right side. He had some minor damage with lack of feeling in his hand and awkwardness in knocking things over. On October 5, a week later, he had another stroke, on his left side, with more damage, unable to smile, unable to move his left thumb or coordinate his fingers, slower foot reaction, unable to dress himself without help, disturbance in his mental processing.

I have a Cornet Electrosmog meter with an audio setting to detect electromagnetic frequencies (emfs). Our bedrooms are close to the Smart Meters. The bedrooms up and downstairs on the wall behind the Smart Meters ring the highest, as do the two walls that meet at the corner of the Smart Meters. I have been sleeping on the living room floor since September 20. Throughout our home, the Electrosmog meter registers emfs. My symptoms have become so severe that not only is it difficult to sleep,  I wake up with numb hands and sometimes my arms feel weak. I have been experiencing cognitive impairment. I walk back and forth, trying to remember what I am about to do, and last Friday, I could not figure how to tuck in some folds. I burned a 5 litre pot of apple sauce the day before, and on Friday, we had some company coming for supper. I was so disoriented, I had to ask my guests to finish cooking supper. I can no longer function as I normally do.

We are both living in fear of my husband having another more severe stroke, and I of having one myself. When I go to my garden, I have come to dread coming back into the house. As soon as I do, my head feels “tight” and kind of reeling, with some spurts of nausea. Our home has been ruined, no longer is a safe haven, especially important for me, because almost everywhere now, there is wi-fi, so I don’t have a social life. There is no place to escape my home, no hotel, or even friends’ homes.

Another fear we have is that Smart Meters are known to catch fire on homes, because as BCH admitted, the analogue base is 1 mm larger than the Smart Meter prongs. BCH told us that they get their technicians to ensure they press them in to fit, but that’s not what they have always done. Moreover, an electrical engineer told me that the Smart Meters are not certified safe, there is no safety tag or mark on them, and no BCH electrical engineer has signed off on their safety. BCH said we could put the Smart Meters on a pole at our expense (about $15,000) but that would not fix the transient emfs entering our home on the wires. We are still examining options to make our home safe again.

There is a third reason for concern about Smart Meters and that is security, privacy or confidentiality, since electronics can be hacked, and BCH can make available our private usage to other businesses. Analogue meters measure only use of electricity, but Smart Meters can measure time of use, and can even measure what it is that is being used. Apparently, corporations find this very valuable information. With current wi-fi and the upcoming 5 G technology, the Smart Meters will be able to capture readings of “Smart” appliances and who knows what else.

I don’t understand how BCH can treat people this way. They ignored our concerns and requests for extensions, they disregarded our years of payment to keep the analogues as promised by Minister Coleman, they misled us into thinking they would not disconnect our power, they told us that there is no such thing as “dirty electricity”, even though that is a term commonly used by electricians. Either BCH is ignorant of the effects of transient emfs that enter our homes on the wiring and are transmitted through the electric outlets and through the walls into our environment and that emfs have effects on human tissue or they have an agenda that to them is far more important than the health of the residents of this province.

Before September 20, we were both very active doing the farm work we love. Now we are quite incapacitated, living in fear for our lives, under what we experience to be a repressive regime. Our MLA, Doug Routley says there is nothing he can do. How can this be happening in what everyone thinks is a democratic country?  I believe our Charter of Rights guarantees our rights to life, liberty, and security, which would mean the right to choose what we deem to be safe for us.

If you or your staff would be interested in coming to our home, this Monday or Tuesday, to listen to the Electrosmog meter that detects emfs radiating out of the Radio Off Smart Meter and to hear how loud it sounds in the bedrooms, you would be welcome. We think the public needs to be informed, and I understand that there are a lot of people (about 60,000) in BC, who were tricked, misled or coerced into having a Smart Meter replace their analogue meter. People need to know the effects of emfs and that they have a right to choose what they believe is best for them.

Lavonne Garnett


Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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