2019-10-16 5G’s additional toxic waste

1)  A member of a resistance group in Iowa sent me a video of a man confronting people preparing the groundwork for a 5G transmitter-holding pole.  Warning, some strong language. 

Fantastic 5G protest in Spearfish, SD — South DaCola


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mAZbDTSUdQQ  (11:45 min.)

2)  5G will add greatly to the pollution resulting from “technology”.  We know that it will pollute our environment with more RF, even interfering with weather satellites. And the industry is pushing 5G so that people will have to buy new gadgets, especially cell phones. This will result in even more junk being shipped out to third world countries like Pakistan. Smeters add greatly because of their short life spans and, dangerously, lithium batteries have to be disposed of.

The Toxic E-Waste Trade Killing Pakistan’s Poorest

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=axYKPbr9_MA&feature=youtu.be   (28:11 min.)

3)   In July, Hawaiians became aware of plans for a huge drone fitted with 5G technology to be flown over an island, emitting strong signals that could harm wildlife, sealife, plants, as well as humans. It  has been fought and, for now, there will be no such drone. Congratulations.

Here is the initial article:


 Maui Wowie! No 5G Drone Over Hawaii!!!

“Yes, it’s true! The Research Corporation of the University of Hawai’i (RCUH) on Friday withdrew its Use Determination Application from the Lana’i Planning Commission!

As you know, they were seeking to use agricultural lands for massive experimental stratospheric drones in partnership with global high tech corporations.

You, my dear friends, sent HUNDREDS of emails opposing the giant 5G drones and caused UH to immediately drop 5G from the project.

Then Hawaiian cultural practitioners Sol Kaho’ohalahala, Lynette Kaopuiki and La’ikealoha Soriano-Hanog, represented by attorneys Lance D. Collins and Bianca Isaki, petitioned the Commission to intervene in the application and hold a contested case regarding the industrial use of lands zoned for agriculture as well as impacts to traditional and customary Native Hawaiian rights.”


4) The Campbell Liberals and BC Hydro, like all utility companies, “sold” the smeter program to the BC public as a necessary means to keep costs down. The BCUC was not allowed to review the business case to see if it made case (replacing meter readers with IT people, for example). The financial side has never been made available — the final smeter report was done 3 years ago, even though the final smeter has yet to be installed and many thousands are still read manually. Neither has BC Hydro ever provided info about the costs to replace smeters every 5-7 years, the amount of money collected through extortive opt-out fees or the “additional” costs incurred to read the holdouts, or the costs to provide adequate cyber-security. The BC Auditor General raised many questions and, so far, I have not seen any proper response or follow-up. Other utilities are being held to account, increasing rates, failing to provide financial data.

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Massachusetts Utility Regulators Order Investigation into the Management of One of Their Largest Electric Providers. When Will Yours?

 BOSTON — State utility regulators have ordered a broad investigation into the management of National Grid in a rare move born of concerns that one of the state’s largest electricity providers failed to communicate about the potential for severe delays in solar power installations.

The Department of Public Utilities is also questioning National Grid’s management of its electric vehicles program and whether the company’s cybersecurity plan adequately takes into account benefits for customers who are paying for the technology upgrades. 

The independent management audit was ordered as part of a 586-page decision issued late last month in which DPU approved a $90.4 million increase in National Grid’s base distribution rates. 

In blunt terms, regulators said the rare, but not unprecedented audit was necessary to examine “potential management problems through to the highest levels of the organization.”



From:  Helga  (first name given with permission) 
To: “citizensforsafertech” <citizensforsafertech@shaw.ca>
Sent: October 15, 2019
Subject: Disconnected from Hydro

FYI this is a copy I sent the representatives of parliament.

October 11, 2019

I present myself in peace and love for all men, women, and children in this matter who have been harmed by BC Hydro.

I was presented with a offer from BC Hydro.  I took the information, and investigated on my own to make an informed decision. I absolutely refused the Digital or Smart Meter with or without the radio turned off.  I did not consent to be registered into the BC Hydro Smart Meter Program of any kind. I did not receive answers from BC Hydro in my attempts to gain clarity.

On September 27, 2019  We were left violated instantly, with no electricity to sustain our life.

–   We had no heat. we have a gas furnace but it needs electricity to work.

–   We had no water because we need the electric pump to pull the water out of our well, and to flush toilets. No washer, dryer, stove or showers are yet available to us.

–  The animals here need water, and the electric containment fence left the animals at risk.

–  We were cut of of all communication except for a land line phone.

–  BC Hydro was notified in the past there was a medical machine that is needed.  One of our family members has experienced sensitivity to these fields of energy.

 – We had to protect from spoilage 2 freezers full of meat that we just processed, and raised with our hard efforts.

–  We are forced to use  $3000 of our savings , to buy a temporary generator fix. It will be a long time before we can recover these set backs, to make a proper system.   We were assured that the Analog Meter could stay as long as it still works, and that there was a stock of recertified old Meters. These are the truths in regards to what we were promised.

– May 30, 2014 – BC Hydro will replace old meter with another old meter with a valid seal.

– January 3, 2016 –  Announced in July 2013 BC Hydro built a stock of old meters with future Measurement Canada Seal

– March 3, 2016 – We’ve always said that if an old meter breaks or the accuracy seal expires we would provide a replacement meter as long as existing stocks last, and once it was depleted we could choose a Smart Meter with or without the radio off.

In My FOI request response I received from BC Hydro dated March 30 2017, it was discovered by me that no new analog meter has been installed in a residential property since March 26,2003, and recertified was last replaced in November 16, 2011.    BC Hydro had no intention of honouring the statements that their would be any supply of old meters, or any obligation to maintain the Analog Meter in any way.

In the matter of the  Legacy Meter Charge I was paying under duress. In a NEWS RELEASE July 2013  from Ministry of Energy and Mines it said the cost and fees will be reviewed by the Utilities Commission to ensure BC Hydro is only recovering both the extra cost of providing and servicing the radio -off and analog options.  When I contacted the Utilities commission I was told they could not help for a refusal to install a smart meter. My real issues in this matter was not taken in their decisions.

The last bill from BC Hydro consisted of true electricity use was $113.08 for 2 months.  The charges, and fees that I am forced to pay was $78.27. This to me is unreasonable. The Legacy meter charge and customer crisis I feel is also mis- categorized on the bill. These fees should not be included in the true electricity use for the GST charge.

We have harmed no one by keeping the analog meter.   I have never judged those who want this type of system. I should not be judged and punished because of my choice of not  to be registered or participate in the BC Hydro Smart Meter Program.    I am not a person, individual, citizen or any other title given to identify me.  In my true identity I am what you see, and I will not be presumed to be something I am not.

The end result is that I have been disconnected from electricity under the disguise that I owed money, and that I refused a meter exchange. The true facts is that responding was my duty as a man, and no means no.

BC Hydro parked on the road, and, with no notice, cut the wires.  The bare wires left uncapped, exposed loose by the power line without tying.  This left the wires to sway in the wind.  I feel this can be not safe.

When I tried to communicate with BC Hydro the next day after electricity was disconnected, I was told that  if the bill was paid in full, a disconnection would have taken place in 2 weeks for not allowing a meter exchange, and that I would have to pay the re connection fee.   In the end they were going to  stand their ground.

I believe it is unjust to disconnect the electricity because BC Hydro was not willing to show me their proof or evidence of their claims against me.

We had asked BC Hydro for 5-7 years under the rule of necessity to grant us time to save our finances and  to end our association with BC Hydro because the trust has been lost.

I will live the end of my life naturally, and with a clear conscience.  Our decisions were made with common sense. I  will not continue to give my energy to BC Hydro.  The trust has been lost through BC Hydro’s actions against me.  A man can only take so much. I will continue to put my faith and energy towards my fellow man, where it will be a benefit to all.

I believe the Oath that was taken by you, swearing to be faithful and bear true allegiance to her Majesty the Queen of Canada, Her Heirs and successors according to the law. So help me God.

In the Queen’s coronation  speech,  the Queens was asked – “Will you to your power cause Law and Justice, in Mercy to be executed in all your judgements”?

What is the remedy for the innocent left at the mercy of BC Hydro, and are only using electricity to sustain their lives?

How will justice be applied to  BC Hydro for not allowing man’s will to be upheld with honour?

What is provided to serve as a remedy for our loss?

I have a limited time that I can access email . I will answer any questions or have a discussion in regards to this matter. I have all communications to my truths here in my writings.



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“The earth is not dying, it is being killed, and those who are killing it have names and addresses.”      ~ Utah Phillips



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