2019-10-09 Telecom lobbying paying off re 5G?

1)  A member sent in this opt-out chart that has links to the specific utility commissions’ decisions. This, in conjunction with the chart we’ve been keeping,


provides evidence that many utilities are allowing their customers to refuse smeters and to keep their analogs. and to even have smeters removed and replaced by analogs..  BC Hydro’s refusal to allow any accommodation or options is unreasonable and unacceptable. We need to be allowed to protect our homes and families from EMR, fires and invasion of privacy. In advance of 5G, it is crucial that smeters, which industry considers key elements to the 5G grid, be removed. Please keep the pressure up.

Authorities Cited In United States Opt Out Survey


2)  A member reminded me of the excellent decision in New Mexico re. smeters in April 2018.  

Smart Meters Banned in NM cities

“Today we won a victory in the fight against radiation in New Mexico. The Public Regulation Commission has denied PNM’s application for Smart Meters. “The plan presented in the Application does not provide a net public benefit and it does not promote the public interest,” wrote the Commission.

 The Commission accepted the Hearing Examiner’s recommended decision without alteration.” 


3)  The incidence of melanoma, a very dangerous skin cancer, has increased dramatically over the last 20 years, even with increased awareness about UV rays, tanning beds, etc., the same period of time that cellphones have become ubiquitous and microwave radiation in our environment has increased billions of times.  It is possible that microwave radiation is playing a role in this increase, but the article below doesn’t mention it.  Drs. Hallberg and Johansson found increases in melanomas in countries as FM radio towers were erected – and on parts of the body not normally exposed to the sun.  I included one of their reports.

Head and Neck Melanoma Incidence Trends in the Pediatric, Adolescent, and Young Adult Population of the United States and Canada, 1995-2014

“The incidence of head and neck melanoma in the pediatric, adolescent, and young adult populations in North America appears to have increased by 51.1% in the past 2 decades. While there has been minimal change in the pediatric population, it seems that this increase is most substantial in white adolescent and young adult males (15-39 years), especially in the United States.”


Malignant melanoma of the skin – not a sunshine story!  

“The increased incidence and mortality of melanoma of skin cannot solely be explained by increased exposure to UV-radiation from the sun. We conclude that continuous disturbance of cell repairmechanisms by body-resonant electromagnetic fields seems to amplify the carcinogenic effects resulting from cell damage caused e.g. by UV-radiation.” 


4)  In North America the silence, regarding 5G and wireless radiation in general, is deafening, unlike in other countries where protests are growing. Could it be that the money telecoms spend lobbying politicians is paying off big time, at our expense? These statistics apply to the US. If anyone finds comparable info for Canadian lobbying, please send to:  citizensforsafertech@shaw.ca  with “lobbying” on the subject line

How much does your ISP spend on lobbying?

“Internet service providers in the United States have spent more than $1.2 billion on lobbying since 1998, and 2018 was the biggest year so far with a total spend of more than $80 million….

Lobbying expenses include any money used to influence local, state, or federal legislators and regulators. According to the IRS, that includes expenses incurred to participate or intervene in any political campaign for or against a candidate for public office. Attempts to influence the public about elections, legislative matters, and referendums also count as lobbying.”


5) A logical addendum to item #3 is the industry warnings to its shareholders that any change in regulations could affect their bottom line. I’ve shared this before but many new people may find this of interest.  And we all know that major insurers have refused, for many years, to insure any health risk associated with microwave radiation from wireless devices. This link also has several of these insurers’ policy wordings.

Cell Phones Wireless Companies Warn Shareholders About Future Financial Risks From Electromagnetic Radiation

“Below we have a slide show of Telecom warnings followed by Insurance Companies who do not insure for electromagnetic fields. In fact, electromagnetic fields are considered “pollutants”. We hope you will download these slides and share them widely.”


6)  Below is a facebook comment from a smeter fighter in Quebec regarding BC Hydro threatening to shut off power — and, worse, actually doing so to many, even in this cold weather.

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From: “citizensforsafertech” <citizensforsafertech@shaw.ca>
To: “Elizabeth May” <Elizabeth.May.C1@parl.gc.ca>
Sent: October 9, 2019
Subject: Green Candidate Robert Mellalieu says 5G “pose no more health risk than to the current phone systems”

Dear Elizabeth,

I received the email below and the attached article from a member of the Coalition to Stop Smart Meters today, and he cc’d many people because of his concerns that Mr. Mellalieu is sadly misinformed, and is misinforming the public, about microwave radiation. This is a topic about which more and more people are becoming aware and concerned. Hopefully the Green Party will add microwave radiation and 5G to its platform. I am sure that Mr. Mellalieu will be hearing from many possible constituents he hopes will vote for him.

Warm regards,



Today in our Penticton Herald paper, page A7:

Question for candidates: ”Should Canada ban Chinese-controlled Huawei Techn. From the coming 5G network?”

Green Candidate Robert Mellalieu says 5G “pose no more health risk than to the current phone systems”

See attached!


His email address: Robert.Mellalieu@GreenParty.BC.ca

Elisabeth May needs to be informed about him!



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

 “Any one who has the power to make you believe absurdities has the power to make you commit injustices.”       Voltaire


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