2019-10-05 Insurance insider speaks to smeter fires.

1)  Many studies have shown that exposure to EMF/EMR reduces melatonin, a natural antioxidant produced by your body that also enables good sound sleep. Sound sleep can help the body recover from much of the abuse it suffers during the day. Some doctors recommend taking melatonin an hour before going to sleep. Years ago, when I first learned about the effect of EMR on melatonin production, I contacted Dr. Russel Reiter, who has done many studies on this hormone, to ask how much I should take given that we live near many FM and cell transmitters. He said he recommends that everyone consult their own physician but he believes that everyone suffers reduced melatonin today because of the high RF environment and told me to start on 3 mg an hour before going to bed. If after 2 weeks I hadn’t noticed better, deeper sleep, to increase slightly. I asked about our 50 pound dog and he said she should take 1.5 mg. Dennis and I both take 5 mg each night and our dog took 1.5 mg for many years, until she died at 15 years of age.

Is Melatonin Safe to Take Every Night?

Research has also shown it can help combat inflammation, promote weight loss, and maybe even help children with neurodevelopmental disorders. That’s a lot to claim, though there are some studies to back up the various benefits. One 2011 review found evidence that, in children with autism, melatonin supplementation led to improved sleep and better daytime behavior.” 


Lookout Mountain Study concluded that exposure to even low doses of RF cause reduction in melatonin production.  


2)  As part of my investigation into smeter fires, I was told that insurers have the best inspectors and many fire departments defer to them. Several victims also told me that when they tried to get the Insurance Inspector’s report, they were told that it belonged to the insurer (which I don’t believe is true) for use in a possible lawsuit. Every policy has a subrogation clause that allows the insurer to recover claims costs from a party that was found to be complicit in causing the fire. We all know that insurance companies do not lose money. If they were losing money because of smeter fires, they would exclude that coverage from policies, just as they exclude coverage of health claims associated with wireless devices. But insurers do pay the fire claims and they do not waive coverage, therefore they are not losing money. They must be using the subrogation clause to recover claims from either the utility or the meter company. Not only are they recovering costs for claims but they also have the victim pay the deductible and increase premiums. I have written to insurers, asking if they have paid for smeter fires, and received no response. I’ve asked insurance commissioners about this practice and they tell me to write to the insurers. A wall of silence.

Below is an email from an insurance insider, Norm Lambe, who has been most outspoken about smeters and fires he has seen. He said it is very difficult to get the information because, in many instances, the utility removes the smeter before the inspector arrives — which is against the law — and refuses to allow the inspector to do his job. What are they hiding if the smeter is safe?

I am convinced that the smeters on our homes are fire hazards and that the evidence that I and Nina Beety have provided should be more than enough to have them removed. Why won’t Energy Minister Mungall even respond to these reports? Would someone who lives in her riding ask her and, perhaps, send her this youtube?


3) In the US, T Mobile has hit a financial snag which is resulting in a delay in 5G upgrades.  Hopefully, more lawsuits will cause further delay.

T-Mobile cancels 5G upgrades and new builds nationwide, possibly crippling some contractors

“Beginning last Friday, contractors started getting calls from T-Mobile’s market managers informing them that most purchase orders they had for new builds and 5G upgrades were going to be put on hold until 2020 unless materials for the project were sitting in a warehouse.

The news came as a shock to many wireless contracting companies that had been counting on fourth quarter builds to maintain their increased staffing required for T-Mobile’s ambitious buildout of the past eight months….

According to a T-Mobile construction manager that requested anonymity, T-Mobile had no intention of curtailing growth in Q4 but expected that by June or July the merger with Sprint would have been a done deal, allowing for $1 Billion or more to become available to continue to expand the carrier’s 5G network.

The blame, he believes, should be directly attributed to the 15 state attorneys general plus the District of Columbia who filed a lawsuit in hopes of stopping the T-Mobile $26 billion merger with Sprint because they thought it would not be in the best interest of the American consumer.”



From: “LAVONE GARNET”  (name given with permission)
To: “doug routley” <douglas.routley.mla@leg.bc.ca>
Sent: 3 October, 2019
Subject: Our lives at risk

Hi Doug!

This letter is to let you know that my husband, Nick, is recovering from a minor stroke he had last Friday night, 9 days after the 2 Smart Meters were installed on our home, against our will. I am experiencing symptoms of electro-hypersensitivity all the time now in my own home.

Nick fell out of bed with the stroke, hit his head, with blood all over the place, has a deep black and blue bruise on his chin, bruises on his elbow and leg. He is regaining strength in his right arm, but his short term memory is impaired and he is somewhat uncoordinated, so cannot drive now. We have had to hire extra help for the farm work.

We want those Smart Meters off our house, replaced with new analogues, or have BC Hydro pay to install a pole for relocating the analogue meter bases on the border of our property and to bury the cable ($10,000-$15,000), and pay for wire shielding (waiting for an estimate), and pay for the outlet filters throughout our home ($3000), and no $700 reconnection fee. This remediation would be an exorbitant amount for us to pay to protect us from non-safety-certified devices imposed on our home, without our consent.

Something to remember is that BC Hydro has treated others similarly, turning off their power for standing up for what they believe are their rights to health, liberty and security. When BC Hydro first started to install Smart Meters, they violated people by invading their properties and removing the analogues when people were not home, even though they had informed BC Hydro that they wanted to keep their analogues. I guess that is when Minister Coleman made his promise. BC Hydro did not answer my question about when Minister Coleman’s statement was retracted and a public announcement made to inform us. In the following link is an archived document, in which Minister Coleman states that “nobody will be forced to take a smart meter.”

https://archive.news.gov.bc.ca/releases/news_releases_2013-2017/2013MEM0004-001125.htm  [In fact, it was Minister Bennett, not Min. Coleman who made the initial promise.   SN]

BTW, Health Canada Safety Code 6 does not include assessment of non-thermal radiation and in a letter to me, states that all the frequencies are safe for humans. This does not explain my sensitivity when I am in the presence of wi-fi, fluorescent lighting and transformers. Nor does it allow for individuals to make their own determinations as to what they are exposed to, including on one’s property, which should be at least one refuge in life.

I have an Electrosmog meter with an audio setting that detects emfs. In the bedrooms directly behind the wall at the corner where the Smart Meters are, the Electrosmog meter is at its loudest in all of the house. The two walls coming from that corner are also registering higher than anywhere else. The Electrosmog meter also increases in pitch when it is moved toward the Radio Off Smart Meters outside and is loudest over the faces of the SMs. A BC Hydro field rep took photos of the Radio Off setting right after the Smart Meters were installed. They still radiate energy and I can feel the energy moving through my forehead as I stand in front of the SMs. Almost our entire house causes the Electrosmog meter to ring and my head is bothering me. I can barely get through the days. I welcome you to come to our home and I will let you hear it for yourself.

I think it is time to be blunt. We live in Canada, not a third world, repressive state, where citizens are controlled and forced to accept things that are harmful. BC Hydro has acted in a terrorizing fashion, with lack of decency and respect. With BC Hydro being a Crown Corporation, I no longer feel that our Governments are here for us.

All we ever asked for was what we thought we had a right to in keeping our analogue meters and, under duress, for an extension to determine our healthiest and safest solution. BC Hydro said they wanted to work things out with us, and the next day turned our power off. What is the NDP going to do to help us in our difficult situation? We truly feel our lives are at risk.

Lavonne Garnett & Nick

WHEN THE SLEEPER AWAKES (H.G. WELLS), it could be too late!


Hello Vicki,

Thank you for your email.  Let me state at the beginning that you can share this email with whomever you believe it would be beneficial to.

The major issues in moving forward in dealing with defective Smart Meters and Fires which result from their malfunction are as follows:

  1. The fire departments investigating the fires need to have a category established in their incident reports to indicate a Smart Meter Malfunction should be considered.  As it stands now, the cause is identified as electrical in nature, or cause cannot be identified.
  1. The function of the responding utility companies needs to be changed.  The fire departments which are en route to a fire scene will  call the local utility company requesting they come to shut off the electricity, and gas.  The utility companies will ask a matter of practice remove the Smart Meter from the loss scene and hold it safely in their vaults.  The only way that an Insurance Company can get to the meter at the present time is to subpoena the meter for testing, and the subpoena costs money.
  1. Finally, since I have been identified as the only Insurance Industry person speaking out against the Smart Meter debacle I can say that the Insurance Industry needs a change of heart and mind.  I was told verbally, face to face, that the odds are still in favor of the Insurance Company.  It is still Cheaper to pay the claim and subrogate against the utility company for recovery.  However, as the Smart Meters age and the lithium batteries in them begin to wear out, leaking into the meter’s interior and going up in flames the balance sheet will tilt in favor of investigation.
  1.  I can personally state that it took the company which I work for 18 months of letter writing and subpoenas to obtain the opportunity to perform Destructive testing on the meter that failed and caused the fire.  Even then, the settlement was sealed and the final payment to be kept secret from even me.
  1. Insurance companies need to understand that the investigation of a claim involves determining the cause of the loss, and if that cause can be held responsible financially for the damages. If then takes the adjuster to a failed smart meter so be it.


Norman Lambe

Property Claim Specialist



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

 “Public apathy is more powerful than public opinion. There’s more of it.”    Dr. Jim Boren



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